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Jan 28

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  • russophile2002 <jeromeleo@earthlink.net>
    +PAX Prayers, please for Rev. Dom Christopher Jenkins, OSB, of Belmont Abbey, UK, who died suddenly; for Alexie and Nathan, traveling to Asia; for Tony,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2003

      Prayers, please for Rev. Dom Christopher Jenkins, OSB, of Belmont
      UK, who died suddenly; for Alexie and Nathan, traveling to Asia; for
      surgery on his lung for spreading cancer; and in thanksgiving for the
      year old lady in hospice we prayed for, who was afraid to die. She
      home to God peacefully Sunday evening. Deo gratias!

      Some awesome good news. The CApe Cod Women's Center, a small shelter
      battered women and children was in danger of closing in March when
      asked for prayers. This afternoon one donor gave them $10,000 MORE
      they needed to stay afloat. Deo gratias, indeed!
      NRN JL

      January 28, May 29, September 28
      Chapter 7: On Humility

      As for self-will,
      we are forbidden to do our own will
      by the Scripture, which says to us,
      "Turn away from your own will" (Eccles. 18:30),
      and likewise by the prayer in which we ask God
      that His will be done in us.
      And rightly are we taught not to do our own will
      when we take heed to the warning of Scripture:
      "There are ways which seem right,
      but the ends of them plunge into the depths of hell" (Prov. 16:25);
      and also when we tremble at what is said of the careless:
      "They are corrupt and have become abominable in their will."

      And as for the desires of the flesh,
      let us believe with the Prophet that God is ever present to us,
      when he says to the Lord,
      "Every desire of mine is before You" (Ps. 37:10).


      This is from last year, I confess. Had I not resorted to a repeat I
      never have gotten today's out at all. Sigh....

      Parents, why don't you let your children do whatever they want?
      Because their judgment is flawed, they lack experience, they would
      not choose what is best, but only what is easy and most pleasing to
      them. They would choose short-term benefits, often hollow, over long-
      term remedies. All would agree that giving a child such free rein
      would be disastrous.

      So it is with all of us. Our will is flawed, period. Whatever the
      other effects of the fall in Eden, one of them was that our wills
      came out of it all as very prone to wrong choices. Every major
      religious system urges one to abandon self-will, to one degree or
      another. It is a hallmark of the spiritual quest.

      We tend to be very defensive of our own will, our (alleged!) autonomy
      and self-determination. Initial reactions to telling us to abandon
      our wills are not always very calm! Still, the presence of spiritual
      directors in any age, to say nothing of their current popularity in
      our own age, proves the wisdom: it is very unhealthy to attempt
      to "go it alone" in the area of our own will.

      The twin protections of humility and obedience help us turn from our
      will, but they don't guarantee it! Fr. Thomas McCarthy of St. Leo
      Abbey, now gone to God, once said to me: "You give everything to God
      on the day of your profession and then spend the rest of your life
      trying to take it back, little by little!" Well, at least a superior
      is something of a stopgap to how much (or how fast!) we can take it

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB jeromeleo@... St. Mary's Monastery Petersham, MA
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