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Holy Rule for Mar. 7

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    +PAX Prayers for the happy death and eternal rest of Bob, 73, who died suddenly, also for his wife, Mary, sister, Pam, and his sons and grandchildren. Prayers,
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 6, 2008
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      Prayers for the happy death and eternal rest of Bob, 73, who died suddenly, also for his wife, Mary, sister, Pam, and his sons and grandchildren.

      Prayers, please, for the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of the following, for all their loved ones and all who take care of them:

      Faith, 30's, just diagnosed with 2 forms of breast cancer and undergoing double mastecomy and chemo. She asks for intentions to offer up her sufferings so that "they won't be wasted". Already, her sister for whom she has prayed for YEARS as returned to the practice of the Faith, Deo gratias!

      Mike, severe stomach pain and may be facing some serious problems that will require surgery. He is in a bad financial situation, which only adds to his worries, and has fallen away from the Church, in quite a messed up state of life and needs prayers on a lot of different levels.

      Pat, pain and some loss of movement in her right
      hand, possibly as a result of breast cancer surgery several years ago.

      June's beloved feline companion of 17 years, Cleopatra, has cancer and
      has been given only until the end of April to live. She is quite
      devastated and depressed by this news.

      Lord, help us all as
      You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never
      absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      March 7, July 7, November 6
      Chapter 30: How Boys Are to Be Corrected

      Every age and degree of understanding
      should have its proper measure of discipline.
      With regard to boys and adolescents, therefore,
      or those who cannot understand the seriousness
      of the penalty of excommunication,
      whenever such as these are delinquent
      let them be subjected to severe fasts
      or brought to terms by harsh beatings,
      that they may be cured.


      While I often suffer from the loneliness of being single, I never,
      ever regret the fact that I am childless. Quite the reverse! I always
      find myself deeply grateful that I have not had to face the challenge
      of raising children. I have the deepest respect for those who do.
      Having taught for a while, I know all too well how daunting it can
      be, even just part-time in the classroom.

      I also know from teaching that, while we did not use corporal
      punishment at all, there were a few rare times when I wished that we
      could. There were some children that I felt that possibly nothing else
      could reach. I also know that was something of a cop-out on my part
      to even entertain such thoughts. At the end of one's rope, all manner
      of drastic things pop into one's head. I am in no way sure that any
      use of violence doesn't just breed more violence, in fact, it probably
      does. Change effected only by fear is not usually lasting or good.

      Faced with such a problem, I don't know what one does,
      other than hope and pray, literally, that the child will improve.
      Praying, we must always recall *IS* doing something, not mere passivity!
      I can assure you that, just as there are deeply toxic adults, there
      are, alas, toxic children, too. I know. I have taught them. I don't
      mean that we should stoop to violence, but how does one reach such a
      child? I have never been able to answer that.

      We are social primates. We have a cross and burden to bear for our
      elevation above the rest of the primate world, a responsibility. For
      a baboon troop, this is a no-brainer: drive the loser out of the
      troop. After that, the next stop is the Lions' Pride Cafe and one
      becomes an entree. Tempting as that kind of abdication may be, it is
      something to which we can never resort.

      I think we need to cling to the Benedictine model in such situations:
      punish only to reform, not for revenge, not to destroy; punish
      appropriately, moderately in ways that will be understood and that
      fit the offense justly. When all that fails (and even before, while
      we're watching it fail slowly!) PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! To pray is NOT to do
      nothing. And it is often the only tool we have.

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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