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      Thanks for sharing this invaluable resource.




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      Subject: [holistichelping] DB Click: NRM, Biodiversity, Environment May 2007




      DB Click: NRM, Biodiversity, Environment
      May 2007

      For people seeking to address the environment and development issues and opportunities.

      DB CLICK: NRM, Biodiversity, Environment updates you on recent natural resource
      management, biodiversity, environment and development initiatives including programme
      activities, awards, evaluation and research results, networks, books, other materials,
      planning ideas, change theories and other information recently placed on The Communication
      Initiative website.

      DB CLICK: NRM, Biodiversity, Environment complements The Drum Beat through a specific
      focus on natural resource management, biodiversity, the environment and development.
      It will be published bimonthly (every second month).


      See also the NRM, Biodiversity, Environment Window - organises all the material
      relevant to the environmental issues through one home page - please 'bookmark'
      http://www.comminit .com/environment /


      1. Waves in the Forest: Radio Communication and Forest Livelihoods
      From the abstract: "This thesis examines the relationship between participatory
      communications and the livelihoods of forest populations. ..[in] the Gurupa ( Para
      State, Brazilian Amazonia), and its experience with radio communication. The approach
      to the thesis brings together communication for development literature and livelihoods
      thinking for the first time, in order to explore the effect of information and communication
      in forest environments. .."
      http://www.comminit .com/strategicth inking/st2007/ thinking- 2081.html

      2. Coping with Climate Change
      'Coping with Climate Change' is the theme of this edition of Information
      and Communication Technology (ICT)'s 'Update', a bimonthly publication
      focusing on the use of information and communication technologies in agriculture
      in developing countries. According to this issue, because of predictions that developing
      countries will suffer far more from the impacts of global warming than Europe and
      North America , non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and researchers are engaged
      in practical strategies of mitigating and adapting in local communities. ..
      http://www.comminit .com/materials/ ma2007/materials -3274.html

      3. Evaluating Science Communication Projects
      This article provides straightforward, practical advice on evaluating science communication
      projects that are often part of a wider campaign to engage people in science. Drawing
      on a variety of communication strategies, these projects may include public talks,
      debates, exhibitions, publications, science theatre, television documentaries, and
      citizen-centred initiatives like consensus conferences. The goals of such projects
      may include encouraging young people to consider science careers, supporting dialogue
      and informed decision-making about science and society issues, promoting public
      acceptance of new technologies, changing attitudes or behaviour, or simply fostering
      a science "culture"...
      http://www.comminit .com/evaluations /eval2007/ evaluations- 408.html

      4. Bridging Disciplines: The Natural Resource Management Kaleidoscope for Understanding
      In this paper, the author suggests that epistemological lessons gleaned from the
      field of natural resource management (NRM) may be useful in understanding the potential
      that ICTs may hold to enhance the development of rural, remote regions around the
      world. Rammrez is motivated by the belief that the role and impact of the new technology
      is "so vast that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to appreciate it";
      in this article, he outlines such an approach...
      http://www.comminit .com/strategicth inking/st2007/ thinking- 2158.html

      5. Farmers' Views on the Future of Food and Small Scale Producers
      This summary reports the outcomes of an electronic conference designed to facilitate
      discussion among 227 small-scale food producers - women and men who produce and
      harvest field and tree crops as well as livestock, fish and other aquatic organisms
      (including communities, small farmers, and landless people) - from over 30 developed
      and developing countries. Used as a participatory research tool to gather information
      for policy makers from small-scale producers, the e-conference, titled the 'Future
      of Food and Small Scale Producers,' was held in a series in 2005 and run in
      English, French, and Spanish...
      http://www.comminit .com/materials/ ma2007/materials -3229.html

      6. Ensuring a Food Secure Future: Ingredients for Change
      This media toolkit of 6 pages attempts to answer the question: What can journalists
      do to ensure that hunger is a prominent issue in the media? According to the authors,
      600 million people will regularly go hungry, unless there are changes in food security
      policies. The document explains that, not only weather conditions, but also conditions
      set by international financial institutions, socio-economic inequalities, corruption,
      agricultural trade, and HIV/AIDS, can all contribute to a decline in food security,
      which can in turn lead to famine...
      http://www.comminit .com/strategicth inking/st2007/ thinking- 2113.html

      7. GIS/ Mapping: Case Studies
      This booklet explores the use of digital mapping tools in the Participatory Geographic
      Information System (GIS) movement. According to the author, mapping tools are growing
      in popularity and increasing in complexity. Many people begin with free tools available
      as internet services. For more detailed maps, GIS software, ArcView, and a family
      of related tools provide both intricate mapping and linking functions for statistical
      data. The utility of mapping in emergency situations has spawned the GISCorps, a
      group of trained volunteers who can be deployed to assist in disaster situations,
      as happened in Tsunami-ravaged India and post-Katrina New Orleans ...
      http://www.comminit .com/materials/ ma2007/materials -3217.html

      8. Xeko - United States
      Launched on Earth Day (April 22) 2006, Xeko is a trading card game designed to teach
      children (and adults) about ecology and endangered species. Xeko encourages players
      (ages 8 and up) to collect and trade cards featuring rare and endangered animals
      in an effort to entertain while introducing participants to the principles of biodiversity.
      Xeko aims to foster eco-consciousness among children by connecting them with nature
      and adventure through an engaging learning process...
      http://www.comminit .com/experiences /pds2007/ experiences- 4211.html


      PULSE Poll
      http://www.comminit .com/pulse. html

      Do you agree or disagree?

      All health interventions should have a proven primary nutritional/ food component.

      [For context, please see http://www.comminit .com/drum_ beat_388. html]

      VOTE and Comment - http://www.comminit .com/pulse. html


      9. Building a Better Future Together: An Advocacy Booklet for the Environmental
      Justice Network Forum
      This advocacy booklet has been developed to assist the Environmental Justice Network
      Forum (EJNF)'s national and provincial structures, task teams, and participation
      organisations (POs). Intended to serve as a guide for effective campaigning, the
      resource introduces the principles of effective advocacy work and suggests strategies
      for bringing about policy and practice changes through deliberate civil society
      action. The booklet covers issues such as what advocacy is, why advocate, who should
      advocate, whom one should advocate to, and offers detailed steps on how to advocate...
      http://www.comminit .com/materials/ ma2007/materials -3230.html

      10. Communicating Disasters: Building on the Tsunami Experience and Responding to
      Future Challenges
      This report summarises discussion from a "regional brainstorming meeting"
      on approaches to managing information before, during, and after disasters. According
      to the report, those managing disaster relief and those reporting on and researching
      disasters such as the Tsunami can be subject to stressful communication arising
      from a failure to appreciate the differences in their respective needs and priorities.. .
      http://www.comminit .com/strategicth inking/st2007/ thinking- 2169.html

      11. Clean Up the World - Global
      This is a community-based programme that is designed to inspire and empower individuals
      and communities around the world to clean up, fix up, and conserve their environment.
      The initiative mobilises over 35 million volunteers from more than 100 countries
      annually in a campaign that brings together businesses, community groups, schools,
      governments, and individuals in a range of activities to enhance and conserve their
      local environments - thereby helping to "clean up the world"...
      http://www.comminit .com/experiences /pds2007/ experiences- 4151.html

      12. e-Agriculture: Information Over Technology
      A recent global online survey, conducted as a follow-up to the World Summit on the
      Information Society (WSIS), indicates that improving information and communication
      processes should be the top priority in furthering global discussions and related
      actions in e-Agriculture. The survey identified ways to enhance sustainable agricultural
      development and food security by improving the use of ICTs in the sector...
      http://www.comminit .com/baseline/ baseline2007/ baseline- 546.html

      13. International ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management 2008
      This award supports the planning, implementation, and evaluation of water-related
      projects with the aim of promoting awareness and encouraging the efficient use of
      this precious resource. The award is worth US$150,000 in total and is granted to
      one or several projects selected by an international jury. Deadline: May 31 2007...
      http://www.comminit .com/awards2007/ awards2007/ awards-1613. html

      14. The GM Debate - Who Decides?
      An Analysis of Decision-making About Genetically Modified Crops in Developing Countries
      This document describes the place of genetically modified (GM) crops in agriculture;
      the controversies surrounding GM crop production; law and regulation of GM issues;
      a sampling of debate, decisions, and media coverage in 5 countries; and how governments
      make decisions, along with who has access to decision-makers. Initially, the document
      describes the spread of GM technology in agriculture starting in the 1990s. With
      4 crops, all commercially sold on a mass scale, occupying 99% of GM plantings, the
      majority are not grown for human consumption. By contrast, most GM research in developing
      countries focuses on food for human consumption and traits such as insect and virus
      resistance that would be as useful on small-scale farms as on large-scale ones...
      http://www.comminit .com/strategicth inking/st2007/ thinking- 2143.html

      15. Saving the Planet - Asia-Pacific Region
      This Asian multi-year, multi-media initiative uses television to promote innovative
      projects in the area of education for sustainable development (ESD) and to support
      public education about this topic. Collaborators of the TV series, termed "Saving
      the Planet", hope to raise public awareness about ESD, as well as to build
      the communications and media capacity of selected organisations engaged in ESD in
      the Asia-Pacific region...
      http://www.comminit .com/experiences /pds2007/ experiences- 4174.html

      16. SCALE: A Tool for Transformational Development
      Agriculture Partnerships for Productivity
      This article addresses increasing the scale of agriculture networks to produce large-scale
      sustainable impact. It summaries the 5-step management process called: System-wide
      Collaborative Action for Livelihoods and the Environment (SCALE), which is designed
      to develop and support stakeholder networks across agricultural and market sectors.
      The article then describes SCALE implementation through 2 field demonstration projects,
      one focused on increasing the value of medicinal and aromatic plants in Morocco
      and the other on enriching feeds for the stock of small-holder dairies in Kenya ...
      http://www.comminit .com/strategicth inking/st2007/ thinking- 2128.html



      Please look for your summary information on The Communication Initiative site and
      send us any updates or corrections at any time!  Contact Deborah Heimann dheimann@comminit. com



      Please use the NRM, Biodiversity, Environment Window - organises all the material
      relevant to the environmental issues through one home page - please 'bookmark'
      http://www.comminit .com/environment /


      Access all information on the issues you choose through a 'window' on The

      ICT4D - http://www.comminit .com/ict4d/
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