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June 20

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  • russophile2002
    +PAX February 19, June 20, October 20 Chapter 16: How the Work of God Is to Be Performed During the Day Seven times in the day, says the Prophet, I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2003

      February 19, June 20, October 20
      Chapter 16: How the Work of God Is to Be Performed During the Day

      "Seven times in the day," says the Prophet,
      "I have rendered praise to You" (Ps. 118:164).
      Now that sacred number of seven will be fulfilled by us
      if we perform the Offices of our service
      at the time of the Morning Office,
      of Prime, of Terce, of Sext, of None,
      of Vespers and of Compline,
      since it was of these day Hours that he said,
      "Seven times in the day I have rendered praise to You."
      For as to the Night Office the same Prophet says,
      "In the middle of the night I arose to glorify You" (Ps. 118:62).

      Let us therefore bring our tribute of praise to our Creator
      "for the judgments of His justice" (Ps. 118:164)
      at these times:
      the Morning Office, Prime, Terce, Sext, None,
      Vespers and Compline;
      and in the night let us arise to glorify Him.


      Tucked neatly into all this business of naming and counting the Hours
      of the Divine Office
      comes the actual reason we go to choir or say thew Office alone. It
      is "our tribute of praise to our Creator 'for the judgments of His
      justice' "

      OK, tribute, praise, glorify, all those things are familiar enough to
      us, but the zinger here is "for the judgments of His justice."
      Whoops! A lot fall out on that one! Whether we realize it or not, the
      reason we praise God as Benedictine is to thank Him for ALL His
      decisions in regard to us. That isn't easy, but it is terribly valid
      and terribly necessary.

      We thank God- admittedly sometimes with gritted teeth- for all the
      things that did and DIDN'T work out the way we wanted them, for every
      acceptance and every rejection that brought us to be as we find
      ourselves today, in His arms. The jobs we didn't get, the great loves
      which were not reciprocal, the course we flunked, the kids that went
      wrong, the illness that dogs us, the spouse we should never have gone
      out with twice, the unwanted pregnancy, the miscarriage, EVERYTHING
      that has shaped our lives and persons is something we thank God for
      in the Office.

      I mention only the difficult things, because anybody can be thankful
      that the apparently GOOD stuff worked out. Nor am I saying all the
      bad stuff is God's fault, or that it's our own fault, but ALL of it
      is turned to GOOD by God, and that is worth singing about! All of it!
      If we look back honestly, we can see the hand of His goodness in the
      darkest times, we can see it in NOT having our way, we can see it in

      Since the way God turns all to good is a mystery we shall never know
      fully in this life, we cannot adequately say much of anything but
      thanks and praise, the stammered joy of someone who has received a
      really great gift and is astounded at such generosity. Thanks, God.
      And hey, You really DID know what You were doing all along, didn't

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      jeromeleo@... St. Mary's Monastery
      Petersham, MA
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