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Apr 13

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  • russophile2002
    +PAX How I wish you could all be here today! Palm Sunday is one of my favorites here. We bless the palms in the Sisters house and then process to the Church,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2003

      How I wish you could all be here today! Palm Sunday is one of my
      favorites here. We bless the palms in the Sisters' house and then
      process to the Church, chanting away. Awesome! I will be praying for
      you all!

      Prayers, please, for a couple divorcing. Terribly messy and one
      spouse does not want the divorce. God's will be done! Thanks. NRN JL

      April 13, August 13, December 13
      Chapter 59: On the Sons of Nobles and of the Poor Who Are Offered

      If anyone of the nobility
      offers his son to God in the monastery
      and the boy is very young,
      let his parents draw up the document which we mentioned above;
      and at the oblation
      let them wrap the document itself and the boy's hand in the altar
      That is how they offer him.

      As regards their property,
      they shall promise in the same petition under oath
      that they will never of themselves, or through an intermediary,
      or in any way whatever,
      give him anything
      or provide him with the opportunity of owning anything.
      Or else,
      if they are unwilling to do this,
      and if they want to offer something as an alms to the monastery
      for their advantage,
      let them make a donation
      of the property they wish to give to the monastery,
      reserving the income to themselves if they wish.
      And in this way let everything be barred,
      so that the boy may have no expectations
      whereby (which God forbid) he might be deceived and ruined,
      as we have learned by experience.

      Let those who are less well-to-do make a similar offering.
      But those who have nothing at all
      shall simply draw up the document
      and offer their son before witnesses at the oblation.


      This is the chapter that allows us to have (and be!) Oblates. How
      different would all of our lives be if this chapter had never been

      Reflect a moment on how rich your life WOULDN'T be is you had no
      Benedictine family, on whom you would not know, on what you would
      have missed. For starters, many of us would not be on at least a
      couple of the forums this appears on- they wouldn't exist! Our
      wonderful fraternity in cyberspace would perhaps have never happened
      at all.

      We all owe a great, great deal to St. Benedict and to his sons and
      daughters. Let us pray for our Benedictine family and give thanks,
      deep thanks for the gift we have all received!

      Love and prayers,

      Jerome, OSB

      jeromeleo@... St. Mary's Monastery Petersham, MA
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