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Lyrics for Jacky to influence our people

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Plazi introduced me to Jacky Mulumba of Zaire, another musician here in Vilnius. Jacky has already achieved quite some success here in Lithuania. He has
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2006
      Plazi introduced me to Jacky Mulumba of Zaire, another musician here in
      Vilnius. Jacky has already achieved quite some success here in
      Lithuania. He has appeared on television. He is with us here, too.

      Plazi and Jacky are learning Lithuanian and agreed to work with me to
      create songs in Lithuanian that they might sing. Our wish is to
      influence our people in a positive way. This is a great challenge and
      one that we might discuss at Holistic Helping.

      Plazi cares about the large number of people who are killing themselves
      here in Lithuania (we rank first in Europe in the frequency of
      suicide). He is creating music for lyrics which I had written about that.

      Jacky cares about the many families that are suffering divorce. This is
      also a difficult subject. I have written lyrics in Lithuanian for Jacky
      to use as he likes. I include the English translation. This song is
      called "Kai meilė sugrįš į namus" ("When Love Comes Back Home") They
      are all in the Public Domain for people to use as they think best.

      I invite us all to share our creativity and write how we might influence
      each other in positive ways!

      Note: Please use the UTF-8 encoding (Unicode) to see the Lithuanian
      letters correctly.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania


      Kai meilė sugrįš į namus,
      Tai mūsų meilė vėl galinga pasijus,
      Nes mūsų meilė neužmiršta mus.
      Neužmiršta, tad nemiršta, tad nežus.

      When love comes back home,
      Then our love will feel powerful again
      For our love does not forget us.
      Does not forget, and so does not die, and so will not be killed.


      Viena rytą nuo tavęs atsilikau.
      Savo meilę tau ant popieriaus rašiau.
      Supratai, kad tai yra seni jausmai.
      Antrą kartą skamba jau kaip priekaištai...

      One morning I tarried behind you.
      I wrote down my love for you on paper.
      You understood that these are old feelings.
      The second time they sound like complaints...


      Mūs dangus toks pat platus kaip pirmą kart
      Kai pavyko man myliu tave ištart.
      Nors taip lengva man dabar tau pasakyt,
      Kaip sunku, kad tu galėtum pamanyt...

      Our heavens are as wide as the first time
      I succeeded in saying I love you.
      Although it is so easy for me now to tell you,
      But how hard it is that you might believe...


      Tavo saugomą ramybę užgavau.
      Aš toks vienas koks esu dar nebuvau.
      Man beliko prisiminti, kad esi
      Ir kokie mūsų namai jau dideli...

      I hurt the peace that you protect.
      I am so alone as I have never been.
      All that is left for me is to remember that you are
      And how our home is so very large..


      Visatoje yra tokia malda
      Kuri skrajoja angelų kalba.
      Ar ją kada išmoksime, vargu.
      Nors vienas bet pasimeldžiu kartu...

      In the universe there is a prayer
      Which soars as the language of angels.
      Will we ever learn it? Not likely.
      Though alone, but we pray together...

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