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Holy Rule for Oct. 6

+PAX Prayers for all Carthusians on the Feast of St. Bruno, their founder. May God fill them all with graces. Prayers for the eternal rest of Father Terence,
Br. Jerome Leo
Oct 5

Holy Rule for Oct. 5

+PAX Prayers for the Synod on the Family, meeting in Rome, for the Holy Spirit to fill and guide the Synod with His wisdom and truth. Prayers for Tim Markey,
Br. Jerome Leo
Oct 4

Holy Rule for Oct. 4

+PAX Prayers for all Franciscans, on this feast of St. Francis, and for all who bear St. Francis' name, on their patronal feast. Prayers for the eternal rest
Br. Jerome Leo
Oct 3

Holy Rule for Oct. 3

+PAX Prayers, please, for Donna Marie, who is ill. Continued prayers for all those shot,wounded, terrified, and murdered in the Roseburg, Oregon shooting. God
Br. Jerome Leo
Oct 2


+PAX Prayers for all members of the American Cassinese Congregation OSB, on the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels, their patronal feast. May God protect them
Br. Jerome Leo
Oct 1

Holy Rule for Oct. 2

+PAX Prayers for the eternal rest of Monsignor Murray Clayton, of Shreveport, Louisiana, and for all his family and parishioners and all all who mourn him.
Br. Jerome Leo
Oct 1

Holy Rule for Oct. 1

+PAX Thanks to all who sent feastday Masses, Communions, prayers and greetings to me. I am not sure I got all of them acknowledged, so please accept this as my
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 30

Possible error in Holy Rule for Sept. 30

+PAX I wrote: The real meaning here is found in the statement that Christ came not to do His own will, but the will of His Father. His will is one with the
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 29

Holy Rule for Sept. 30

+PAX Kathleen, Sr. Lany Jo's stepmother for whom we have been praying, died peacefully early on the morning of the feast of St. Michael and all the Archangels.
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 29

Holy Rule for Sept. 29

+PAX Prayers for Michael LoPiccolo and Michael Sheridan (it is also his birthday today!) Brs. Michael and Gabriel of Pluscarden and all our Michaels, Raphaels
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 28

Holy Rule for Sept. 28

+PAX Prayers for our Sr. Mary Clare, in the hospital for a number of issues that the doctors are treating. Prayesr that she will soon be back on her feet.
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 27

Special prayers

+PAX Prayers for the happy death of my dear Sr. Lany Jo's stepmother, who is very close to death from cancer. Prayers, too, for Sr. Lany Jo, all her family and
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 26

Holy Rule for Sept. 27

+PAX Prayers for our Br. Vincent, on his feastday, graces galore and many more, ad multos annos. Prayers, too, for Fr. Vincent M. and for the eternal rest of
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 26

Holy Rule for Sept. 26

+PAX Prayers of thanks for the gift of Pope Francis, his capacity for compassion and courage, and his hard work in crafting and delivering a message of
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 25

Holy Rule for Sept. 25

+PAX At least 717 were killed and 863 injured in a stampede during a pilgrimage in Mecca on Thursday. Prayers for the eternal rest of the dead, for the
Br. Jerome Leo
Sep 24
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