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Re: [holistichelping] Ateacher with Avision

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  • tom ochuka
    Dear Andrius and Ms Lab TEAM, Isaac Adede is ateacher who learnt the sighuage and is now farming he and the group are ..doing the sunflower ,this crop is
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 30, 2007
      Dear Andrius and Ms Lab TEAM,
      Isaac Adede is ateacher who learnt the sighuage and
      is now farming he and the group are ..doing the
      sunflower ,this crop is introduce in Ngere Ahero to
      help the community who are lowincome earners recently
      the brought apressing machine that will be preesing
      the oil.
      With this production the community arround will
      benefit they also provide seedsto thosewho register
      with the group.
      68 AHERO,

      2 Mirriam 19yrs old is ayouth from Angoro village born
      deaf she lost both parents..to aroad accident.she
      visit homes to ask for seeds to plant in her family
      She is producing cow pease and take to anearby awasi
      Her customersare mostly nuses who eork in Adispensary
      in Ahero.
      She has aplan to start apoultry farm to help her do
      tailorig couse and buy atailoring machine for
      she can be contacted through
      BOX 3100 KISUMU.


      --- Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:

      > Hello Dear Pam, Tom, Maria, and All,
      > How courageous you are to share this story, Pam (I
      > think it's important to give you perspective about
      > being a "coward", which you seem to be saying abt
      > your actions or "non-actions" in this case). Your
      > reaction perhaps carries with it a bit of the
      > "foreigner", ie people who live regularly with the
      > situation may not react the same way, but that's not
      > necessarily a good thing...it means they have closed
      > themselves off to empathy for this person, though
      > they may be behaving as they have been taught to
      > view him, and others with disabilities.
      > At the same time your reaction and thoughts/feelings
      > reveal that the "outsider" is also the person who is
      > deaf. What you have shared is personal, but it can
      > also be universalized to include and encapsulate the
      > "whole" of this situation: the stigma, people's
      > reactions, need for change, need for empathy but
      > also skills-building and support for people with
      > disabilities (financially and in many other ways).
      > While it's true that "money isn't everything", in
      > this case it does mean a great deal, especially
      > because people with disabilities often have less
      > access to income-generation opportunities. Equally
      > important would be educational materials, training
      > programs, ICTs, projects in the arts and media which
      > could communicate to people (by deaf people and to
      > them).
      > I think it would be fantastic and invaluable if Tom
      > and those you know who themselves have disabilities
      > (or "different abilities"), or who work with those
      > who do would link up somehow, and we as a whole
      > partner with them as well. At MS-related groups we
      > have a wealth of resources to offer, perhaps in
      > addition to small grants here and there, and this
      > could go some ways towards helping us ALL to "get
      > up, stand up", as a popular song of protest--which
      > also serves as a rallying cry--puts it.
      > Let's consider ways that this might happen, despite
      > the current lack of technology--which we might help
      > to remedy in small ways ourselves--and to think of
      > each of us as an "information channel" who
      > occasionally experiences "bottlenecks" in our
      > individual and collective capacity to easily
      > connect. T
      > This makes it (and us) seem less a "problem", and
      > more on the order of a "challenge", one which will
      > allow our own inner resources (creativity among
      > them) to come to the fore. You have had
      > considerable experience and success in that regard,
      > and therefore will contribute vitally to whatever
      > happens.
      > With greatest thanks for sharing, Pam, which has
      > provided an open window on an often-hidden world,
      > and to everyone here, for your "stand-up" spirit!!
      > Janet
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      > >From: Pamela McLean <pam@...>
      > >Sent: Apr 27, 2007 9:03 AM
      > >To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com,
      > learningfromeachother
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      > >Subject: [holistichelping] Tom's concern with
      > deafness
      > >
      > >"Tom's concern with deafness." - was Re:
      > [holistichelping] Africa
      > >Webinar, Our Resources and Our Endeavors
      > >
      > >Please be aware that I have two contacts in Nigeria
      > with similar concerns.
      > >
      > >One runs a "school for the handicapped" in Okeho.
      > He has pupils with
      > >various disabilities, but his personal special
      > interest is with pupils
      > >who are deaf.
      > >
      > >The other is a primary school teacher in Sake. He
      > is very keen to teach
      > >parents and other teachers about sign language.
      > From what he has told me
      > >I think he feels that once people understand that
      > there are ways to
      > >communicate with deaf people, then parents will be
      > more open about
      > >having such problems in their families. As a result
      > the hopes that the
      > >children who are deaf will get a better chance of
      > being included and
      > >educated.
      > >
      > >Deaf people are marginalised.
      > >
      > >There is a deaf man in Ago-Are. I am ashamed to
      > admit that twice he has
      > >come asking for money when I have been out in the
      > evening with friends
      > >and both times I was so confused by what happened
      > that I gave him nothing.
      > >
      > >This is what happened. We were chatting and
      > relaxing, and enjoying cold
      > >drinks out side the shop that sells them, sitting
      > on plastic chairs, in
      > >the darkness of the evening.
      > >
      > >I noticed someone getting up from the floor near
      > our chairs, and
      > >walking away. Someone said to me by way of
      > explanation " He is deaf".
      > >Then I realised what must have happened - which I
      > had not really noticed
      > >- because of the darkness and our lively
      > conversation.
      > >
      > >The man had come towards us to beg, and had
      > prostrated himself - ie - he
      > >had lain down flat in the dust near our feet. I
      > didn't notice if anyone
      > >else gave him anything. I only noticed him as he
      > was getting up. I was
      > >completely shocked to realise the significance of
      > this man having put
      > >himself down so low on the ground. I told myself
      > that if ever it
      > >happened again I should be sure to have some
      > appropriate money to hand,
      > >as it would be terrible to appear to react again as
      > if he was invisible.
      > >To my shame on a subsequent visit to Ago-Are the
      > same thing happened
      > >again - and once again I was completely taken by
      > surprise - and failed
      > >to respond.
      > >
      > >Regarding my contacts - I cannot put these
      > teachers of the deaf in
      > >direct contact with Tom because they do not have
      > any access to the
      > >Internet - but they are part of my network - and I
      > feel they would
      > >benefit from the encouragement and support of
      > knowing others involved in
      > >similar work and learning from each other. This
      > failure to make the
      > >connection represents part of the problem I have of
      > being an
      > >"information bottleneck" instead of an
      > "information channel".
      > >
      > >Pam
      > >
      > >
      > >Maria Agnese Giraudo wrote:
      > >> Dear Tom,
      > >> I really touched by your message. We really don't
      > understand how deep
      > >> are problems, difficult is life in Africa
      > specially for disable
      > >> people and how people is great there! I desire to
      > meet you in Nairobi.
      > >> I'll be there on the 27th of May. Please inform
      > me of detail of your
      > >> bursary for participation to e-learning
      > conference.
      > >> All the best!
      > >> Maria Agnese Giraudo
      > >>
      > >> */tom ochuka <tomochuka@yahoo. com>/* ha scritto:
      > >>
      > >> Dear Andrius Am Just from Atrip in North rift
      > in
      > >> kenya..well
      > >> 1 I must say his is great...I wish we had
      > acomp
      > >> connected to an internet
      > >> However..I Must say thanks
      > >> The deaf is adisabled group ,very poor in
      > >> kenya..acatually very different from the rest
      > of the
      > >> deaf in other dveloped countries,deafness
      > ascoused by
      > >> malaria kills abig number and if not then one
      > just
      > >> become deaf.
      > >> Over this ast months Andrius has been our
      > link along
      > >> side others,org organisation provides aforum
      > wherevthe
      > >> deaf can be fully recorganised as human
      > beings
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    • samuel kongere
      Hi Tom, You are becoming much fantastic and I am really moved by this story. I will becoming later in the year at Rabour to take a colleague who is doing
      Message 2 of 10 , May 1, 2007

        Hi Tom,
        You are becoming much fantastic and I am really moved by this story. I will becoming later in the year at Rabour to take a colleague who is doing internship there, I would like to meet this man and get at least one story.
        Thanks! Maria wanted to pay for you at the e-learning conference but I still wait for the confirmation from their coordinator, if It is possible for them if you never registered. Did you register?. Even if you never registered we must meet in Nairobi after the E-learning with you, Ken Owino, Maria, David Mutua, Silvio and other two to strategies our regional network. I invite you to join our worknet for 'men without food' I know as A Lou you get the words well with meaning send a blank mail thro' Men Denyo at yahoo groups <mendenyo@yahoogroups.com
        I wish you a wonderful may Day for workers
        tom ochuka <tomochuka@...> wrote:
        Dear Andrius,Janet and all in the forum,
        I must come up today after several travels to meetr
        the deaf in the field,my work is still limited becaus
        of lack of acomp.
        well this time on my food stories is in Ahero
        kochogo..here is Adhier born deaf and went to School
        in sikri he learn Agricultu he is now producing to
        matoes ans sell them in Ahero . Its quite tiresome but
        he muct do it since h rents aroom and pay for
        electricity. This money has helped him..so much..we ar
        trying to keep him awayrom the local btew affecting
        his life..He is streesd because he is deaf so he tries
        to take this drnk to forget his phisical challenge.

        Near the Railway line west of kisumu..is Nyamongo 40
        yrs and single he has tried to get married 3times but
        they live him because h is deaf howver he is aproducwr
        pf onoins he is suplying in kibuye this is abig market
        io Eafrica..with this money he rentsaroom.. he is
        limitd in that he needs abike to supply this proceds
        the little can only pay rent..he plants the Grass

        Iam impreesd with afamily of Wachara ..he cant remmber
        Exact date of births as he was born hearing but lost
        the parents ...he keeps pigs this man is wonderfull he
        is also ashoe repairer he laernt in adeaf school..I
        hope we shall have him mor e in my food stories.
        He only sell pigs that are grown up tp the butchers
        recently he enjoyed abig boost sine many peopleDID NOT
        He is maried nad keeps his family.

        TOM OCHUKA.

        --- Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

        > It's late at night but I want to invite us to my
        > webinar which I'm
        > presenting this Thursday, April 26 , 10:00am-12:30pm
        > in Florida (which
        > is 3:00pm-5:30pm in London and 5:00pm-7:30pm in
        > Lithuania).
        http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/holistiche lping/message/ 907
        > I especially invite Fred Kayiwa and all of our
        > African participants as I
        > will be talking about "Investigations with African
        > Independent
        > Thinkers". I hope to include you as much as
        > possible. You will need to
        > download the Elluminate software. You will be able
        > to use the chat and
        > also we will use our wiki at http://www.worknets .org
        > to show our pages,
        > and maybe even upload some photos that you may have.
        > If you aren't
        > able to set up Elluminate on your computer, then
        > still join us at our
        > lab's chat channel http://www.worknets .org/chat/ and
        > we will find a way
        > to engage you there as well. Sasha, will you be
        > able to help? Thank
        > you for manning our chat channel and helping
        > Lorraine of Cawd Net to
        > learn how to use our wiki!
        > One of my themes will be linking up our endeavors,
        > we're collecting an
        > impressive list:
        > http://www.worknets .org/wiki. cgi?Endeavors
        > and our resources
        > http://www.worknets .org/wiki. cgi?Resources
        > I will be trying to engage us to think how we might
        > best pursue our
        > endeavors so that we build public assets as we help
        > each other grow. I
        > encourage us to link our endeavors to our
        > investigatory questions and
        > our deepest values. Then we can invest in them
        > because they are helping
        > us to grow. Small projects are good for learning
        > how we can impact the
        > world. But large endeavors have us remake some
        > aspect of our world and
        > so they demand accountability from us that we grow
        > accordingly. That is
        > why I think it is so important that we keep
        > grounding our endeavors in
        > our investigatory questions and our deepest values.
        > I have been notified of a final payment of 12,000
        > USD underway to our
        > Minciu Sodas laboratory from the Una Mesa
        > Association for our work on My
        > Food Story. This means that our lab's future is
        > assured for at least
        > six months. My wish now is to learn to slow down my
        > pace so that I and
        > others can work at a slower, deeper pace. I want to
        > give my priority to
        > my own investigatory questions, to develop my
        > creative work in
        > Lithuanian, and to go to bed at a reasonable hour,
        > eat healthy, lose
        > weight, exercise and get in shape. I hope to buy a
        > car and be able to
        > find a network of "global villages" throughout
        > Lithuania that I might
        > work from. (Our headquarters in Pavilnys are being
        > renovated and I
        > probably can't return to live there in any event.)
        > We will also be
        > organizing video bridges. And I want to spend the
        > next month or two
        > developing our websites, especially
        > http://www.worknets .org I will also
        > be looking for new clients.
        > On Saturday I sent money to quite a few of our
        > participants for future work:
        > 100 USD to FredKayiwa in Uganda
        > 100 USD to WendiLoshaBernadett e (ActwidKongadzem) in
        > Cameroon
        > 100 USD to SuryaRaoMaturu in India
        > Earlier I sent
        > 100 USD to Helen Mahoo in Tanzania
        > 100 USD to Tom Ochuka in Kenya
        > who I feel have completed half their work for us and
        > can do a bit more.
        > Pamela McLean also delivered 500 USD to our team in
        > Nigeria. We'll be
        > focusing there on educational projects.
        > Also, Ken Owino has cashed the check for 100 USD
        > that I sent him for the
        > work he has done. And I'm interested to send him
        > flash drives and/or
        > computer parts. Let's think and write more about
        > that.
        > And Samwel Kongere is I think receiving 1000 USD
        > from Chris Macrae for
        > their projects, which is wonderful! Samwel and I
        > will be looking for
        > ways of overlapping our work, so that we can support
        > his work (on
        > malaria) and he can support our work (on shoe
        > stories) and so on.
        > My basic idea is that instead of just doing work for
        > 100 USD our
        > researchers can do five bits of work (such as for
        > malaria or flu
        > pandemic or shoe stories or food stories or solaroof
        > or fish ponds) for
        > 20 USD each. We have money in different locations
        > and we each help with
        > each other's projects. This should engage our
        > online worldwide
        > community and help integrate our projects. We will
        > learn how to do
        > this. That is why it's important to work slowly.
        > All of these are resources for future work. We
        > should think carefully
        > before applying this money. What are the projects
        > at our lab that we
        > can support? What is the best way for them to
        > overlap?
        > For example, my plan is that Surya Rao Maturu in
        > India will take the
        > lead to coordinate our work on collecting "shoe
        > stories" in Africa and
        > to help Christine Ax decide where in our network in
        > Africa she might
        > best send her shoe production machine. Each of our
        > African researchers
        > can send as many shoe stories as they think would be
        > helpful. But we're
        > not paying for them to collect these stories.
        > Instead, we will think of
        > other projects, or a mixture of projects.
        > It's very important that these projects relate to
        > their personal
        > interests. For example, Fred, you wrote wonderfully
        > about your
        > interests in Internet centers but also beekeeping.
        > How would you
        > connect that with your deepest value?
        > "always thinking of being helpful person to the
        > needy and we make a
        > better future and better world"
        > and your investigatory questions?
        > "How one can get success in life and get rid of
        > problems that makes him
        > have no god future both on earth and heaven?"
        > "What should be the right procedures of spreading
        > the gospel?"
        > What might they have to do with Internet centers and
        > beekeeping?
        > That is very important for us to "meet you halfway"
        > and hold you
        > accountable for your growth!
        > Also, the Internet costs so much in Africa that we
        > will learn to get the
        > most for our money, for example, we can create ways
        > to download all the
        > letters from our lab to a flash drive. Let's write
        > what would be
        > useful. It's not that hard for me to program that.
        > Let's make sure that
        > we each have our own computers so that we don't have
        > to sit too long in
        > the Internet cafes. And lets learn to think deeply
        > without computers,
        > too! And to work on-the-ground but know that we are
        > connected.
        > I also sent
        > 400 USD to SashaMrkailo in Serbia
        > for his assistance in April and May. Sasha is
        > active at our chat
        > channel http://www.worknets .org/chat/ and our wiki
        > http://www.worknets .org He is so helpful and this
        > is a great
        > opportunity to learn how to use our websites and to
        > get support for our
        > work on our pages for our projects. I encourage us
        > to ask for his
        > help. Let's experiment with what is most useful.
        > Meanwhile, Sasha is
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        MBITA  040305-KENYA.
        Cell: +254 725 600 439
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