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Feb 22

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  • russophile2002 <jeromeleo@earthlink.net>
    +PAX Prayers, please, for Byrony, the infant we have been praying for, moving out of ICU, but she has picked up a hospital borne infection; for Doherty
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      Prayers, please, for Byrony, the infant we have been praying for,
      moving out of ICU, but she has picked up a hospital borne infection;
      for Doherty Matetich, who is dying and for her family, especially her
      sister, Pauline; for Terry, serious post-op complications, and for
      Brian, her husband carrying for their two toddlers alone; and for
      Tim, 25, who committed suicide and for his family. GOd's will be
      done! Thanks! NRN JL

      February 22, June 23, October 23
      Chapter 18: In What Order the Psalms Are to Be Said

      At Terce, Sext and None on Monday
      let the nine remaining sections of Psalm 118 be said,
      three at each of these Hours.

      Psalm 118 having been completed, therefore,
      on two days, Sunday and Monday,
      let the nine Psalms from Psalm 119 to Psalm 127
      be said at Terce, Sext and None,
      three at each Hour,
      beginning with Tuesday.
      And let these same Psalms be repeated every day until Sunday
      at the same Hours,
      while the arrangement of hymns, lessons and verses
      is kept the same on all days;
      and thus Prime on Sunday will always begin with Psalm 118.


      LOTS of people have trouble with Psalm 118. That's not surprising
      because, even if unconsciously, we have come to expect at least more
      or less of a whole thought or story to a given Psalm. Most of them
      certainly offer this. Psalm 118, by contrast, seems to ramble on and
      on and all over the place. Yes, there's a common thread of sorts in
      dealing with the Law, but even that doesn't figure everywhere. It
      often reads as nothing more thrilling than a somewhat disjointed
      collection of proverbs. Try saying the whole Psalm at once and you'll
      see what I mean! (I know it is the longest, but saying the whole
      thing will take less than 15 minutes or so.)

      OK, for one thing, Psalm 118 is an alphabetical psalm, hence those
      names of Hebrew letters at the beginning of each section. That's the
      gimmick in the Hebrew original that is lost in translation: every
      verse begins with the same letter. Small wonder that we find it a
      touchy mess of unrelated aphorisms! One hesitates to go back to U.S.
      songs written so long ago, since many may not be aware of them in our
      international and multi-generational group, but it's exactly like
      that old standard: "A- you're Adorable, B- you're so beautiful..."

      So, yeah, a LOT of the verses will sound like someone was scraping
      the bottom for something to come up with next, largely because of the
      alphabetical restraint in composition. Try to get beyond all that,
      relax, and realize that Psalm 118 really *IS* a collection of
      proverbs with a very loose theme. Enjoy it as proverbs and stop

      The Psalms were dear to the early monastics because they were seen as
      a compendium of Scripture. In other words, all the basis elements of
      Scripture were to be found in them, including representatives of the
      most common literary forms: history, poetry, prophecy and
      wisdom/proverbs. Psalm 118 covers the latter category quite

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      jeromeleo@... St. Mary's Monastery Petersham, MA
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