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42Sabina Classen´s tour diary from the Obituary / HOLY MOSES / Avatar tour

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  • Holy Moses
    Jan 16, 2008
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      Hello metalheads !!!
      Here are some of the experiences that we had in the first dates of the Obituary / HOLY MOSES / Avatar tour:
      02nd, January 2008 the tour starts….
      We are starting in Hamburg, all our neighbours are around the huge bus, and are saying goodbye, really nice. We are driving to Hannover to pick up our stuff and backline for the tour and the bus starts to drive to Zwolle / the Netherlands for the first show on tour…
      03rd, January 2008 – Zwolle, The Netherlands
      The tour starts with a sold out show in Zwolle and we are meeting the guys of Obituary for the first time. It's such a real nice tourpackage and the show at the Hedon was a real great show. We are meeting a lot of friends from Holland and the make us feeling really great.
      04th, January 2008 – Tillburg, The Netherlands - 013 - Tilburg, Holland
      Last night we had an unbelievable show in Zwolle! Thanks to the friends at Hedon and to all of you that came out and supported us. The show was sold out show, and the club set a new beer sales record! Thats a great way to start the tour . And Tonight's show is at 013 and this is a real great huge venue! The special thing – Holger & Janine from the fanclub in Germany drove the whole night and where waiting already at the venue for us and also Alexandra & John from the Benelux Fanclub joined us real early. It was a wonderful show, but at the soundcheck I got some of the lightstuff on my head and my head was beaming like a flame during headbanging the whole show.
      05th, January 2008 – Osnabrück, Germany
      Yesterday in Tillburg is was so great to see all our friends and fans and it was such a real great show. I always feel so much home when I am back in Holland. After surviving the crash on my head, we are today in Osnabrück, Germany. Holger & Janine followed our nightliner. The first german show tonight, and my head was still burning on stage. During the show I thought, I maybe can't do it anymore, but all your great reactions and a huge moshpit helped me to get all adrenaline into my vains to do the show. Afterwords I needed a lot of ice on my head.

      06th, January 2008, Hamburg, Germany
      Osnabrück,thank you all for the great night and t a killer show! You helped me all so much. Holger & Janine had to leave back home and tonight we are back in Hamburg at the Markthalle. A lot of friends are showing up and we could do a great show. Afterwords we went to the Headbanger's Ballroom and we did a huge party. Really sadly – but I got a bad cold and on the next day, 07th, January I had to be in my bed, with fever. So it was great to have a day off. Thanks so much for all your support in hamburg, and the very great reactions on our show. We really loved to be back in hamburg.
      08th, January 2008, Warschau, Poland & 09th, January 2008, Krakau, Poland
      We have been now in Poland. Poland are real awesome and our Polish fans are totally crazy. Since I am still very ill I loved it so much. My nose is running on stage, but we could do such a nice show. Also the metal glory guys from germany meet us at the show. I could not be online the last days, but back online, I could see all the nice photo shoots you did from our shows in Poland. Thanks to you all, for supporting us with such killer moshpit in Poland.
      10th, January 2008, Orpheum Graz, Austria
      Tonight we are at the Orpheum in Graz, Austria. The club is very nice and looks like a old theatre. The girl in the backstage, doing the catering, starts to drink her first beer realy early in the morning, because this bottle of bear are not fitting anymore in our fridge…hahahahaha….greatings to father & son – coming to our show, this is a great education – also the aftershow party was great, like my guys told to me….I could not join, because I am still a bit ill and I have to take care for my voice. But so I was sitting with Donald in the bus and we had a nice aftershow red wine.
      11th, January 2008, Planet Music, Vienna, Austria. We have a second Austrian show tonight at Planet Music in Vienna. I remember a great show back in 2004 at the Planet Music and so it was great to meet all the crew and security in Vienna back. I also went in the afternoon to the museum of Sigmund Freud, so I did something special also on that day. The show was again really crazy and we loved it so much. It was real awesome and we really appreciate all of you coming out and supporting us! We had such a lof of fun to be back in Austria.
      12th, Januar 2008, Boogaloo, Zagreb, CroatiaTonights show is at The Boogaloo in Zagreb, Croatia!
      This is our second time in this country. First time we meet you all on the 2002 tour and we are really looking forward again to tonights show. After the show we have a long drive tonight to Italy, but then we do have a day off that I am looking forward too! Also our second time in Croatia was so great. I hope we can come back very soon. We had a great time with some really awesome fans that made it an incredible show for us. Thanks so much to all of you. It was amazing to meet so many fans also from Austria, Serbia and Bosnia in Zagreb. Thanks also for all the beers you gave to me.
      13th, January, 2008, Day Off, Novotel Florence
      We jumped all out of the bus and checked in into the nice hotel in florence and I took a real long time into the bathup. What a feeling….I was sleeping the whole day and relaxed totally.
      14th, January 2008, Viper Club, Florence, Italy
      After the day off yesterday we are getting ready for our first of 2 club shows in Italy. We did festivals like Badia Rocks in Italy but in all our years, I was really waiting for the first shows in clubs. Tonight in Florence and tomorrow in Milan...I hope to see our Italian fans and thanks for all the nice emails before, that you are waiting for us such a long time. And what should I say, it was awesome with you all. Because of you we could do a really crazy killer show and thanks for all the great food and your red wine in Italy.
      15th, January 2008, Alcatraz, Milano, Italy
      After the really great show last night in Florence, Italy we made our way to Milano for our show tonight at Alcatraz. Thanks to all of you for coming out and supporting us tonight at the the great venue at Alcatraz. You helped us again to make such a great show in such an amazing venue. We will come back very soon to Italy, and we will not wait again another 27 years to join you
      16th, January 2008, CCO, Lyon, France
      It was such a great night in Milano yesterday. Alcatraz was a really nice venue and made for a great show! Thank you to all for your great support again. We did a long way now to drive to France and we are now in Lyon, France at CCO. It's only one year ago – november 2006, we played here the same venue. So it should be another great night! We hope to see you all again….


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