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Brother Jerome Reflection on the Holy Rule Sept 6

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  • Michael LoPiccolo
    +PAX [Ordinarily, I try, when possible, to make sure that a re-run has not appeared recently.This one, I gladly put out three times a year!! The Morning
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2007

      [Ordinarily, I try, when possible, to make sure that a re-run has
      not appeared recently.This one, I gladly put out three times a
      year!! The Morning Offering is such an important prayer, such an
      effective gateway to and teacher of intercession that, if you
      learned nothing else at all from what I have written, this would be
      enough. Every time I learn that I have introduced (or re-
      introduced!) someone to the Morning Offering, I quite literally
      know that my life has not been in vain. Had I to face God with only
      that to my credit, I should be hopeful and confident of His mercy.
      It truly is that important a tool of intercessory prayer

      Please pray for Tom and Casey who have lost their long time friend
      and faithful companion, Rocky their dog.

      Please continue prayers for Loris Gregerson, setback from the aortic
      valve surgery with complications of fluid buildup and must have
      additional surgery to correct the complicated problems. His
      daughter, Desirae, 4 months pregnant, must make another 600 mile
      drive to her dad's bedside. Please pray that the stress will not
      take it's toll on her and her unborn baby, her hubby and one year
      old daughter!

      Please pray for safe travel for Brother Jerome and his companion
      when they trravel to Newburg and West Point.

      Please pray for Armond --- Having Prostate surgery Thursday. Also
      for his recovery.

      Please pray for Sophie (86), not in very good shape but no
      confirmed diagnosis as yet. She is on oxygen all the time, sleeps a
      great deal, has sores in her mouth and is so weak she can hardly
      swallow and cannot walk now. Today she said that she was not afraid
      to die at all.

      Please pray for the happy death and eternal rest of the soul of Andy.

      Huge Deo Gratias for an answered special intention.

      Prayers please for Vickie -- Oblation in NZ; also, for Tracy
      (expectant mom), who has been raced into hospital some six weeks
      early with complications.

      +Please pray that Divine Mercy will shine upon all those who have
      taken their own lives.+

      Please pray for all those whose prayer requests were not able to be
      posted for whatever reason. God is outside of time and our prayers
      are never, ever late. Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's
      will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise
      Him! Thanks so much. JL

      Until the return of our good Brother Jerome please bless me with
      your prayer requests at:

      January 6 May 7 September 6
      Prologue (continued)

      So we have asked the Lord who is to dwell in His tent, and we have
      heard His commands
      to anyone who would dwell there; it remains for us to fulfill those

      Therefore we must prepare our hearts and our bodies to do battle
      under the holy obedience of His commands; and let us ask God that
      He be pleased to give us the help of His grace
      for anything which our nature finds hardly possible. And if we want
      to escape the pains of hell and attain life everlasting, then,
      while there is still time, while we are still in the body
      and are able to fulfill all these things by the light of this life,
      we must hasten to do now
      what will profit us for eternity.


      The first section of the Prologue asked us to seek God's blessing
      before doing any work. Today we are asked to prepare our hearts and
      bodies for the struggles ahead and ask God for His help. Both of
      these precepts are quite nicely filled by making the Morning
      Offering. Now I know that is a Roman Catholic prayer, and I also
      know we have (thanks be to God!) many Oblates of other faiths among
      us. Bear with me, please. I think this has applications for

      The morning offering is considered rather passe in some Roman
      Catholic circles. One actually wonders why, in an age that loves
      computers with tons of memory, hard drives that do all the work for
      us, even more work than our own minds could dream of doing.

      I have 12,000 names in a data base I built on royal genealogy, a
      favorite hobby. One click and a few seconds will tell me how any
      two of them are related, even up to mind-boggling relationships
      like eighteenth cousin three times removed and beyond. It will
      start at a point
      like that and then list all lesser relationships, until common
      ancestors are all depleted. No way I could EVER do that. The
      morning offering, however, makes all computer ability look like
      shooting fish in a barrel.

      The morning offering is the perfect capstone, cornerstone and
      beginning for a great life of intercessory prayer. It unites the
      poverty of our own lives, prayers, works, joys and sufferings with
      those of Christ, with those of His Mystical Body. It plunges the
      finite smallness of our own actions into sea after sea of infinite
      grace and perfection and, wrapped in that awesome completeness,
      offers them to the Father in the perhaps most perfect personal gift
      we could ever hope for that day, short of martyrdom itself.

      Ever forget to pray during the day? The morning offering makes our
      very heartbeats and breathing prayers, means of grace for ourselves
      and for all. We have offered ALL our works, even the unconscious
      ones of our bodies to God, and we have offered them in union with
      the most perfect sacrifice of Jesus. With a gift tag like that, the
      Father is quite likely to be pleased, indeed. Each time we blink,
      or eat, suffer or rejoice, we link that to Christ on His Cross.
      None of us have enough bytes of memory to really do that (I have
      forgotten about
      it at least three times while writing this sentence!) The morning
      offering is our "hard drive" it is the program that saves to disk
      and runs automatically.

      Our baptism into the Mystical Body gives us the right to plug into
      that infinite worth. It would be a shame if we missed the
      opportunity. Let me tell you, with complete sincerity, that all the
      works of my entire life couldn't save a flea from drowning in a
      raindrop. No way. Buried within the depths of Christ, however,
      their value becomes literally infinite.

      Ever feel bad that you forgot to pray for someone who asked, or
      only whispered a quick: "Lord, help her."? The morning offering
      makes our life and our prayer an infinite pie, one which can never
      be sliced too thin. Counting huge groups and individuals, I pray
      every single day for literally billions of people and not one of
      them is short-changed at all.

      That's the marvel of uniting our lives and hearts, joys and sorrows
      daily to Christ. Every slice of the pie gets served on the plate of
      His infinity, every single one. Cloaked in the perfect mercy and
      offering of Jesus, every single act, even the keys I just struck and
      the mouse I just moved are wonderful prayers for all, for everyone
      throughout time. That's not shabby, folks!

      Ever wish that your heart prone to largesse had all the money in
      the world? How generous you would be! But, with the morning
      offering, you have daily more than that. Claim your infinite share
      and spread it around! Name people and groups, sure, but know that
      God has a memory that never quits. You can say: for all people in
      all time" and it WILL count!

      Heavens, I pray for all Oblates (among lots of other people and
      groups every day.) Not only could I not name them, I don't even
      know them, nor is it possible for ANYONE to know them all
      throughout time. But God does, and it counts! There is no one
      reading this for whom I have not prayed every single day, many by
      name, but it doesn't matter. God is my hard drive! I have prayed
      for the next new guest who arrives for a first visit for literally
      years, every single day. The morning offering is a very neat method!

      Look, folks, it's a Roman Catholic prayer. I'll give you a version
      of it at the end of this post, but there are many others. I KNOW
      that some of our Oblates from other Churches may have to amend it a
      bit and that's OK, go for what God and your heart allows. I think,
      however, that all Christians could agree on at least these
      essentials. (Someone please correct me here, if I am wrong.) Offer
      all your prayers, works, joys and sufferings to God in union with
      those of Christ, for the intentions of Christ, for all the Churches
      and their
      leaders, for all people throughout time. Say it any way your heart
      allows, but do at least this much and congratulations: you have
      just thrust your own prayers and works and joys and sufferings into
      the very heart of the Cosmos, into the whole of history itself. You
      stand beside Christ in HIS perfect work in every age. WOOOOF!

      And, if today is your first morning offering, or your first in some
      time, make it a habit to pray for all Benedictines each day!

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      _http://www.stmarysmonastery.org_ (http://www.stmarysmonastery.org/)
      Petersham, MA


      O my Jesus, I offer You this day my prayers, works, joys and
      suffering, for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart and Divine
      Mercy, in union with every sacrifice of the Mass throughout the
      and with all the prayers, works, joys and sufferings of Your
      Body throughout time, in reparation for our sins and in thanksgiving
      for all Your benefits. I offer them for the Pope and all Church
      leaders, for the unity of all Christians.

      (Now you can add your own intentions- don't be stingy here, you have
      infinity! I always end my own list with: for everyone and everything
      throughout time, created by Your hands, I offer You my life, in
      holocaust for these and for Your will for them.)

      End with: Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto
      Yours. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You.
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