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  • Holy Moses
      HOLY MOSES: 28 years and louder than ever! In honour of HOLY MOSES, the loudest, wildest female fronted thrash-metal band in the world, we, the HOLY MOSES
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2008
      HOLY MOSES : 28 years and loude r than ever!

      In honou r of HOLY MOSES , the loude st, wilde st femal e front ed thras h- metal band in the world , we, the HOLY MOSES Blood bound Fan Club, would like to make this conte st:

      Each show in the Bened ictio n / Holy Moses / Nomin on tour 2 fans will have free admis sion (in the guest list) to the show, a Meet and Greet with the band and a littl e Fan packa ge with autop graph ed card and stick er.

      What do you have to do?

      Do you have a pictu re of yours elf in the Himal aya or any other unusu al place weari ng a Holy Moses T- shirt ? Do you have good snaps hots of Sabin a and the guys in a conce rt? Do you have a Holy Moses logo / image / cover tatto ed on your body? Then. ...

      Send us your best photo s, eithe r with the band and yours elf toget her, with a shirt or a snaps hot from HOLY MOSES at a conce rt / autog raph sessi on, or of your Holy Moses tatto o at this email addre ss:

      Alexa ndra. lahai je@ gmail .com

      You have the chanc e to win this Fan gift !!!! You have one week !!!

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