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Re: [minciu_sodas_en] Response to Lucas: Growing These Connections!

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  • Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz
    Janet Glad you re in touch with them and yes, please keep us updated! You mention a few things: - About your learning to use the wiki - whenever it fits. It
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 29, 2006

      Glad you're in touch with them and yes, please keep us updated! You
      mention a few things:

      - About your learning to use the wiki - whenever it fits. It may have
      been the best thing that you didn't learn to use before, as now this
      wiki (prowiki) will be a bit different for the user. Maybe not too
      different, but certainly a bit different, so it may be better to do your
      training later. Soon there will be another "J" month.

      - Synchronicities may not be all that "rare". People at fluwikie2.com
      (where the forum is now) have a few threads about food security, home
      gardens and such. My guess is the same may be happening with peakoil
      motivated people, and other groups too. Some people may have
      educational motivation. A number are probably joining in for fun! It
      looks like being aware of such synchronicities and connecting them to
      each other may play a role in world developement. And yes, I too intend
      to grow my own tiny window-garden.

      - It will be good to know about what the limits of the patented bucket
      (well, it's more than just a bucket) are. Linking to their pages is
      something we can do in any case. Having an anyone-can-copy-this, DIY
      "bucket" is a different thing and I'd love to see that if at all
      possible. That way we'd be able to more easily organise around
      learners, connecters and developers. Their site seems to be pretty much
      "in the works" which is great, so again it will be good to know about
      their developement.

      - To be honest, I don't specifically know what I mean by "reaching out"
      as it's an open-ended intention. I think one good thing would be that
      such a project ("learn by doing and connecting, then eat it") might be
      "piped" into many groups such as those mentioned above. In Nairobi's
      Kibera it might be a for-(social)-profit thing, in New York City it
      might be a flu-preppers' thing, in many places it would be a school
      thing. Having them all together sort of makes sense. A
      globalvillages-onevillage initiative, one "bucket" at a time.

      I'll want to learn more about the "connections" part of the game: how
      people sign-up, buy or make their bucket-thing, get seeds and whatever
      else is needed, start growing things, ask and learn, harvest and cook.
      Actually, this is quite exciting and makes me think of schools growing
      something that's peculiar to their land or country, and flickr-ing
      (showing photos on the internet) it. Very small kids might start with
      just an empty glass (where the compost and seed will go) and a
      hand-drawn world-map.

      Something else to watch for.

      Thanks, Janet!


      Janet Feldman wrote:

      > Dear Lucas and All,
      > Hello and thanks for your enthusiasm (you and Andrius will get me to
      > use a wiki yet, haha!!...sorry for the broken promise...I should have
      > said I'd learn it in a "J" month, or not specified which January it
      > would be!).
      > I agree that this looks to be an exciting project, and I have started
      > discussions with them, so will keep everyone informed. In one of those
      > rare and delightful synchronicities, they have projects both in Kenya,
      > where I work, and Rhode Island USA, where I live!
      > If this is patented, do you mean that's a problem in terms of putting
      > it in a wiki or toolbox, or because of designing something similar, or
      > both? Hmm, am not sure how to respond to that now myself (especially
      > as I hope to work with them), but I think that a project with the same
      > goal but different design or configuration ("add-ons" or plug-ins) is
      > something to be considered by those interested.
      > And by reaching out to others, do you mean others doing something
      > similar (ie an Earthbox type of project) or innovative projects and
      > ideas in the fields of nutrition, food security et al?
      > I look forward to working on this type of learning and toolkit (in a
      > "co-operative" way!), and here's to growing our connections and
      > abilities together! All best wishes and nutritious networking, Janet
      > Janet,
      > Great link!
      > This could be dealt with under "cooperative learning" and under
      > "emergency agriculture".
      > The EarthBox is patented, which is not too good :-?
      > Maybe we could design a page at the wiki with a public domain
      > counter-part? Something small and basic. Something that can grow into
      > more. Maybe with some plug-in using waste etc.
      > Or just reach out to others who are doing this already?
      > Lucas
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