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"The Growing Connection" (focus on young people, food growing, and ICTs): More Info from FAO

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear All, Hello and please see this exciting follow-up by Min ( Wah --not Vah , a typo for which I apologize--Voon). I have responded myself for further
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2006
      Dear All,
      Hello and please see this exciting follow-up by Min ("Wah"--not "Vah", a typo for which I apologize--Voon). I have responded myself for further discussions, and also am sending this with more info about the project, to those forums I cc'd earlier. Please send along to others! With greatest thanks, and here's to a "growing connection"! Janet (Feldman, kaippg@...)
      Thanks Janet and hello to everyone,
      Essentially, The Growing Connection seeks to provide people in poor, isolated communities with Growth (in the form of sustainable, fresh food production arising from agricultural innovation) and Choice (in the form of ICTs and access to the information that is vital to food and cash crop producers, as well as access to other critical information).
      A unique element of the project is that we link young people in developing countries to communicate with their peers in the United States and together, hand in hand, they participate in the exact same food-growing activities, thanks to the EarthBox. The EarthBox is a containerized food-growing system that is low-cost, highly productive, highly water-efficient and extremely adaptable to a range of local conditions.  It provides fresh food �on-your-doorstep�. 
      The EarthBox, besides being highly effective, also provides a common platform for young people around the world to communicate and grow food together. We are most happy to hear from everyone interested in the project and are always open to opportunities for collaboration. Best of luck with the vital work you�re doing out there.
      Kind regards,
      Min Wah

      Young people in Latin America, Africa, and across the USA with their families, with teachers, gardeners, scientists and leading businesses, unite in The Growing Connection to grow fresh food, learn life sciences, nutrition and entrepreneurship, and lead the fight against hunger and malnutrition at home and around the world.
      Here are the facts:

      -What? The Growing Connection (TGC) is a unique example of international cooperation focusing on Growth and Choice, introducing low-cost, water efficient, innovative food-growing techniques hand-in-hand with wireless IT connectivity. TGC links young people in common hunger-fighting, educational and entrepreneurial activities.

      School and community gardens are our fertile ground; our active youth are agents of growth and change. Using IT connectivity, TGC links young food growers with their peers and with sources of information & advice on growing food. Communities in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and across the USA connect to each other to Grow Out of Hunger and Poverty.

      See: www.thegrowingconnection.org

      -Where? TGC now operates at school and community sites in Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, U.S. Virgin Islands and at over 40 sites in the USA. Expansion is pending in Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Grenada, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Senegal and Trinidad. In Chicago, TGC, endorsed by Mayor Daley, joins After School Matters in 2006.

      -Who? TGC was developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and is supported by a coalition of progressive private and public sector partners. The Growing Connection operates on the principle of transparent, tangible incentives for all participants � as individuals, institutions or businesses. Incentives guarantee engagement, action, enthusiasm and sustainability.

      -When? Horticultural trials, school and community installations and field training began in Ghana early in 2003, in the USA and Mexico in 2004 and in Nicaragua in 2006. Inter-active teacher training began early in 2005. The number of school and community sites in all locations continues to grow.

      -Why? Because hunger and abject poverty persist, and because children in the United States are evermore removed from the sources of and knowledge about growing fresh food. Malnutrition, whether in a world of want, or of plenty, is at the root of diverse problems. TGC offers solutions.

      -Who Wins? All of us linked to The Growing Connection, a network of committed individuals and communities united in practical, common and sustainable solutions to hunger, malnutrition and poverty. TGC is a revolutionary model of personal engagement, with a measurable impact and direct rewards.

      -How? Details on the project�s structure, operations and budget are available on request.

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