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what does the curate's egg of oxfam do these days

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  • christopher macrae
    It was interesting clicking to Leonard s oxfam newsletter link -do I understand correctly that this is an initiative led out of Ox-Australia?; some of the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2007
      It was interesting clicking to Leonard's oxfam newsletter link
      -do I understand correctly that this is an initiative led out of Ox-Australia?; some of the greatest grassroots support networks I have ever met were due to australian medics introducing me to them -eg http://collapsingworld.org ; partly  because so many spirited Australians choose to take a few years abroad at about 20
      -similarly some of the greatest NGO disastrous misopportuinities have accidentlally been coordinated out of Oxford; what Oxfam did in the tsunami was a nightmare case of boxing in what it specialised in from far longer and deeper local needs; what Oxfam did to make poverty history 2005 which I was an organisation's nominated delegate to was beyond disastrous imo. It wasted millions on ads that could have empowered, and is just a continuation of the nightmare of the BBC believing that red nose day is the best that a public sector can do to help change the world, when its about the educational least that any system changers could possibly imagine http://africanidol.tv http://universityofstars.tv
      so when I hear the word oxfam these days I assume I am dealing with a system that while well intended is half empowering and half the exact opposite;it is stuck between the worst of white man burden's global aid and fundraising images, and getting deeply into empowering each community up; it will never pioneer such unsticking; its a brand with huge negative equity as far as empowerment's future needs to transform http://worldclassbrands.tv
       any ways to map the empowering molecolues lurking within the dinsosaur?; incidemntally on the positve side I have long admired the work of the new zealand head of oxfam in his prior incarnation as a system revolutionary in London
      chris.macrae@... come debate wholly new ideas of Africa at facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2721260456 and note that we are 8 days and counting from the start of the most brilaing colaboration event London youth will ever help the worldwide know how to stage http://www.24weeks.com

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