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4343Holy Rule for Oct. 9

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  • Br. Jerome Leo
    Oct 8, 2013
      Prayers, please, for the eternal rest of the following;
      Krystal, a reader of these pages, who died of cancer, and for all her family and all who mourn her, esp. her  friend, Connie.
      Gordon, who died of cancer, and for Jan and all his family and all who mourn him.
      Please pray for Alex, a young man who is trying to discern his vocation and needs a place to live for a year while making the transition from his current place of residence.
      Prayers please for Chastity Rose, who has been in a coma since suffering an Epileptic Seizure in late August of this year. Please also pray for her family and friends as well as for her caregivers.
      Lord, help us all as You know and will. God's will is best. All is mercy and
      grace. God is never absent, praise Him! Thanks so much. JL

      February 8, June 9, October 9
      Chapter 7: On Humility

      The eleventh degree of humility
      is that when a monk speaks
      he do so gently and without laughter,
      humbly and seriously,
      in few and sensible words,
      and that he be not noisy in his speech.
      It is written,
      "A wise man is known by the fewness of his words"(Sextus,
      Enchidirion, 134 or 145).


      OK, writing as one who is 40% deaf, let me try to throw some light on
      what this step is NOT. Remember that Benedictines espouse balance and
      that balance should avoid both extremes.

      I have always been hard of hearing, so I have long noted a tendency
      by some to interpret "not noisy" as barely audible. I hardly think
      that's the case. Even talking on the phone to other OSB houses I
      sometimes pick this up: the whispered inflections that one commonly
      only hears in funeral parlors. Just as we should not
      roar or yell when it is uncalled for, neither should we tiptoe about
      whispering when there is no need.

      So, for the last of my soapbox today, we don't yell, but we don't
      whisper, either, unless such adjusted speech is truly necessary.
      (Who, after all, would whisper "Fire," or "Shark,"?) We seek the
      Golden Mean of carefully weighed speech that others can hear.

      Love and prayers,
      Jerome, OSB
      Petersham, MA

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