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European Youth for Action: Art and Activism Caravan Makes Its Way through Greece-Balkans-Hungary

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  • Janet Feldman
    European Youth For Action (EYFA): Art and Activism Caravan EYFA is a youth activist network. With the Art and Activism campaign, they aim to make activism
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2006

      European Youth For Action (EYFA): Art and Activism Caravan

      EYFA is a youth activist network. With the Art and Activism campaign, they aim to make activism creative and art active, and support the fight for environmental and social change, engaging society and the spreading skills, ideas, and resources. The Art and Activism (AA) Caravan is promoting use of art as an instrument for social change. It kicks off in Greece. It will travel through the former Yugaslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Hungary. It will end in Slovakia, at the Ecotopia gathering.

      The AA Caravan consists of artists from different parts of Europe, involved in different fields of activist art. They will give workshops in video making, rhythms of resistance, costume making, rebel clowning & street theater, drawing & painting. The workshops are one to four days long, working toward a public creative activism outcome in the end of the week.

      They are inviting young people, social & environmental activists, art students and anybody interested in spending creative and active time together. Together, we want to brainstorm about ways to put art and activism into practice, using themes suggested by participants. Join the workshops or contact the organizers if you want to set up a workshop.

      Where is the caravan going?

      • Athens, Greece: June 4-8
      • Bitola, FYROM: June 11-16
      • Tirana, Albania: June 18-23
      • Plav, Montenegro: June 26-30
      • Belgrade, Serbia: July 2-6
      • Novi Sad, Serbia: July 11-14
      • Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina: July 16-20
      • Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina: July 23-27
      • Kapolcs, Hungary: July 30 - August 4
      • Zajeska, Slovakia (Ecotopia!): August 6-20

      ActiVist ArT

      • takes art from the galleries, museums and theatres into public space, interacting with spectators in the streets,
      • motivates spectators to question and challenge the status quo,
      • supports the idea, that everybody is the artist,
      • opens up public space, making art open, understandable and accessible for everyone,
      • celebrates and promotes creativity and idealism, raising attention for social and environmental issues in creative ways, formulating critiques and discovering alternatives,
      • is not made for commercial or purely esthetical purposes,
      • is a communication tool taking many forms, films, installations, sculpturing, painting, wall murals, street theatre, poetry, drawings, photography,
      • is not just an art piece but a continuous process beginning with its creation and living on through the reactions it provokes,
      • is a way to integrate, involve and inspire people!

      Further information: www.eyfa.org
      Contact: coen@..., belit@...




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