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Holy Rule for Nov. 9

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    +PAX Please pray that Charlene is able to get in for all the tests she needs and that she does not have cancer or anything seriously wrong. Genny s Doc called
    Message 1 of 239 , Nov 8, 2012

      Please pray that Charlene is able to get in for all the tests she needs and that she does not have cancer or anything seriously wrong.

      Genny's Doc called with the news that she has some damage to her heart... possibly for a heart attack. Four hours of testing today to determine how much damage there is. Please pray for healing and peace... she is terrified.

      Prayers for a musically gifted seminarian who has acid reflux and now polyps in his throat which may affect his vocal cords.

      Prayers for the United States and all those elected in the election Tuesday, may God guide us all.

      Prayers for Alice and her husband that they are able to quit smoking so their health insurance will not go up $100 more per month;

      Prayers for Paige needs a new job;

      Special intention BB, and JS -- difficult study and career situation

      Special intention for Beverly

      continued prayers for Arjahn -- health issues and conversion of life.

      Deo gratias for past prayers answered.

      Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and
      grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      March 10, July 10, November 9
      Chapter 32: On the Tools and Property of the Monastery

      For the care of the monastery's property
      in tools, clothing and other articles
      let the Abbess appoint sisters
      on whose manner of life and character she can rely;
      and let her, as she shall judge to be expedient,
      consign the various articles to them,
      to be looked after and to be collected again.
      The Abbess shall keep a list of these articles,
      so that
      as the sisters succeed one another in their assignments
      she may know what she gives and what she receives back.

      If anyone treats the monastery's property
      in a slovenly or careless way,
      let her be corrected.
      If she fails to amend,
      let her undergo the discipline of the Rule.


      As I watched myself become more careful of water during our last
      drought, I began to reflect on the wastefulness of modern life in many
      areas. Actually, we didn't do that much to conserve. Most of what we
      did was simply trying to avoid the levels of waste to which we had
      become accustomed.

      Well, that's something we should be doing with everything, not just
      water, and it should be done because we do not own things that all
      people need outright. How different we would have been in the first
      place, if we, like so many in the world, had to walk to a single
      shared water tap a couple of miles away twice a day or maybe even
      just once! And then- oh, horrors!- stand in line for a couple of
      hours before drawing our heavy water and hauling it home on foot. Or
      maybe, as for millions, there is no tap at all.

      Americans in particular can equate lack of waste with stinginess.
      It's a terrible view of things, but deeply rooted. Consumerist
      society encourages waste because it fuels profits for the few at the
      top. Sad that many below cannot be made to see that when we waste, we
      are cheating ourselves, in more ways than one: ecologically,
      economically AND spiritually. Waste is a lack of mindfulness for

      The reasons which have subtly taught us to live with criminal waste
      as if it were nothing are false, totally false. Waste is not luxury, it
      denies others. Why live a lie? We do not live on a planet of infinite resources.

      Monasteries and homes are microcosms of the universe. We must never
      look at conservation as if our actions alone will advance the rise or
      prevent the fall. They very well may do neither. What our actions CAN
      do is limit our complicity. That is the only safe rationale for
      undertaking them.

      Every drop of fresh water makes the ocean less salty, though its a
      fair bet that the Atlantic will remain saline, indeed, in spite of
      our efforts! That's not the point. God sees
      our efforts and good intentions, not judging on results.

      He knows we cannot change things single-handedly. No average citizen
      alone could have stopped the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, but some
      chose not to be in any way part of it, often at the cost of their
      lives. See what I mean? A wealth of opportunity in choice awaits all
      of us.

      That treasure of choice awaits us in every single area of decision,
      many, many more times than we are aware of ordinarily. The Pearl of
      great price we can buy with our choices is Christ Himself, Who always
      waits for us discreetly behind the good!

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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    • Br. Jerome Leo
      For Demosthenis, hypertension, in ICU, fighting for hiss life. For the recovery of Alex s friend, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, through
      Message 239 of 239 , Nov 24

        For Demosthenis, hypertension, in ICU, fighting for hiss life.


        For the recovery of Alex’s friend, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially, through the intercession of Our lady of the Rosary.

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