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Mar 1

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    +PAX Prayers, please, for a couple having serious marital problems, and the husband is depressed as well. For Eleuterio on his 97th birthday; for Jason, 16,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003

      Prayers, please, for a couple having serious marital problems, and
      the husband is depressed as well. For Eleuterio on his 97th birthday;
      for Jason, 16, suicide attempt, worshipping satan and still wanting
      to kill himself; for Aimee, facing her rapist's trial, for a young
      owman undergoing esophagus surgery, for the health and welfare of
      Celeste. God's will be done! NRN JL

      March 1, July 1, October 31
      Chapter 24: What the Measure of Excommunication Should Be

      The measure of excommunication or of chastisement
      should correspond to the degree of fault,
      which degree is estimated by the judgment of the Abbess.

      If a sister is found guilty of lighter faults,
      let her be excluded from the common table.
      Now the program for one deprived of the company of the table
      shall be as follows:
      In the oratory she shall intone neither Psalm nor antiphon
      nor shall she recite a lesson
      until she has made satisfaction;
      in the refectory she shall take her food alone
      after the community meal,
      so that if they eat at the sixth hour, for instance,
      that sister shall eat at the ninth,
      while if they eat at the ninth hour
      she shall eat in the evening,
      until by a suitable satisfaction she obtains pardon.


      Two VERY important messages here, for both monastery and the world:
      serious faults should never be ignored or overlooked and punishment
      should be just and proportional.

      On one hand, anyone who has ability and authority and fails to use it
      because to do so would be distasteful to themselves runs a horrible
      risk of sinning by omission. People are not always behaving badly
      simply because they are wicked, devious or clever. Sometimes they are
      truly unaware, or largely so. Sometimes, they assume, wrongly but
      understandably, that "no news is good news." Sometimes, the offender
      can be in quite adamant denial that there is anything wrong at all.

      One's silence or inactivity at such times can be damning, indeed. One
      accepts a difficult responsibility with authority and it is NOT all
      pleasant. Tailoring it to make sure it is a breeze can result in
      serious harm to all concerned.

      But, again, there is Benedictine balance here! The one in authority
      must not OVER-react. Think of the people we have known or worked with
      who can make the slightest offense a capital case. Touch not mine
      anointed!! Whoops! Bit of reality check needed there, too. We have to
      do something, but we must be careful not to do too much! All the
      weight of right -or wrong!- is usually not entirely on either side.
      We must not behave as if it were without serious indications that
      such behavior is warranted. Authority requires a particular brand of

      Balance, balance, balance and always balance! Merciful and loving as
      God is, but remembering that even God has boundaries which we can
      render powerless by our stubborn refusals.

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      jeromeleo@... St. Mary's Monastery Petersham, MA
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