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Br. Jerome: Reflection on the Holy Rule. Dec 5

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  • Michael LoPiccolo
    +PAX A blessed feast of St. Nicholas to all. May his intercession clean up the mess of secularized Christmas, so much of which is wrongly laid at his feet as
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 5, 2006

      A blessed feast of St. Nicholas to all. May his intercession clean
      up the mess of secularized Christmas, so much of which is wrongly
      laid at his feet as being the source of Santa Claus. A trick of
      language, but poor St. Nicholas is NOT to blame for the lunacy that
      currently obtains, to the more or less complete exclusion of God.
      Not at all what our saint would have wanted! Special prayers for the
      mission of St. Nicholas, formerly of Bobtown, PA, which I was
      privileged to serve for two summers.

      Prayers for the repose of my dear friend, Father Jude Krogol, OSB,
      of St. Leo
      Abbey, on the anniversary of his death. Please, those of you so
      inclined, say a Divine Mercy Chaplet for his happy death. Prayers,
      too, for his eternal rest with God. +Prayers please for Thomas, a
      troubled young man recently arrested on a variety of charges
      involving assault and alcohol. Prayers please, also for his parents
      who have struggled to lead him down a far better path than he has
      chosen for himself. May they all sense God's healing presence in
      their lives. +Pray please for Joe J., who is being denied any access
      at all to his two daughters by their mother, his estranged wife. He
      is genuinely a devoted father. +Please pray for Lorraine, who died,
      for her happy death and eternal rest and for all who mourn her.
      +Prayers please for Patrick, unemployed for 6 weeks, seeking the job
      God wants for him, and for his family. + Prayers please for Emma who
      will resume chemo treatments on Wednesday. Lord, help them as You
      know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is
      never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      April 6, August 6, December 6
      Chapter 54: Whether a Monastic Should Receive Letters or Anything

      On no account shall a monastic be allowed
      to receive letters, blessed tokens or any little gift whatsoever
      from parents or anyone else,
      or from her sisters,
      or to give the same,
      without the Abbess's permission.
      But if anything is sent her even by her parents,
      let her not presume to take it
      before it has been shown to the Abbess.
      And it shall be in the Abbess's power to decide
      to whom it shall be given,
      if she allows it to be received;
      and the sister to whom it was sent should not be grieved,
      lest occasion be given to the devil.

      Should anyone presume to act otherwise,
      let her undergo the discipline of the Rule.


      Part of this is about equality, part of it is about depending on
      one's community for everything. But there is another part that is
      more readily available to monastics and Oblates in the world, a
      certain cloister of the heart, a partial flight from the secular.

      Outside news, to which we all can become so easily addicted, is not
      always useful, let alone nourishing. When I was a pastoral associate
      in Boston, I was the slave of the weather channel: knew the five day
      forecast ALL the time. Then I moved here- no cable anywhere- and
      pretty much let God surprise me each morning with whatever was
      available. Granted, traveling on foot and by subway to do a lot of
      ministry in Boston, I did have a greater need to know, but not THAT

      We get a Sunday paper (the NY Times,) once a week and that is it. If
      something really big happens between Sundays, the regulars who come
      to Mass will tell us. That's how we found out about Princess Diana.
      Our contractor told us about 9/11. We were in Mass, praying for the
      world anyway, with no clue that the towers were literally falling as
      we prayed, that the Pentagon was on fire and thousands were dead.

      It really didn't matter, in one sense, whether we knew or not: we
      were already praying. Our prayers did not need details to be
      effective. The heart of God was already breaking, already knew, HAD
      already known from all time and beyond. We were just begging Him to
      look at His people while not knowing which ones needed it most. That
      made no difference. We ALWAYS know less than Him. It is the usual
      human condition!

      You may be sure we all watched Diana's funeral, and you may be sure
      we all watched the 9/11 news. We're not dinosaurs and we cared
      deeply. However, having lived on both sides now (what a song cue for
      Judy Collins!) of the media divide, I can assure you that a whole lot
      of extraneous stuff got mixed in with a very little bit of worthwhile

      There is much that is false, truly false and illusory in the
      world. We all know that quite well. What we can miss is that media's
      job is to make a lot of things much, much more real and pressing than
      they are or will ever be. That sort of illusion we can easily do

      This is in no way obscurantist or anti-intellectual, but a part of
      the monastic heart actually LIKES to be out of touch in some areas
      and profits from same. No one has to live in a cave, but I, as I
      imagine most of us without any dream of large stock holdings, would
      have managed quite well without knowing about every corporate scandal
      in excruciating detail.

      In a country where it only recently became illegal to take the life
      of a late-term
      abortion baby born fully alive, (a law already challenged in
      court,) I'll do fine without a daily (and I do mean daily,) vital
      signs watch on a whale
      that beached itself, quite possibly with excellent reasons known to
      the whale alone, on Cape Cod. There's a lot of stuff we DON'T need to
      know, and in not knowing some of it there lies a great peace!

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA
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