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E -Learning Conference: Links in Kenya-Africa-Europe

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Maria, Sam, Tom, David, Andrius, Pam, and All (with Katharina and Beate cc d), This is an excellent idea, and how wonderful of the organizers to name it
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2007
      Dear Maria, Sam, Tom, David, Andrius, Pam, and All (with Katharina and Beate cc'd),
      This is an excellent idea, and how wonderful of the organizers to name it as they have, in a symbolic and inclusive way!  I am ccing Katharina Goetze and Beate Kleessen on this in part to thank them, and also to make them aware of the links between some of those who have been contacting them.
      Maria Agnese Giraudo, Tom Ochuka, Sam Kongere, David Mutua, Pam McLean, Asif Daya (of Trainerspod, who had been accepted for a presentation until he withdrew due to lack of travel funds) and myself are all linked to Minciu Sodas--founded by Andrius Kulikauskas--in addition to the work we are doing with our own nonprofits and with others.
      A number of eforums are linked to these efforts, and this is where I posted abt the conference (fyi for Beate), generating interest from Maria, Sam, Tom, and David, all of whom plan to attend the event. It will be great if Maria and the others can represent Minciu Sodas (www.ms.lt), and in addition if the Africans attending will represent their own orgs and interests at the grassroots.
      Hopefully next year we can have an even greater presence at the event--individually and collectively--and in more formal ways, and at that time I also hope for more of a presence on the part of KAIPPG and our e-learning partners in the GRASSUP NOW ICTS/ODL initiative, sponsored by The Commonwealth of Learning. I will check again to see if any member of our consortium, based in W Kenya, will be attending, and network everyone if I do.
      Thanks very much to everyone, and those of us not attending will be with you in "harambee" spirit!  Very best wishes and "e-ffections", Janet (Feldman, KAIPPG International, kaippg@..., www.kaippg.org)

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      From: Maria Agnese Giraudo
      Sent: May 8, 2007 5:12 AM
      To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com, samuel kongere
      Subject: [learningfromeachother] E -Learning conference in Nairobi - Harambee sessions on Printed Books

      Dear Andrius, Samwel and all,
      I received,  as all  participants at the E -Learning conference in Nairobi,  the invitation to organize an informal  small meeting. I Decided to propose  the issue: Printed Books: donations, internationl bookshops and distribution, print on demand.
      I presented myself  as a member of MIncius Sods Lab. Samwel please let us know which  "Harambee" you porpose!
      Maria Agnese
      Dear Ms Giraudo,

      In order to facilitate additional networking opportunities at eLearning
      Africa this year, we are making space available during the conference for
      participants to set up Networking Sessions of their own on a specific topic.
      We are calling these Networking Sessions "Harambees". Harambee is a Swahili
      term and the motto of Kenya. It means 'let's all pull together' and seems to
      be a good term for what we hope will be highly interactive, informal and
      informative sessions addressing some of the key interests and issues of
      concern to eLearning Africa participants.

      There are 5 spaces available for these discussions each day from 17.15 to

      So, if you have a specific topic or issue you would like to share with other
      participants, an idea for a common project for example, or you would like to
      set up a discussion about a specific topic, then we invite you to tell us
      about the topic you are proposing for one of these Harambee sessions and
      provide us with a short, four-line description. We also need to know that
      you are willing to act as the 'host' for this networking session to meet and
      to introduce the participants to each other and to manage the discussion
      that will take place.

      We expect there to be more ideas proposed than we have available space and
      so preference will be given to people making suggestions to discuss those
      topics of most generic interest and which are broadly in line with eLearning
      Africa themes.

      Please send us your suggestions until Monday, May 21 via this link:

      We will hang up notices on the conference message boards on Monday, May 28
      indicating which topics have been selected and where and when each Harambee
      will take place.

      We are looking forward to meeting you in Nairobi.

      Best wishes,

      Katharina Götze

      Katharina Götze
      ICWE GmbH
      Leibnizstrasse 32
      10625 Berlin
      Tel: +49 30 327 61 40
      Fax: +49 30 324 98 33
      mailto: katharina.goetze@...

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