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Holy Rule for May 19

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    +PAX Prayers, please, for Br. Dunstan of Pluscarden on his patronal feast, many graces and many more years! Fr David for whom we have prayed, is due to start
    Message 1 of 211 , May 18, 2009

      Prayers, please, for Br. Dunstan of Pluscarden on his patronal feast, many graces and many more years!

      Fr David for whom we have prayed, is due to start chemo in a couple of weeks, and has been told that when it is completed there is no reason why he cannot go overseas. This is such a big step forward, so prayers of thanks for this news, and also prayers that all will go well.

      Deo gratias for Ali: some milestones in her life have been reached!

      Prayers for a happy death and eternal rest for Kent's brother, Leon, who was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and has probably only a few days to live. This is especially hard for Kent and family.

      Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's
      will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so
      much. JL

      January 18, May 19, September 18
      Chapter 4: What Are the Instruments of Good Works

      In the first place, to love the Lord God with the whole heart, the
      whole soul, the whole strength.
      Then, one's neighbor as oneself.
      Then not to murder.
      Not to commit adultery.
      Not to steal.
      Not to covet.
      Not to bear false witness.
      To honor all (1 Peter 2:17).
      And not to do to another what one would not have done to oneself.
      To deny oneself in order to follow Christ.
      To chastise the body.
      Not to become attached to pleasures.
      To love fasting.
      To relieve the poor.
      To clothe the naked.
      To visit the sick.
      To bury the dead.
      To help in trouble.
      To console the sorrowing.
      To become a stranger to the world's ways.
      To prefer nothing to the love of Christ.


      The Commandments are here, but so are some of the works of mercy,
      both spiritual and corporal: clothing the naked, relieving the poor,
      visiting the sick, burying the dead, helping in trouble and consoling
      the sorrowing. It is no accident that the works undertaken by
      monasteries were most often those involving spiritual or corporal
      works of mercy.

      Jesus told St. Faustina that the Divine Mercy is God's greatest attribute.
      Its links with love make it an attribute we can easily follow in our dealings
      with others, conforming ourselves more and more to the image of Christ.
      When the Father looks at us, He delights to see the image of His Son brought
      to life in us. Nothing can bring that image into sharper focus than works of
      mercy done every day, continually throughout our lives.

      Many works of mercy can be given freely, but never forget that some
      do works of mercy for a living. I used to think nursing didn't count
      because I got paid for it. Then one day, it dawned on me that there
      were plenty of people you couldn't PAY to nurse someone! No, the
      teacher, the gravedigger, the nurse and anyone else who does such
      works of mercy as an occupation are still graced!

      The works of mercy can be words, deeds, or prayers. They seek to
      alleviate pain or prevent it. Remember those spiritual works of
      mercy, like counseling the doubtful, enlightening the ignorant and
      praying for the living and dead? You don't have to run an almonry or
      work in one to do works of mercy.

      The chances are everywhere and often no more dramatic than offering
      to get a swamped co-worker a cup of coffee. They are often just such little
      things, but they are little things of love and therein lies their greatness and
      their Christ-like splendor! Courtesy, simple courtesy is extraordinary in
      our world today because it is so often neglected. The chances there
      for a word of mercy or a kind gesture are abundant.

      For people who drive, the field of harvest for mercy is rich and ripe. So
      few are selfless these days in traffic, so few are willing to put another first.
      Try doing the opposite, giving way to someone needing to change lanes or
      calmly overlooking their honest mistakes. The road can be such a heartless
      place. Even if it is only smiling when someone commits a gaff that others would
      have yelled, honked or obscenely gestured at, it will make the world a gentler,
      more Christ-like place.

      Never let a day go by without doing works of mercy. Never. If you are
      already in bed and examining your conscience when you realize you
      have missed a day, there is still time to pray for the dying, to pray
      for the living and dead. We have no excuse for missing a day and
      there is so much good at stake, good placed near our own hands. Don't
      miss that wonderful chance! And don't be surprised to find that works
      of mercy change YOU as much as they do others. Little by little we
      become more of Christ!

      If we want mercy, than we must show mercy to others. God's Heart warms
      and glows with the love He sees us showing to others. It is very much like
      that solemn equation Jesus gave us: "forgive us our trespasses as we
      forgive those who trespass against us."

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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    • russophile2002
      +PAX Many ardent prayers for Mario, substance abuse problem and getting help and treatment, may he stay clean and sober. Prayers, too, for his parents, D. and
      Message 211 of 211 , Mar 13



        Many ardent prayers for Mario, substance abuse problem and getting help and treatment, may he stay clean and sober. Prayers, too, for his parents, D. and M. and all his family.


        Prayers for Kristen, young wife & mother with serious cancer. Parishioners are praying to Ven. Rose Hawthorne for a miracle.


        Prayers for Diana and her daughter, Diana left the Church long ago, prayers that they both may return.


        Many ardent prayers for Steve, in hospice, that he may get all the Sacraments, and for his wife and family and all who will mourn him. Divine Mercy chaplets, please, from those so inclined.


        Prayers for the eternal rest of Kathy, who died in her sleep, and strength for her husband, Mark and for their family. Kathy was a very devout prayer warrior.


        Continued ardent prayers for Josh, drug problems and hopefully already in treatment.


        Prayers for Patty, 56, who has been home battling bacterial pneumonia for over a week.


        Prayers for the eternal rest of 35 girls killed in a fire at a state-run home for youth in Guatemala, and for their families and all who mourn them. Prayers, too, for the other girls at that facility, where allegations of abuse have prompted riots from those housed there.


        Prayers for a man estranged from his children for many years, that they resume contact with him.

        Prayers for E., that she go to Confession, also for Liz, that she go to Confession. It has been many years for both.

        Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and
        grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

        March 14, July 14, November 13
        Chapter 35: On the Weekly Servers in the Kitchen

        An hour before the meal let the weekly servers each receive a drink
        and some bread over and above the appointed allowance, in order
        that at the meal time they may serve their brethren without
        murmuring and without excessive fatigue. On solemn days, however,
        let them wait until after Mass.

        Immediately after the Morning Office on Sunday, the incoming and
        outgoing servers shall prostrate themselves before all the brethren
        in the oratory and ask their prayers. Let the server who is ending
        his week say this verse: "Blessed are You, O Lord God, who have
        helped me and consoled me." When this has been said three times and
        the outgoing server has received his blessing, then let the
        incoming server follow and say, "Incline unto my aid, O God; O
        Lord, make haste to help me." Let this also be repeated three times
        by all, and having received his blessing let him enter his service.


        Families, and parents and caregivers, listen up! There's an
        important lesson here. No task is too small to be blessed by
        prayer. More than that, no task is so easy that it can be done
        without God's help, so remember to thank Him. Of ourselves, we can
        do nothing, literally nothing. All our strength and power comes from God.

        Making dinner or washing the dishes? Take a quiet moment in the
        midst of either to say "Help!" and "Thanks!" Two simple, one word
        prayers. No matter how chaotic your household, everyone will find
        time for at least that. God knows the details, knows your heart and
        can readily fill in the blanks! We may think God needs essay-length
        prayers, but He doesn't. He may enjoy hearing from us, but trust
        me, we NEVER tell Him anything that's news to Him.

        This chapter is not simply the humility and charity of service, it
        is also the honest acknowledgment of complete helplessness without
        God. For most folks, only sickness or debility will teach them
        that. It may seem like nothing to bend down and pick up a pin off
        the floor until a bad back makes that impossible. Handicaps hone
        our perceptions of being in charge very, very well.

        Of course, there is another side to simple things like serving
        table, picking up pins and the like. One could not have done
        anything without God's help, but ah, if one does them out of love
        and care! Bingo! Double coupons, so to speak! If that pin got
        carefully picked up because of a barefoot and running child, or a
        beloved pet who is prone to "tasting" whatever she can find on the
        floor, simplicity becomes a very much greater matter, indeed. Now
        it is very close to the heart of God, and that is a wonderful place
        to be.

        By the way, though some might think me daft for saying this, it is
        not at all that crazy. There is no reason why families could not
        bless whomever is assigned to a domestic task for a week or month
        or whatever. A simple prayer asking God to help them serve us all
        and get over any rough times could be tastefully done without a lot
        of fuss. This could really help drive home the message of the worthwhile
        merit to be had in doing small things with love!

        Love and prayers,
        Jerome, OSB
        Petersham, MA


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