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Chat alongside our webinar

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Pam and David, I am glad that you are trying to join us for my webinar tomorrow - Thursday. 10:00am-12:30pm in Florida (which is 3:00pm-5:30pm in London and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2007
      Pam and David,

      I am glad that you are trying to join us for my webinar tomorrow -

      10:00am-12:30pm in Florida (which
      is 3:00pm-5:30pm in London and 5:00pm-7:30pm in Lithuania).

      Please know that we also have started a chat channel for our lab and
      "worknets" at http://www.worknets.org/chat/ which is proving quite
      lively and useful. See our archives at
      http://www.worknets.org/archive/chatarchive.log where the chat gets saved.

      I am happy that Fred Kayiwa and Ken Owino and Maria Agnese Giraudo and
      Pamela McLean and Lorraine and Benoit Couture have all tried it so far
      and we have had some transcontinental interactions! And Sasha Mrkailo
      is doing a great job engaging us there and helping us learn how to use
      our wiki.

      So please join us at our chat if you have trouble setting up the
      Elluminate software for the webinar. I am asking Sasha and others to
      help make sure that participants at the chat - especially from Africa -
      will be engaged as and can participate with their comments, questions
      and answers even as I am speaking through Elluminate.

      We have people in very different worlds and so it's exciting to see what
      combination of technology helps us all work together. This is a quest
      of Pamela's that we are benefiting from. Thank you to all in Africa and
      India and around the world who will try to be there with us. We'll be
      discussing how we engage you! and it would be great to have real
      examples. We will also make good use of our wiki at http://www.worknets.org


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Pamela McLean wrote:
      > I had an e-meeting with David Mutua (Kenya) today. He was interested in
      > attending the Webinar.
      > David went to see his friendly cyber cafe manager, with the information
      > I'd given to Fred, but later I heard from David that it didn't seem
      > possible. I'm not sure of the details. I have the impression there was
      > a problem downloading the software, but I'm not certain.
      > Pam

      It's late at night but I want to invite us to my webinar which I'm
      presenting this Thursday, April 26 , 10:00am-12:30pm in Florida (which
      is 3:00pm-5:30pm in London and 5:00pm-7:30pm in Lithuania).

      I especially invite Fred Kayiwa and all of our African participants as I
      will be talking about "Investigations with African Independent
      Thinkers". I hope to include you as much as possible. You will need to
      download the Elluminate software. You will be able to use the chat and
      also we will use our wiki at http://www.worknets.org to show our pages,
      and maybe even upload some photos that you may have. If you aren't
      able to set up Elluminate on your computer, then still join us at our
      lab's chat channel http://www.worknets.org/chat/ and we will find a way
      to engage you there as well. Sasha, will you be able to help? Thank
      you for manning our chat channel and helping Lorraine of Cawd Net to
      learn how to use our wiki!

      One of my themes will be linking up our endeavors, we're collecting an
      impressive list:
      and our resources

      I will be trying to engage us to think how we might best pursue our
      endeavors so that we build public assets as we help each other grow. I
      encourage us to link our endeavors to our investigatory questions and
      our deepest values. Then we can invest in them because they are helping
      us to grow. Small projects are good for learning how we can impact the
      world. But large endeavors have us remake some aspect of our world and
      so they demand accountability from us that we grow accordingly. That is
      why I think it is so important that we keep grounding our endeavors in
      our investigatory questions and our deepest values.

      I have been notified of a final payment of 12,000 USD underway to our
      Minciu Sodas laboratory from the Una Mesa Association for our work on My
      Food Story. This means that our lab's future is assured for at least
      six months. My wish now is to learn to slow down my pace so that I and
      others can work at a slower, deeper pace. I want to give my priority to
      my own investigatory questions, to develop my creative work in
      Lithuanian, and to go to bed at a reasonable hour, eat healthy, lose
      weight, exercise and get in shape. I hope to buy a car and be able to
      find a network of "global villages" throughout Lithuania that I might
      work from. (Our headquarters in Pavilnys are being renovated and I
      probably can't return to live there in any event.) We will also be
      organizing video bridges. And I want to spend the next month or two
      developing our websites, especially http://www.worknets.org I will also
      be looking for new clients.

      On Saturday I sent money to quite a few of our participants for future work:
      100 USD to FredKayiwa in Uganda
      100 USD to WendiLoshaBernadette (ActwidKongadzem) in Cameroon
      100 USD to SuryaRaoMaturu in India

      Earlier I sent
      100 USD to Helen Mahoo in Tanzania
      100 USD to Tom Ochuka in Kenya
      who I feel have completed half their work for us and can do a bit more.

      Pamela McLean also delivered 500 USD to our team in Nigeria. We'll be
      focusing there on educational projects.

      Also, Ken Owino has cashed the check for 100 USD that I sent him for the
      work he has done. And I'm interested to send him flash drives and/or
      computer parts. Let's think and write more about that.

      And Samwel Kongere is I think receiving 1000 USD from Chris Macrae for
      their projects, which is wonderful! Samwel and I will be looking for
      ways of overlapping our work, so that we can support his work (on
      malaria) and he can support our work (on shoe stories) and so on.

      My basic idea is that instead of just doing work for 100 USD our
      researchers can do five bits of work (such as for malaria or flu
      pandemic or shoe stories or food stories or solaroof or fish ponds) for
      20 USD each. We have money in different locations and we each help with
      each other's projects. This should engage our online worldwide
      community and help integrate our projects. We will learn how to do
      this. That is why it's important to work slowly.

      All of these are resources for future work. We should think carefully
      before applying this money. What are the projects at our lab that we
      can support? What is the best way for them to overlap?

      For example, my plan is that Surya Rao Maturu in India will take the
      lead to coordinate our work on collecting "shoe stories" in Africa and
      to help Christine Ax decide where in our network in Africa she might
      best send her shoe production machine. Each of our African researchers
      can send as many shoe stories as they think would be helpful. But we're
      not paying for them to collect these stories. Instead, we will think of
      other projects, or a mixture of projects.

      It's very important that these projects relate to their personal
      interests. For example, Fred, you wrote wonderfully about your
      interests in Internet centers but also beekeeping. How would you
      connect that with your deepest value?
      "always thinking of being helpful person to the needy and we make a
      better future and better world"
      and your investigatory questions?
      "How one can get success in life and get rid of problems that makes him
      have no god future both on earth and heaven?"
      "What should be the right procedures of spreading the gospel?"
      What might they have to do with Internet centers and beekeeping?
      That is very important for us to "meet you halfway" and hold you
      accountable for your growth!

      Also, the Internet costs so much in Africa that we will learn to get the
      most for our money, for example, we can create ways to download all the
      letters from our lab to a flash drive. Let's write what would be
      useful. It's not that hard for me to program that. Let's make sure that
      we each have our own computers so that we don't have to sit too long in
      the Internet cafes. And lets learn to think deeply without computers,
      too! And to work on-the-ground but know that we are connected.

      I also sent
      400 USD to SashaMrkailo in Serbia
      for his assistance in April and May. Sasha is active at our chat
      channel http://www.worknets.org/chat/ and our wiki
      http://www.worknets.org He is so helpful and this is a great
      opportunity to learn how to use our websites and to get support for our
      work on our pages for our projects. I encourage us to ask for his
      help. Let's experiment with what is most useful. Meanwhile, Sasha is
      tagging our letters and helping me discover our endeavors hidden within
      them. My wish is to keep Sasha working for us into the future! and also
      for him to grow as an investigator.

      I also want to think further what we might do in Palestine and other

      I hope to create a map that would link our endeavors, investigatory
      questions, deepest values and resources. Perhaps it will be a dynamic
      map using TouchGraph. Also, thanks to Harlan Hugh of TheBrain
      Technologies we can set up a Site Brain. Would anybody like to help
      with that? Please let us know.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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