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Mar 27

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  • russophile2002
    +PAX Would that peace as gentle lovely and full of hope as the welcome Spring that now embraces Massachusetts would come to all! Pray for all in harm s way!
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2003

      Would that peace as gentle lovely and full of hope as the welcome
      Spring that now embraces Massachusetts would come to all! Pray for
      all in harm's way! God's will be done! JL

      March 27, July 27, November 26
      Chapter 47: On Giving the Signal for the Time of the Work of God

      The indicating of the hour for the Work of God
      by day and by night
      shall devolve upon the Abbot
      either to give the signal himself
      or to assign this duty to such a careful brother
      that everything will take place at the proper hours.

      Let the Psalms and the antiphons be intoned
      by those who are appointed for it,
      in their order after the Abbot.
      And no one shall presume to sing or read
      unless he can fulfill that office
      in such a way as to edify the hearers.
      Let this function be performed
      with humility, gravity and reverence,
      and by him whom the Abbot has appointed.


      A quickie here that applies to all, in monastery or out. It sometimes
      happens that we desire a job we ought not to have. It sometimes
      happens that we get a job that is too much for us and realize that in
      the midst of things. These are times for the great truthfulness of
      humility, to either stop seeking the task in question or to frankly
      admit that we cannot do it as it should be done.

      Such honesty is hard, to be sure. Our hearts get in the way. We are
      attached to things which are in themselves good, but which would not
      be good for us. Not everyone would make a great parent, but there are
      plenty of people who want to be badly, whether in fact they would be
      good at it or not! Whoops! Tough on the kid there! There are also
      people who would be superb parents who are infertile or sterile, yet
      another thing to be accepted truthfully.

      Anyone who has ever seen karaoke or open mike night or a piano bar
      knows that MANY who would love to be cabaret singers are far from
      that! What are hearts call us to is not always true, alas! Perhaps
      most of us have also known people who would have been fantastic
      spouses who are quite inexplicably alone.

      A big part of discerning here is careful, frank self-examination and
      self-knowledge. Another huge piece of the puzzle is looking at where
      we REALLY are and where God has presumably placed us. Not everything
      is open to every age, place or time. Were I to decide that I
      absolutely HAD to become a flamingo farmer in central New England,
      the flamingoes would be MOST unhappy by next December or so, and most
      likely dead by February! See what I mean?

      Because our hearts are involved, there is pain when the thing desired
      is not for us. That is hard, beloveds, but pain need not be futile or
      useless. Unite your pains to those of Christ and His Mystical Body,
      to those of His Passion that all of us help bear throughout the rest
      of time. Then the Father will see only His beloved Son when He looks
      at us. Then the world will be somehow better and helped by our
      suffering, mute and unknown. Nothing is wasted with God and His
      Divine Mercy. Nothing! Nothing at all!

      Love and prayers and don't waste, y'all!
      Jerome, OSB St. Mary's Monastery Petersham, MA
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