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Holy Rule for August 22

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  • Jerry Lee
    +PAX Prayers for Fran, retiring this Thursday, that retirement opens a new period of grace and joy and prayer and holiness for her for many years to come!
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      Prayers for Fran, retiring this Thursday, that retirement opens a new period of grace and joy and prayer and holiness for her for many years to come! Prayers for a man suffering very troubling symptoms of unknown origin.Lord, help them as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      April 22, August 22, December 22
      Chapter 65: On the Prior of the Monastery

      It happens all too often that the constituting of a Prior
      gives rise to grave scandals in monasteries.
      For there are some who become inflated with the evil spirit of pride
      and consider themselves second Abbots.
      By usurping power
      they foster scandals and cause dissensions in the community.
      Especially does this happen
      in those places where the Prior is constituted
      by the same Bishop or the same Abbots
      who constitute the Abbot himself.
      What an absurd procedure this is
      can easily be seen;
      for it gives the Prior an occasion for becoming proud
      from the very time of his constitution,
      by putting the thought into his mind
      that he is freed from the authority of his Abbot:
      "For," he will say to himself, "you were constituted
      by the same persons who constitute the Abbot."
      From this source are stirred up envy, quarrels, detraction,
      rivalry, dissensions and disorders.
      For while the Abbot and the Prior are at variance,
      their souls cannot but be endangered by this dissension;
      and those who are under them,
      currying favor with one side or the other,
      go to ruin.
      The guilt for this dangerous state of affairs
      rests on the heads of those
      whose action brought about such disorder.


      St. Benedict tries to guarantee unity by letting the Abbot choose his
      own Prior, parents can do it by a struggle to overcome their own
      personal differences for the good of the children. This is not to say
      that the parents can necessarily get over their problems, but that
      they must at least try to be consistent with the children, for the
      children's sakes. As St. Benedict points out, this choosing of sides
      in child or monastic, can lead to ruin.

      Why does it lead to ruin? Because manipulation to some degree puts us
      in charge of ourselves, something no child and only the rarest of
      monastics is strong enough to be. As St. Bernard of Clairvaux
      said: "The one who has himself for a master has a fool for a

      One reason we took obedience upon ourselves was our knowledge of our
      own weakness. This knowledge can fade and dim with time, we can be
      convinced we know better. Sometimes, perhaps, we do, but in most
      cases, obedience is a real protection from harm. Benedictines not
      only are not in charge of themselves, but, as the Holy Rule defines
      cenobitic community life, they "desire" this lack of control.
      They "desire to live under a Rule and an Abbot."

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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