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Holy Rule for Jan. 10

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    +PAX Prayers, please, for P., his marriage has ended against his will and he needs to sell his house and get back on track spiritually. Lord, help us all as
    Message 1 of 59 , Jan 9, 2013

      Prayers, please, for P., his marriage has ended against his will and he needs to sell his house and get back on track spiritually.

      Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and
      grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      January 10, May 11, September 10
      Chapter 2: What Kind of Person the Abbess Ought to Be

      Let the Abbess always bear in mind
      that at the dread Judgment of God
      there will be an examination of these two matters:
      her teaching and the obedience of her disciples.
      And let the Abbess be sure
      that any lack of profit
      the master of the house may find in the sheep
      will be laid to the blame of the shepherd.

      On the other hand,
      if the shepherd has bestowed all her pastoral diligence
      on a restless, unruly flock
      and tried every remedy for their unhealthy behavior,
      then she will be acquitted at the Lord's Judgment
      and may say to the Lord with the Prophet:
      "I have not concealed Your justice within my heart;
      Your truth and Your salvation I have declared" (Ps. 39:11).
      "But they have despised and rejected me" (Is. 1:2; Ezech. 20:27).
      And then finally let death itself, irresistible,
      punish those disobedient sheep under her charge.


      Be of good cheer, all abbots and parents! St. Benedict wrote this
      over a thousand years before the dawn of psychiatry. He was very holy
      and very wise, but he was a creation of his own times. I think it is
      safe to say that, in St. Benedict's time and for many centuries
      afterward, there was a tendency to look at most behavior as choice,
      not compulsion. Things were somewhat more black and white. Under a
      system such as that given in the first half of this reading, many, if
      not most parents of today would lose without a doubt.

      I needed exactly the parents I got, so did my Dad, so did my Mom, so
      did their parents. That's just another way of saying that we are all
      victims of victims,a concept of which St. Benedict probably would
      never have dreamed. But in some way each of us is a victim of
      something, as are our parents and so on.

      Consider the marvel of God's tailoring one abbess to 50 nuns; quite a
      deal, isn't it? Now consider this. For each of us to get our perfect
      victims of victims, here's a PARTIAL picture of God's fine tuning.
      Obviously, the whole chain has to fit or it comes out wrong. We each
      have 8,388,608 21st great-grandparents, with a total of parents and
      grandparents in those 24 generations of 16,777,214.

      That total is comfortably more than the combined populations of the
      cities of New York, Boston, Chicago, Tampa, Washington, DC, and the
      entire State of Missouri. And, for a person alive today, that would
      probably only get you back to about the year 1000 AD. Begin to get
      the picture of how God has thought of us (and them!) from all
      eternity? There's a lot more than 50 nuns going on here, in fact,
      there was a different and equal set of forbears for each of those 50
      nuns AND their abbess.

      By the way, St. Benedict had a lot of help from the Holy Spirit.
      Hence, although he wrote the second part of today's reading, about
      the acquittal of the abbess who's done her best, without the benefit
      of modern psychology, it nevertheless fits right in to our current
      awareness. No one can give what they don't have (or, if they do, it's
      only the working of grace that makes that possible.) I can't teach
      you Hebrew, I don't know it. But, if I was suddenly presented with
      the fact that I'd HAVE to teach Hebrew, I'd buy a beginning text and
      we'd stumble through somehow together. How very like parenting,
      except that, for most of our partial crowd of sixteen million, there
      were no textbooks!

      Parents and abbatial types, take heart. God not only CAN use
      anything, He HAS to use anything. The human standards throughout
      history after Eden have made that more than certain. God knows and
      loves each of us. He is more parent than we are and He is, unlike
      ourselves, perfect.

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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    • Br. Jerome Leo
      +PAX Happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day to all in the US who are celebrating today. God be thanked for His many blessings to us all. Prayers for all and
      Message 59 of 59 , Nov 23, 2016



        Happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day to all in the US who are celebrating today. God be thanked for His many blessings to us all. Prayers for all and especially for the safety of those travelling.


        Prayers for Cas, who has gastrointestinal cancer. Prayers, too, for Bev, his wife, and Gabrielle, their daughter. Bev is a classmate of mine from Tampa Catholic High.


        Prayers for Fr. Benedict Nivakoff, OSB, newly appointed Prior of the Benedictine community at Norcia, Italy, and continued prayers for them as they recover from the catastrophic damage the earthquake did to their monastery and basilica.


        Prayers for Christopher, 13, in hospice care at home with brain cancer and thought to be very close to death. Prayers for his family, too, and for all who will mourn him.


        Prayers for Daniel, had an injection for knee pain, knee reduced to bone on bone and will eventually need a replacement.


        Prayers for the eternal rest of Greg, and for all his family and all who mourn him.

        Prayers for the eternal rest of Stella, 92, a Benedictine Oblate, and prayers for her family and all who mourn her.


        Prayers for B., for her return to the Faith.


        Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and
        grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

        March 25, July 25, November 24
        Chapter 45: On Those Who Make Mistakes in the Oratory

        When anyone has made a mistake
        while reciting a Psalm, a responsory,
        an antiphon or a lesson,
        if he does not humble himself there before all
        by making a satisfaction,
        let him undergo a greater punishment
        because he would not correct by humility
        what he did wrong through carelessness.

        But boys for such faults shall be whipped.


        Calm down, we don't whip anybody anymore. It has too often been my
        experience that such lines push all the buttons of some readers these
        days and blind them to the rest of the good stuff there. We don't
        whip now, they did 1,500 years ago, everyone else did, too. Let's not
        get so mired in the sensitivities of our own time that we forget how
        terribly recent some of them are.

        As I have mentioned before, in our house we do kneel in the center
        when late for choir, then bow to the superior and go to our
        place. We also kneel when we make audible mistakes in Church. And
        yes, those things, as I pointed out, can be very useful.

        But most Oblates do not have a choir to kneel in, so
        what's here for the majority of us? There is the grace of humility,
        without which communal life on any level, in monastery, workplace, market or
        home would be unlivable.

        Every single human community or whatever sort is going to have its
        share of kinks, strays and crosses. Every one without fail
        will mirror in some sense the fallen brokenness of humanity. The
        gamut of human flaws exists in microcosm, in at least some mitigated form,
        in every human group.

        Even more annoyingly, most, if not all, pieces of our OWN broken
        humanity will be modeled, much to our distaste, by others around us. It is,
        alas, our own sins and faults in others that tend to annoy us most. Never
        forget to check for that. He or she may REALLY tick you off because
        of the great similarities between you!

        Our job is to see to it that we are part of the solution, not part
        of the problem. When, through whatever means, we become part of the problem,
        we must own up to it at once and smooth it over as best and as
        quickly as we can.

        If you can't say "I'm sorry," for heaven's sake- quite literally- start
        practicing alone in front of a mirror until the words can somehow
        tumble out in public. Until they can, try some useful (though not
        perfect,) substitutes, like "Excuse me," or "It was my fault." Work
        on words of forgiveness, too, like: "It doesn't matter," or "Oh,
        that's OK,".

        Strive to make light of things. There will never be any
        shortage whatever of people who will explode and magnify things out
        of all rational proportion, so don't duplicate services! Join the
        minority and try to prevent hurricanes in teacups, rather than
        produce them.

        Most outrage, most lack of apology, most tempests in teacups stem
        from a distorted an unhealthy view of the self. Humility corrects
        that imbalance. While you're in front of the mirror practicing
        apology, why not try a bit of self-interview?

        WHY do these things or persons upset you so? What do you have in
        common with those who annoy you most? Most important, just who the
        heck ARE you that your perceived slights are such a big deal? Try
        reminding yourself that He is God and you are not. Honest reflection on these
        points may be a big and promising start.

        Love and prayers,
        Jerome, OSB
        Petersham, MA




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