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Feb 17

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  • russophile2002 <jeromeleo@earthlink.net>
    +PAX Prayers are requested for a woman with three children who just learned her husband is having an affair. To make matters worse, he is a clergyman and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2003

      Prayers are requested for a woman with three children who just
      learned her husband is having an affair. To make matters worse, he
      is a clergyman and the woman he's involved with is a parishioner.
      Prayers also for another marriage heading for a terrible divorce:
      Daniel, his wife and 3 small children and his family. God's will be
      done! Thanks, NRN JL

      February 17, June 18, October 18
      Chapter 14: How the Night Office Is to Be Said on the Feasts of the

      On the feasts of Saints and on all festivals
      let the Office be performed
      as we have prescribed for Sundays,
      except that the Psalms, the antiphons and the lessons
      belonging to that particular day are to be said.
      Their number, however, shall remain as we have specified above.


      Check out the sickening glut of consumerist advertising that attends
      the approach (even the very remote approach!) of Christmas,
      Valentine's Day, or any other holiday whose traditions include gift-
      giving. Man, the sharks move in for the kill! We can firmly trust the
      secular world to promote and protect the days they stand to profit
      from. In fact, in the US, at least, we can count on the greeting card
      industry to even increase those special days. Long since bored with
      just Mother's Day and Father's Day, now the card industry has now
      gone to Grandparents' Day, Secretaries' WEEK, and who knows what is

      There's a truth in all this annoying materialism: those who profit
      from a thing must make it special themselves. In other words, we must
      use their self-promoting tools on our own feasts, for our own
      spiritual gain, since it is highly unlikely that the holiest feasts
      for us (unless one is named Patrick!!) are likely to turn up anytime
      soon in the scheme of secular promotion.

      In our monastery, we celebrate feastdays, not birthdays. (Unless it
      is a BIG one, e.g., this year we have Fr. Bede turning FIFTY on May
      25 and Br. Vincent turning FORTY on Dec. 15!!!! These do NOT escape
      mention....) This took a bit of adjusting to, but now my feastday is
      even more special than my birthday: it is the one everyone knows
      about and celebrates and tries to make special. WE make feastdays
      special. We profit from them spiritually and it is up to us to ensure
      their importance.

      Take a hint from this chapter and go out of your way to make your own
      special saint's feast or feast of the Lord come alive for you. For
      years now I have loved Feb 2, the Presentation of the Lord, or
      Candlemas. It has become my favorite feast and I honestly look
      forward to it and revel in it. But I had to do that myself, to
      nurture the associations with the day and so forth. All of us can
      give that gift to ourselves and there's no consumerist madness

      Love and prayers,

      Jerome, OSB St. Mary's Monastery Petersham, MA
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