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Holy Rule for Oct. 22

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  • Brjeromeleo@aol.com
    +PAX Leah, our 10 year old, has received her liver transplant, is recognizing her family and smiling, a brave little girl! Prayers for her continued healing.
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      Leah, our 10 year old, has received her liver transplant, is recognizing her
      family and smiling, a brave little girl! Prayers for her continued healing.
      Prayers, too, for Emma, our little girl with multiple motorcycle accident
      injuries. I am writing to ask for an update on her condition, as several have

      Prayers for the happy death and eternal rest of Matthew, who was killed in a
      car wreck, and for his family and all who mourn him. Prayers for James, on
      the anniversary of his death, for his happy death and eternal rest and for all
      who mourn him.

      I have a list of names with no diagnoses sent me, all have have illnesses
      for us to pray for: Terry, Steve, Connie, Denise, Bonnie, Sara, Linda, Virginia,
      Diane, Amanda, AJ, Donna, Alan, Evelyn, Frankie, Danny, Rose, Joe, another
      Rose and Ruth. Prayers for the spiritual and physical health of them all!

      Frank was on radiation and chemo and had his surgery 2 weeks ago. All the
      cancer was eradicated and he was doing well,and then started to
      get very sick from a leak at the surgical site that was leaking toxins into
      his body. They had to go back into surgery to repair. He went into septic
      and is fighting for his life. Prayers for the Teresian Carmelites of
      Worcester, MA, involved in messy litigation over a real estate dealing. Lord, help
      us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and grace. God
      is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      February 21, June 22, October 22
      Chapter 18: In What Order the Psalms Are to Be Said

      Let this verse be said:
      "Incline unto my aid, O God;
      O Lord, make haste to help me,"
      and the "Glory be to the Father"
      then the hymn proper to each Hour.

      Then at Prime on Sunday
      four sections of Psalm 118 are to be said;
      and at each of the remaining Hours,
      that is Terce, Sext and None,
      three sections of the same Psalm 118.

      At Prime on Monday let three Psalms be said,
      namely Psalms 1, 2 and 6.
      And so each day at Prime until Sunday
      let three Psalms be said in numerical order, to Psalm 19,
      but with Psalms 9 and 17 each divided into two parts.
      Thus it comes about that the Night Office on Sunday
      always begins with Psalm 20.


      Since Prime was to be said before work, its Psalms could vary. The
      Tuesday through Saturday repetition of the same 9 Psalms for minor
      hours excludes Prime, which was probably said in Church or Chapter
      room, or partially in both. Since Prime was celebrated where books
      were available, it could use different Psalms every day and did.
      There was no need for the memorization which would allow farmer monks
      to celebrate None in the midst of a hayfield.

      I was glad to hear from some who especially loved the prayers of
      Prime. So do I! Here, however, is yet another offering from the
      Office of Prime: its hymn. Being metrical, it is easily memorized. A
      nurse friend of mine told me years ago she used to sing this hymn
      every morning at an Episcopal summer camp for kids. Not a bad idea at
      all! Enjoy!

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      _http://www.stmarysmonastery.org_ (http://www.stmarysmonastery.org)
      Petersham, MA 01366


      Now that the daylight fills the sky
      We lift our hearts to God on high,
      That He, in all we do or say,
      Would keep us free from harm today:

      Would guard our hearts and tongues from strife;
      From anger's din would hide our life;
      From evil sights would turn our eyes;
      Would close our ears to vanities.

      So we, when this new day is gone
      and night in turn is drawing on,
      With conscience by the world unstained
      Shall praise His name for vict'ry gained.

      To God the Father and the Son
      And Holy Spirit, three in one,
      Be endless glory as before
      The world began, so evermore. Amen.

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