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Monastic Experience Weekend

+PAX On the weekend of May 29-31, St. Mary's Monastery is hosting a Monastic Experience Weekend for those considering a monastic vocation. Details at this
Br. Jerome Leo
3:40 PM

Holy Rule for Apr. 28

+PAX Prayers, please, for the eternal rest of the 2,200 killed in the Nepal earthquake, and for all their families and all who mourn them, prayers, too, for
Br. Jerome Leo
3:26 PM

Holy Rule for Apr. 27

+PAX Prayers, please, for Nancy and Maria on their birthdays, graces for Nancy and eternal rest for Maria. Prayers for the eternal rest of Sharon, who took her
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 26

Holy Rule for Apr. 26

+PAX Prayers, please, for a speedy resolution for a 16 year old run-away girl and family counseling. Been 2 days, very critical time. Please pray for the
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 25

Holy Rule for Apr. 25

+PAX For Pluscarden Abbey's Fr. Mark on his feastday, graces galore and many more. And for all our Marks, happy feastday, ad multos annos! Prayers for the
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 24

Holy Rule for Apr. 24

+PAX Prayers, please, for the following: Gabrielle, away from the Church for 60 years and badly needing the Sacraments, hospitalized with dementia and
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 23

Holy Rule for Apr. 23

+PAX Prayers for the eternal rest of Sister Stefani, 86, a Missionary Sister of the Precious Blood in Africa found murdered and possibly raped, and for all her
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 22

Holy Rule for Apr. 22

+PAX Prayers for the eternal rest of Mrs. Martinez, for whom we prayed yesterday, and for her family, especially Beth, and all who mourn her. Prayers for Bob's
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 21

Holy Rule for Apr. 21

+PAX Prayers for our Abbot Anselm, on his feastday, graces galore and many more. Ad multos annos! Prayers, too, for the Abbeys in the US who bear his name and
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 20

Holy Rule for Apr. 20

+PAX Prayers for Marisol, her husband and their three daughters. They are married in the Church, but he wants a divorce. Praying to the Immaculate Heart of
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 19

Holy Rule for Apr. 19

+PAX Prayers for Godwin, that his wife stops the separation process and that their marrriage be saved and he gets to see more of his children, that they become
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 18

Holy Rule for Apr. 18

+PAX Prayers, please, for the eternal rest of Francis Cardinal George, OMI, of Chicago, 78, who died of cancer on Friday, and for all his family and all who
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 17

Holy Rule for Apr. 17

+PAX Please pray for Jolane, Lisa's mother-in-law, who is shutting down as a result of a stroke she had three years ago, and for her happy death, should God
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 16

Holy Rule for Apr. 16

+PAX Willie asks rayers for a Filipino family in financial need whose mother is on a ventilator. Prayers for Pam, now being treated (far from home) for a
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 15

Holy Rule for Apr. 15

+PAX Prayers, please, for Darcy, suffering from MS. Prayers for all police and mental health teams working to prevent suicides. Prayers for Mary's grandson,
Br. Jerome Leo
Apr 14
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