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The Faith in Europe Magazine- from Peace Child International (UK)

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  • Shahrez Khan
    Dear friends, Faith in Europe! Europe Day (May 9th) is almost upon us. In this special 50th Anniversary year - Peace Child International, a UK-based youth-led
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2007
      The Faith in Europe Magazine- from Peace Child International (UK) Dear friends,

      Faith in Europe!

      Europe Day (May 9th) is almost upon us. In this special 50th Anniversary year - Peace Child International, a UK-based youth-led NGO, wants to engage young people in an energetic debate about what kind of Europe we shall be looking at 50 years from now?
      Over the last year, our young staff have travelled through every EU member state, seeking out the views of young Europeans (and others) about issues like European Culture and Identity, the Constitution and their overall confidence in our European Institutions.
      The results are intriguing – and will be contained in the Faith in Europe Magazine which will be published by April 30, 2007. Entirely written and illustrated, designed and edited by young people, every page is a question designed to intrigue young people about the European project –to stimulate energetic debate about the past, present and future of Europe – and how they can celebrate, support and consolidate what is indisputably the greatest success story in international peace-building in the history of the world.

      We are confident that the Faith in Europe Magazine will capture a vast audience of young Europeans, whether they are students, volunteers, social workers, business entrepreneurs or political activists. The magazine covers all EU member states and Non-EU countries located in Europe, with thoughts and quotes from European youth from all parts of the continent. Thus it will stimulate an inter cultural dialogue between young Europeans. The Magazine also discusses the European Union and its institutions, immigration and employment policies of the EU, and the impact of the Euro on citizens of the EU. The EU enlargement and EU’s place in the international sphere are debated about in the Magazine, with perspectives from youngsters in the EU and candidate countries. Besides giving the reader an all round perspective of Europe, the magazine will encourage a better under standing of European Identity and cultures and will foster greater interest among youth in European affairs.

      The visuals and content of the Faith in Europe Magazine are customized to appeal to youth and get them interested in the debate about Europe and its future.

      We would like your help in engaging every youth in Europe to participate in this debate. It will start this May – but we are determined that it will continue through next year’s European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. We have a number of additional music and cultural projects which we are planning to use to build the Faith in Europe brand over the next few years to stimulate and intensify the debate in the years ahead.

      Please find attached the front cover of the Faith in Europe Magazine and two spreads. These will give you a basic preview of the Magazine.

      So – questions:

      1. We can send you up to five sample copies of the Magazine: how many would you like? - or would you be happy to review it on the website by April 25, 2007: www.faithineurope.eu ?    
          (Subsequent English copies will be available at €2.50 + shipping)

      2. Might you be interested to translate the magazine into your own language? A Memorandum of Understanding will have to be agreed upon with Peace Child International, after which we will send   
          you the Magazine in “Indesign CS2” files for translation and distribution.

      3. We would like to speak personally on the phone to some one in your office or organization: can you give us the name of some one we could speak to?

      Looking forward so much to your reply,

      Shahrez Khan,
      Project Coordinator, Faith in Europe
      Peace Child International
      Peace Child International
      The White House. 46 High Street. Buntingford.
      Herts. United Kingdom. SG9 9AH
      Tel:00 44 (0) 1763 274459
      Fax:00 44 (0) 1763 274460
      E-mail: faith@...
      General website: www.peacechild.org
      Project website: www.faithineurope.eu

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