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Holy Rule: Brother Jerome Aug 1

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  • Michael LoPiccolo
    +PAX ++ Please pray for an end to the insane violence in the mid-East, for the repose of ALL the souls and for the surviving members of families. ++ ++
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      +PAX ++ Please pray for an end to the insane violence in the mid-East,
      for the repose of ALL the souls and for the surviving members of
      families. ++ ++ Please pray for our brothers and sisters in community
      who must keep the hours even when it is ashes in their mouth. ++ ++
      Please pray for all those who have ended or will,this day end their
      earthly lives by their own hands. May Almighty God in His infinite mercy
      grant them eternal rest. Amen. ++ ++Please pray for Peter Peterson who
      has just been diagnosed with inoperable aggressive prostate cancer and
      for all his family. ++ ++Please pray for Ted, his wife who is miles
      and five or six hours away visiting her Mom who is nearly 90, in the
      hospital. Mom has a severe hidden infection and possibly West Nile
      Fever; two sisters going to meet his wife there ansd his son and
      granddaughter headed down there. That he will not have to kennel the
      dogs and join them all, getting in the way of providing liturgy and
      counseling to his church's people. And then of course there is her Mom
      who is so sick, and Mom's husband who is taking this very hard. Prayers
      for all in the extended family. May His will be done,
      may there be no prolonged suffering whichever way this turns out. ++
      ++ Please pray for Michael's son, Scott, who suffered some brain trauma
      when he had his motorcycle accident last month. The brain trauma was
      not diagnosed until last week and Scott is experiencing some pretty
      severe depression. They are going to have to run tests to see what is
      going on. Sharon, Scott's wife, just found out her mother has stage 4
      cancer. Please pray for the whole family. Michael is still recovering
      from his shoulder surgery and won't be out of his sling for another
      could of weeks. When he fell 2 weeks ago he did something to his wrist
      (same hand as shoulder surgery). He had an MRI last Thursday and they
      don't have the results yet. His fingers, hands and wrist are all
      swollen and the orthopedist doesn't know what is going on with it - the
      x-rays didn't show a break. I've been having trouble with my left knee
      so I'm having an MRI on Wednesday - we don't think anything too serious,
      probably just the meniscus (sp). ++

      ++ Please pray for all those whose prayer requests are not able to be
      posted for whatever reason. God is outside of time and our prayers are
      never, ever late. ++ Lord, help us as You know and will. God's will
      is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks
      so much. JL In the interim please bless me by sending prayer
      requests to: mlopiccolo@... or:

      April 1, August 1, December 1
      Chapter 50: On Sisters Who are Working Far From the Oratory or Are on
      a Journey

      Those sisters who are working at a great distance
      and cannot get to the oratory at the proper time --
      the Abbess judging that such is the case --
      shall perform the Work of God
      in the place where they are working,
      bending their knees in reverence before God.

      Likewise those who have been sent on a journey
      shall not let the appointed Hours pass by,
      but shall say the Office by themselves as well as they can
      and not neglect to render the task of their service.


      Monastics not at home- including Oblates who live elsewhere-
      "...shall say the Office by themselves as well as they can." This is
      a very important qualifying phrase. Over the several years I have
      been in e mail contact with hundreds of Oblates, this question arises
      in one form or another again and again, often with a number of
      solutions offered equal to the number of people answering the

      "...as well as they can." That means every instance of the Oblate's
      life must be taken into account: work, marriage, parenthood. Some
      Oblates can and do say the whole Office. For others, the chronic
      frustration at NOT being able to might be more constructively given
      up. It destroys peace and holds humility at bay. Many of us just
      cannot, for one reason or another do it all. Admitting that is a
      great boon of truth and truth, after all, is humility!

      Most monasteries today have embraced schemes of the Office that are
      not portable, even for their own monastics. Do the best you can. That
      may be the Roman Office, the Book of Common Prayer, or part thereof,
      or it may be something else for you, but just do the best you can in
      your current circumstance.

      Whatever that circumstance may be, it is where God has placed you at
      this moment. There is a great holiness and truthfulness in starting
      from where we are. It's really the only way to begin a journey anyhow
      (you can't depart from where you are not yet!) so why not shrug your
      shoulders and start shuffling along from here and now and today.

      Take heart in this pithy quote from St. Faustina's diary:
      "O life so dull and monotonous, how many treasures you contain!"
      All those hassles, all that inaccessible frustration of location or
      all that we THINK stands in the way are truly portals of mercy and
      grace, would we but let them open!

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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