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  • Holy Moses
    Jan 6, 2008

      January 4:
      Day 2 of the succesful Obituary, HOLY MOSES, Avatar Tour and we, the
      Fan Club BeNeLux, finally were able to attend to the organization. In the end I
      must say: It was a super Event! Everything was really well organized and
      really well supplied, the sound was 90 Percent perfect and the mood
      was also super good, for us on the stage! Thanks to Sabina and Michael we did
      not had to wait in the icy cold of the entrance! Why? Because this
      "nice lady" in the Ticketsale office didn´t want to let us in! But the good
      Tourmanager had mercy on us, gave us our passes and we could take
      care in peace of the new Tour T-shirts and select and buy a "small" selection of 7 kinds
      - Including Babyshirts - Luckily we could keep all the things packed in cardboard.
      Patiently we waited with Holger, Janine, Kyra and the rest to the beginning
      of the show. That almost took place without our Queen!
      Yes, right! During the trial someone throw a portion of the stage down and accurately.. Chop,
      Sabina got this on her head and went to the ground. An hour she needed to go back
      on its feet!! But she is natural born fighter and she was then very
      professional and full of enthusiasm on the stage, and gave before and
      after, as usual, the interviews.
      Then, finally, at 20.55 pm, the
      starting gun for Holy Moses concert. The mood was huge, fantastic! As
      usually Sabina and Co rocked , making the air burn! The hall was up to the
      top filled to the brink, everyone gave their best, moshed and trembled.
      To stay into scheduled time and play Too Drunk to Fuck to close the
      show the band had to fetch Summer Kills from the program. They did not wanted
      to disappoint the enthusiastic fans who were waiting "their" turn
      to storm the stage. Sabina and the band were also plenty
      rewarded, not just the fan club Germany and the Netherlands stood on
      the stage, but also there were many fans calling and following Sabinah
      through the stage. It was a wonderful show to the end. The end
      also lasted a few minutes longer, as the guitars in the song Nothing
      for my mum as a ghost accelerated and the song was a few beats faster
      . That made an excellent concert but no demolition, on the
      contrary, the audience listened to from beginning to end and they gave an
      incredibly positive and enthusiastic response: Holy Moses, Holy Moses
      cries! Yes, we can say that the 4 were happy and satisfied in the
      stage and also in their backstage room , where we also had a little party
      and even celebrated with a visiting from a friend from America: Carlos!
      He is a member of Agent Steele! While we were happily
      celebrating, more and more fans came who still wanted autographs, photos,
      signatures by HOLY MOSES! Wow, that is, for my part, I
      can only say: Thank you, Sabina. Thank you, Michael. Thanks Atomic
      Steiff. Olli Thank you! You did a magnificent show, and you were
      perfect hosts, wonderful friends. And in the car you hear me
      say: It was a hammer event!

      A. Lahaije

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