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Holy Rule for Sept. 26

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    +PAX Prayers for the happy death and eternal rest of Rachel, a college student who died of bacterial menningitis, and for all the family and friends she leaves
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 25, 2007
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      Prayers for the happy death and eternal rest of Rachel, a college student who died of bacterial menningitis, and for all the family and friends she leaves behind.

      Prayers of thanks and Deo gratias for Cyn, whose car epairs turned out to be much less involved than they could have been.

      Prayers for Ana and Dominic, being married this Saturday, and for safe travel for John and Anne, going to Spain to be at the wedding.

      Prayers for the spiritual, mental and physical health of the following, for their loved ones and for all who treat or care for them:

      Doug, persistent tiredness for several months impacting his life badly and tests so far inconclusive.

      Tom, newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, and for his worried son.

      Barbara, 46, rapidly spreading cancer, tough time with her chemo, prayers, too, for her adoptive Mom and the happy death and eternal rest of her biological Mom, who died some years ago, near the same age, from cancer.

      Dawn, partial mastectomy, but a bad pathology report led to a full mastectomy.Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      January 26, May 27, September 26
      Chapter 7: On Humility

      The first degree of humility, then,
      is that a person keep the fear of God before his eyes
      and beware of ever forgetting it.
      Let him be ever mindful of all that God has commanded;
      let his thoughts constantly recur
      to the hell-fire which will burn for their sins
      those who despise God,
      and to the life everlasting which is prepared
      for those who fear Him.
      Let him keep himself at every moment from sins and vices,
      whether of the mind, the tongue, the hands, the feet,
      or the self-will,
      and check also the desires of the flesh.


      Few things punch people's buttons like the phrase "fear of God." It is
      widely misunderstood and commonly taken in its most unappealing sense. A recent
      poll in the United States showed that an overwhelming majority of folks
      believed in God, but that an alarmingly high number thought He was a rather
      demanding Judge and taskmaster. How very sad!

      Perhaps a skewed understanding of the
      concept of the fear of God has gone a long way to making folks feel that way.
      There is a very big difference between fearing to offend a touchy, nasty,
      ill-tempered scoundrel and fearing to offend one we love deeply. Most people,
      quite unflatteringly, assume the fear of God is of the first variety. It
      isn't. It is the fear of offending One we love, One Who deserves nothing shoddy
      or half-hearted from us.

      When I love someone my heart breaks if I hurt or upset
      them, I would never do so intentionally and even unintentional gaffs upset
      me because they upset the one I love. It is this sort of "fear" that we need
      to cultivate in regards to God.

      This loving fear requires all the mindfulness and care and vigilance
      mentioned in this reading for reasons altogether different than terror. It
      demands them because of love, the same loving fear a mother has of failing to protect
      her child from harm or hurt. It is the lover's fear, not the fear of the
      terrorized, cowering, scared-to-death slave of an unjust master. It is the fear
      of a son or daughter who would never want to disappoint a beloved father or

      We don't fear God because He's mean, we fear Him because He isn't,
      because He is so wonderful that nothing would be worse than to displease Him.
      To be sure, a lot of folks fear God in the scary way at square one. That's
      not surprising. But "perfect love casts out fear," so, in the natural order of
      things, as our love grows more perfect, our fear of the terror sort
      diminishes, changes, grows into the lover's fear. It may not go entirely until
      we know perfect love, but it is a great pity if it is not well on its way out.

      When we find ourselves considerably beyond square one and trembling with the
      awful fear, we do a great disservice to the kindness and love of God, to His
      infinite mercy. Where is our trust?

      St. Claude de la Colombiere, spiritual director of St. Margaret Mary
      Alacoque and great promoter of the Sacred Heart revelations given to her, also
      corresponded with a Benedictine abbess. This abbess had been elected at far too
      young an age (20!!!) and later becoming aware of her failings, was despairing
      over all her sins and faults. St. Claude firmly rebuked her and said: "One
      would think that you had never heard of God or His infinite mercy...[R]emember
      that all the evil you have done is as nothing in comparison with that which
      you do by failing in confidence."

      That is a striking statement, but very true. Our right-minded fear of God
      never, ever forgets His love or mercy or tenderness. Never.

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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