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Holy Rule for July 10

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    +PAX Prayers for the eternal rest of Nathan, 2 and a half, who drowned accidentally, and for his parents, Linda and Shaun, brother Ryan and Tom and Jamie and
    Message 1 of 104 , Jul 9, 2013

      Prayers for the eternal rest of Nathan, 2 and a half, who drowned accidentally, and for his parents, Linda and Shaun, brother Ryan and Tom and Jamie and all the family, and for all who mourn him.

      Prayers please for the following:

      baby Isla, one month old and now hospitalized with suspected meningicoccal ( spelling ?) disease ... prayers too for her worried parents and aunt who is asking for prayers.

      Todd, 45, pneumonia and staph in his blood, off ventilator now and alert and talking, Deo gratias, but still very ill, continued prayers.

      Patrick, and the rest of his People to People student Ambassadors from Lincoln as they finish their visit to China, and for an on-time and safe trip back home late on the 10th.

      Alicia, a friend of Megan, who has just seen the doctor for pain in the chest. The doctor has found lumps in her breast and raised lymph nodes. The biopsies will take a week. Alicia (as well as Megan) are requesting prayers for Alicia, her husband and their three young children.

      Kathleen (celebrating her birthday on July 5th) as she continues to struggle with trusting the Holy Word and the Divinity of Christ as she wanders through the false world of Wicca; and birthday prayers for Megan who celebrates her birthday today, July 8th.

      Vince, whose PTSD has been troubling him lately.

      Abigail, treatment for anorexia nervosa, please keep her in prayers for the next month.

      Prayers for the Sisters of Saint Joseph, at Mont Marie in Holyoke, Ma, who have to sell their home and retreat place and it is uncertain where especially the many elderly nuns will go.

      Update, baby Aaron had a procedure for pyloric stenosis and last heard he was resting comfortably in his mommy's arms, holding down milk and may be on his way home today or tomorrow.

      Arthur and Anne, on their 65th wedding anniversary, graces
      and blessings galore and many more! Ad multos annos! For a specical need and
      their health, too.

      Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's
      will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so
      much. JL

      March 10, July 10, November 9
      Chapter 32: On the Tools and Property of the Monastery

      For the care of the monastery's property
      in tools, clothing and other articles
      let the Abbess appoint sisters
      on whose manner of life and character she can rely;
      and let her, as she shall judge to be expedient,
      consign the various articles to them,
      to be looked after and to be collected again.
      The Abbess shall keep a list of these articles,
      so that as the sisters succeed one another in their assignments
      she may know what she gives and what she receives back.

      If anyone treats the monastery's property in a slovenly or careless
      way, let her be corrected. If she fails to amend, let her undergo the
      discipline of the Rule.


      Americans in particular can equate lack of waste with stinginess.
      It's a terrible view of things, but deeply rooted. Consumerist
      society encourages waste because it fuels profits for the few at the
      top. Sad that many below cannot be made to see that when we waste, we
      are harming ourselves, in more ways than one: ecologically, economically
      AND spiritually. Waste is a lack of mindfulness for others, a lack of
      awareness that we must share God's goods which He created for all.

      The reasons we have been subtly taught to live with criminal waste as if
      it were nothing are false, totally false. They are not luxury, they deny
      others. Why live a lie? We do not live on a planet of infinite

      Monasteries and homes are microcosms of the universe. We must never look
      at conservation as if our actions alone will advance the rise or prevent
      the fall. They may very well do neither. What our actions CAN do is
      limit our complicity. That is the only safe rationale for undertaking

      Every drop of fresh water makes the ocean less salty, though its a
      fair bet that the ocean will remain quite salty, indeed, in spite of
      our efforts! That's not the point. All God will ever ask us is what
      we tried to do. He judges our efforts, not our results.

      All He asks is that we try to build a better world, that we do our part
      to make His Kingdom visible. It already exists, we do not "build" it,
      we simply unveil it bit by bit, for all to see! That's what He meant when He
      said: "The Kingdom of God is within you."

      He knows we cannot change things single-handedly. No private citizen
      could have stopped the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, but some chose not to
      be in any way part of it, often at the cost of their lives. See what I
      mean? A wealth of opportunity in choice awaits all of us.

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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    • Br. Jerome Leo
      +PAX Prayers for the two young men with us this weekend at St. Mary s Monastery for a Monastic Experience Weekend, may God speak to their hearts and may we all
      Message 104 of 104 , Jun 2, 2017



        Prayers for the two young men with us this weekend at St. Mary’s Monastery for a Monastic Experience Weekend, may God speak to their hearts and may we all do His will.


        Prayers for the eternal rest of Amaro, 64, and for all his family and all who mourn him. Prayers, too, for the eternal rest of Tania, his sister, who predeceased him.


        Prayers for Fr. Karola Meissner,OSB, of Poland, who turned 90 last month. Graces galore and many more, ad multos annos!


        Prayers for Erica, having surgery, and for her family.


        Prayers for D., that she returns to the Sacraments.


        Prayers for Nathaniel and his wife and for all the children they teach in their parish’s religious education program.


        Prayers for me, on my birthday. Thanks in advance to all!


        Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is
        mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

        February 2, June 3, October 3
        Chapter 7: On Humility

        The fifth degree of humility
        is that he hide from his Abbot none of the evil thoughts
        that enter his heart
        or the sins committed in secret,
        but that he humbly confess them.
        The Scripture urges us to this when it says,
        "Reveal your way to the Lord and hope in Him" (Ps. 36:5)
        and again,
        "Confess to the Lord, for He is good,
        for His mercy endures forever" (Ps. 105:1).
        And the Prophet likewise says,
        "My offense I have made known to You,
        and my iniquities I have not covered up.
        I said: 'I will declare against myself my iniquities to the Lord;'
        and 'You forgave the wickedness of my heart'" (Ps. 31:5).


        A caution here: the Holy Rule uses the Septuagint version's numbering
        of the Psalms, not the Hebrew. Since most Bibles today use the latter
        system, even many Catholic editions, you might find that the Psalm
        referred to in this passage, which I strongly recommend you read
        through, is 32, not 31.

        Psalm 31 (32) is a wonderful exposition of sin and forgiveness. It
        begins by recounting the joy of one whose sin has been forgiven, then
        proceeds to unfold how concealing sin affects one and confessing sin
        heals one. In v. 3-4, immediately prior to the 5th verse which St.
        Benedict quotes, we find the following: "I kept it secret and my
        frame was wasted. I groaned all the day long for night and day Your
        hand was heavy upon me. Indeed, my strength was dried up as by the
        summer's heat."

        Guilty secrets control us, they rob us of our freedom, they destroy
        our peace. Long before one's frame is wasted (though that, too will
        eventually happen,) one's mind and spirit are trashed, laid low by
        the relentless fear of discovery. We shall have a MUCH harder time
        spiritually, if we try to keep our guilty secrets totally hidden.

        What the guilty one is fleeing is within herself, and
        travels right along with her. Ever see a news clip about a fugitive
        who successfully hid for decades and then was caught? I wonder what
        kind of life they had in the meantime, a life never free, a life that
        always had to fear. This is not what Jesus called us to.

        One may not belong to a tradition which practices sacramental
        confession, but all of us need the abscesses of our secret guilt
        lanced and drained somehow. AA, a spiritual program which can fit
        itself to any religion or no religion, insists that without confession to at
        least one other trustworthy person, our faults are likely to rule us forever.
        Don't spill your beans to just anyone, but don't hold them festering
        within, either! [A heavy PS, too: if you do belong to a Church that
        has sacramental Confession, GO!! Too many put that off at great
        risk and harm to themselves.]

        What keeps us chained to our dirty secrets is lack of faith, lack of
        trust: no one will love me if they know this, not God, not anyone.
        Well, the ending verses of Psalm 31(32) deal quite neatly with this

        "Many sorrows have the wicked, but those who trust in the Lord,
        loving mercy surrounds them. Rejoice, rejoice in the Lord, exult, you
        just! O come, ring out your joy, all you upright of heart!" (Ps.

        Not only does God forgive, but the guilty one now freed is accounted
        as among the just and the upright of heart, without any further ado.
        Now THAT is Divine Mercy! No heart is more full of such infinite
        mercy than the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Trust Him!

        Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You. Jesus, meek and
        humble of Heart, make our hearts like unto Yours.

        Love and prayers,
        Jerome, OSB
        Petersham, MA







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