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Br. Jerome: Reflection on the Holy Rule. Oct 13

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  • Michael LoPiccolo
    +PAX Linda, who we prayed for earlier is slowly on the mend and will have her chemo shunt removed on Monday, 15 October; prayers please for her continued
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2007

      Linda, who we prayed for earlier is slowly on the mend and will have
      her chemo shunt removed on Monday, 15 October; prayers please for
      her continued healing. Bruce continues to struggle with his chemo
      and is in need of our prayers

      Please pray for Richard Thomas, a gifted musician and sound
      technician. Depressed for years, he hanged himself in his parent's
      garage. Prayers for his distraught and grieving family and friends.

      Please pray for the happy death and repose of Fr. Bartholomew
      Gottemoller, died Sunday evening after suffering for a few years
      from Parkinson's. He was the senior monk at the Abbey of the Holy
      Trinity, a Cistercian monastery in Huntsville, Utah.

      Please pray for a young girl who is possibly suicidal and has run
      away and is missing in the mountains.

      Deo Gratias! for:

      Suheil and Orit in Jerusalem, for whom we prayed, have been
      delivered of a fine, healthy baby boy.Deo gratias for:

      Kelly and family sold house in Lexington, and if all goes well will
      move into a lovely large home in Harvard, MA --pending closing of
      their deal.

      Maureen (NYC) job improvement--a nice raise and more responsibility.

      Mary Kate and Ryan--healing in their relationship progressing.

      Please pray for the following:
      Norma's brother-in-law, Homer, dropped dead while on vacation in
      Hawaii. Please pray for him and his wife, Agnes.

      Carol's son-in-law, Rod, is fighting recurrent melanoma. We prayed
      for his young granddaughter, Jaden, about 2 years ago when she was
      dying from inoperable cancer. Now Jadan's sister, Jennifer, has a
      brain tumor, and Jennifer's husband, Clint, just had emergency
      surgery for a ruptured appendix. Also, please pray for Carol's
      brother, John, who died recently.

      Doris, starting chemotherapy for recurrent cancer.

      David, hospitalized in Wisconsin for congestive heart failure, and
      for Ruth, who requests the prayers.

      Also for Julie, on extended bed rest in an effort to bypass spinal

      +Please pray that Divine Mercy will shine upon all those who have
      taken their own lives. +

      Please pray for all those whose prayer requests were not able to be
      posted for whatever reason. God is outside of time and our prayers
      are never, ever late. Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's
      will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise
      Him! Thanks so much. JL

      Until the return of our good Brother Jerome please bless me with
      your prayer requests at:

      Chapter 10: How the Night Office Is to Be Said in Summer Time
      Feb 12 -- June 13 -- Oct 13

      From Easter until the Calends of November let the same number of
      Psalms be kept as prescribed above; but no lessons are to be read
      from the book, on account of the shortness of the nights. Instead
      of those three lessons let one lesson from the Old Testament be
      said by heart and followed by a short responsory. But all the rest
      should be done as has been said; that is to say that never fewer
      than twelve Psalms should be said at the Night Office,
      not counting Psalm 3 and Psalm 94.


      The rhythm here is pure agriculture, not liturgy: when the sun
      rises sooner, so do the farm chores, which have no human seasonal
      clocks to tell them otherwise! Critters have to be cared for,
      milked and pastured according to their clocks, not ours. The upshot
      of this is
      that, for nearly 1,500 years, until the late 1960's, Benedictines
      followed the Holy Rule's advice and said Matins differently in the
      summer and winter, even in the cities. (It is worthy of note that,
      at least in the U.S., agricultural enterprises were being abandoned
      at about the same time as no longer economically feasible in many

      Put another spin on this and you will find, especially if you are
      an Oblate, that St. Benedict intends at least some aspects of his
      monastic program to adapt themselves to the environment in which
      the monastic lives. Do no wear yourself out trying to make the very
      square peg of a relentless monastic life fit into the intractably
      round hole of a life in the world. Don't try to make your kids (or
      spouse!) understand that you are going to be monastic, no matter
      what they are or aren't. For one thing, if you in any way diminish
      primary vocation, like marriage or parenthood, you are not going to
      be monastic at all! The key to our struggle is obedience and
      humility, not control of others.

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
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