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Update on Abigail, the young mother stabbed

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  • Jerry Lee
    Here is the latest on this very tragic story, along with a prayer the family is recommending for Pope John Paul II s intercession and hopefully a miracle. JL
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2005
      Here is the latest on this very tragic story, along with a prayer the family is recommending for Pope John Paul II's intercession and hopefully a miracle. JL

      Prayer Request on behalf of Abigail Witchalls

      You will probably know of the recent stabbing incident that left a 26 year old mother and Lay Community of Saint Benedict member paralysed and apparently close to death.

      Her husband Benoit�s family have produced a prayer for Abigail�s healing, whish seeks the intercession of the recently dead Pope, John Paul II. I am writing to ask you to join in the saying of this prayer.

      The involvement of saints and potential saints in prayers for healing may be unfamiliar to some, so I will offer a few words of explanation and context.

      The traditional token for the successful advancement of a cause of beatification (or saint-making) is one or more undisputed miracle of healing coming from the potential saint�s intercession.

      Abigail�s situation seems to provide a great opportunity for the power of God to work through John Paul II�s intercession. Our role is to seek that intercession. It is clear that, with many friends praying all over the world, Abi�s situation is known in heaven. We will have to leave the outcome in God�s hand, but we can make our feelings known.

      Abi is showing some small signs of sensations, so if there is such a thing as a gradual miracle, we may be witnessing the first stirrings.

      Let us pray earnestly for more, using this prayer:

      We implore your mercy
      O good God
      For you are our only good.
      We humbly ask you
      To glorify on earth
      your servant John Paul II
      who in your providence
      you willed to guide the universal church.
      We beg you to grant
      Through his intercession
      The grace of complete healing for Abigail
      Which we ardently desire.

      Our Father�
      Hail Mary�
      Glory Be�

      Vespers at Worth Abbey, Sussex at 6pm on Sunday, April 24th included special prayers for Abgail and her family. Over 40 LCSB members attended, along with family and friends.

      Abigail �dictated� (letter by letter!) her own press release on Sunday night which said:

      Improving ..prayers helping me.. Thanks for flowers, but now please make donations for World Poverty Day

      Abigail's extraordinary courage
      By Jason Bennetto, Crime Correspondent
      27 April 2005
      An apparently random attacker who stabbed a Surrey teacher, Abigail Witchalls, and left her paralysed first held a knife at the throat of her 21-month-old son, police have disclosed.
      Details of the assault were released yesterday with a photograph of the woman being reunited in hospital with her son, Joseph, and husband, Benoit.
      Mrs Witchalls, 26, who is paralysed from the neck down and cannot speak, spent six hours using facial expressions and mouthing words to describe to detectives the events leading up to her attack last Wednesday afternoon. She told officers a stranger followed her in a car and then on foot as she walked home through the village of Little Bookham with her son.
      The part-time teacher put her son into his buggy and ran up a lane. She heard the man say "You've dropped your purse". She was trapped at a gate where the man grabbed the boy and put a knife to his throat. He ordered Mrs Witchalls to come forward and then pulled her head down and stabbed her in the back of the neck.
      As she fell, the man pushed her son, who was in the buggy, on top of her. The assailant, who Mrs Witchalls later described as being drunk or under the influence of drugs, then fled.
      Police praised what they described as the extraordinary bravery and determination of Mrs Witchalls who insisted she underwent further questioning yesterday, even though officers had intended to let her rest. The two woman detectives conducting the interview were expected to show her video film of the crime scene to jog her memory and provide a more detailed description of the attack.
      It is unclear whether Mrs Witchalls is permanently paralysed but her condition has stabilised and she has some sensation in parts of her body. She was pregnant at the time of the attack but her family have declined to comment on whether she has lost the baby.
      A photograph issued yesterday showed Mrs Witchalls' son stroking his mother's hair while being held by his father. In a message released to the public, Mrs Witchalls, said: "I am improving and everybody's prayers are enormously helpful."
      Despite the improvement, Mrs Witchalls, who is being treated at St George's Hospital in Tooting, south London, is still in a serious condition. Her son has started to act out aspects of the attack and may be questioned later.
      The details she was able to give detectives are alarming because the attacker, who is thought likely to be local, appears to have targeted the woman in a random and apparently motiveless assault. He did not take her cash or mobile phone and there is no evidence he tried to sexually assault her.
      Mrs Witchalls described her attacker as pale with bags under his eyes and short dark wavy, scruffy hair. He is aged 20-35 with a long thin face, 5ft 10ins to 6ft 4ins tall, and wearing looped silver earrings. He had prominent cheekbones, a southern accent and was driving a blue estate with four doors and a rear hatch. Police have ruled out the owner of a blue Peugeot who was arrested and bailed at the weekend.
      Det Supt Adrian Harper, who is leading the inquiry, described Mrs Witchalls as "an extremely intelligent young lady [who] has a determination that we should all be in awe of".

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