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Jan. 19

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  • russophile2002
    +PAX Prayers, please, for the vocation of Nathan, also for Daniel, 56, robbed and murdered in a carjacking, and for Hank, liver cancer. Continued prayers for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2004

      Prayers, please, for the vocation of Nathan, also for Daniel, 56,
      robbed and murdered in a carjacking, and for Hank, liver cancer.
      Continued prayers for Kaye, critical liver and heart problems and her
      grandson, Michael, leukemia. God's will is best. All is mercy and
      grace. Thanks so much. JL

      January 19, May 20, September 19
      Chapter 4: What Are the Instruments of Good Works

      Not to give way to anger.
      Not to nurse a grudge.
      Not to entertain deceit in one's heart.
      Not to give a false peace.
      Not to forsake charity.
      Not to swear, for fear of perjuring oneself.
      To utter truth from heart and mouth.
      Not to return evil for evil.
      To do no wrong to anyone, and to bear patiently wrongs done to
      To love one's enemies.
      Not to curse those who curse us, but rather to bless them.
      To bear persecution for justice' sake.
      Not to be proud.
      Not addicted to wine.
      Not a great eater.
      Not drowsy.
      Not lazy.
      Not a grumbler.
      Not a detractor.
      To put one's hope in God.
      To attribute to God, and not to self, whatever good one sees in
      But to recognize always that the evil is one's own doing, and to
      impute it to oneself.


      A beginning warning as we read these instruments of good works: don't
      focus on the few you already can more or less manage! Lots of people
      do that, carefully skimming over the ones they can't dream of doing
      or fathoming, patting themselves on the back for the stray one here
      and there they can. (E.g., "Hey, I don't murder anybody...") None of
      us could do any of these things at all without grace and mercy. it is
      all God's gift that allows us to do good. The most important
      instruments of good works are the ones we HAVEN'T mastered... yet!!

      Just a quickie on one of these: "Not to forsake charity." St. Paul
      tells us that love never gives up. There is a similarity here to the
      vow of conversion of manners: one never gives up striving for
      holiness or the vow is broken. So it is with love: if we give up, it
      is broken.

      Our worst enemies and annoyances can change- they might not, but they
      can. When we give up on them, we deny them the ability to change in
      our eyes- ever. This in no way impoverishes those who push our
      buttons, they can change and grow or fail to do either quite
      independently of our perceptions. It does, however, impoverish us. It
      leaves our vision honed in that person's regard to untruth, when
      Jesus, our God has told us that He IS the Truth. It denies us a piece
      of divine Truth, of God. It means we are always going to find that
      our jigsaw puzzles did not come with all the pieces in the box. That
      should upset us more than it does.

      One of the Dominican applications of their motto, "Veritas", Truth,
      to spirituality is to justify study by Jesus' statement that He is
      the Truth. Hence, every bit and fragment of real truth that
      Dominicans gain in their learning is like one more piece of the
      puzzle, one more shard of the shattered mirror of human consciousness
      that reflects Christ. The more we learn of truth, the more familiar
      His face will be to us when we finally see Him.

      Jesus said He was the Truth, St. John tells us God is love. The two
      are intertwined in the essence of God. They must also be wound
      together tightly in our ways of loving, forgiving and knowing each

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA
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