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Re: Holy Rule for Nov. 23

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    For some unknow reason, this did not go through yesterday. Sorry. Catching up with a copy. BJL +PAX Prayers, please,for the spiritual and temporal welfare of
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      For some unknow reason, this did not go through yesterday. Sorry. Catching up with a copy. BJL


      Prayers, please,for the spiritual and temporal welfare of the following, for all their loved ones and all who take care of them:

      K., lost both her grandparents this year and now there are other family crises, too. Prayers, too, for her grandparents' eternal rest and all who mourn them.

      M., 1 year old, high fever, possible pneumonia and in respiratory ICU.

      Ann, broken jaw after fainting and a fall, mouth wired shut.

      Lynn, bladder surgery on Dec. 3.

      D., stage four breast cancer.

      Johnny, who had a brain stem stroke a week ago and is in ICU and for his wife, Missy and daughters, Kelly and Emily. Please pray that the pressure in his brain, his BP and temperature stay under control.

      Manuela, widow, and her son, special intention, please keep her in prayer for the next week or so.

      Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and
      grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      March 24, July 24, November 23
      Chapter 44: How the Excommunicated Are to Make Satisfaction

      One who for serious faults is excommunicated
      from oratory and table
      shall make satisfaction as follows.
      At the hour when the celebration of the Work of God is concluded
      in the oratory,
      let her lie prostrate before the door of the oratory,
      saying nothing, but only lying prone with her face to the ground
      at the feet of all as they come out of the oratory.
      And let her continue to do this
      until the Abbess judges that satisfaction has been made.
      Then, when she has come at the Abbess's bidding,
      let her cast herself first at the Abbess's feet
      and then at the feet of all,
      that they may pray for her.

      And next, if the Abbess so orders,
      let her be received into the choir,
      to the place which the Abbess appoints,
      but with the provision that she shall not presume
      to intone Psalm or lesson or anything else in the oratory
      without a further order from the Abbess.

      Moreover, at every Hour,
      when the Work of God is ended,
      let her cast herself on the ground in the place where she stands.
      And let her continue to satisfy in this way
      until the Abbess again orders her finally to cease
      from this satisfaction.

      But those who for slight faults are excommunicated
      only from table
      shall make satisfaction in the oratory,
      and continue in it till an order from the Abbess,
      until she blesses them and says, "It is enough."


      No matter how we came by it, one nasty little of baggage that a lot
      of us carry is the inability to say: "It is enough." For some of us,
      forgiving ourselves or believing we have been forgiven or even
      sensing that we have made all the reparation possible or necessary is
      virtually or even completely impossible.

      There is great blessing for such people to have an Abbot. Even there,
      tremendous trust and obedience are required, because the Evil One
      would very much prefer that our upset and lack of faith continue! An
      Abbot can put and end to many matters, if only we allow that to
      happen. Abbots can offer resolution to many situations and the Holy
      Rule confirms them in this power again and again. The buck really
      stops there!

      If we let it stop there.... That can be so hard. However, even though
      most of us reading this do NOT live with Abbots, we all live with
      God, with Christ. He and He alone is in charge of our forgiveness, of
      the extent of our reparation or penance. He knows all too well the
      extremes of self-damage we can go to without His intervention and He
      does intervene, if only we have the faith to allow Him, to listen and
      believe. Learn, please learn, to accept the forgiveness we receive
      from Him through His ministers, in Confession.

      I am finding lately, much to the relief of my obsessive/compulsive
      heart and soul, that I really can achieve vastly greater amounts of
      inner serenity and peace by putting an affair in my superior's hands
      and accepting his judgement. There is the key to the value of this:
      inner peace and serenity. We can get nowhere without those passports.
      Anything which increases their strength is a chance we ought never to

      The divine mercy of God is His greatest attribute, linked inseparably
      to His love. We could never for an instant imagine the full extent of
      that mercy's grandeur. We do Christ a terrible disservice and
      discourtesy when we refuse to believe that His riches are for us,
      that only others can be forgiven, but we must struggle on and "save
      ourselves" with Pelagian bootstraps firmly in hand! What a sneaky
      inverse pride there is in such feelings: I am so special (even
      specially wicked!) that I cannot be like the rest of them!

      Mercy, mercy and always mercy! If you do not have a superior to live
      with, please learn to accept that mercy from God. If you do have a
      superior, confessor or spiritual director,learn to accept God's mercy
      through that channel. If you *ARE* a superior or parent or teacher,
      strive to be that channel. Mercy, mercy, always mercy!

      Love and prayers,

      Jerome, OSB

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