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One World Beat 2006: Drumming Up Voices from Vilnius to the Global Village

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Andrius and All, Fantastic news and so delighted to know that folks in Lithuania will be participating (a drumroll, plz)!! As it turns out, I did
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2006
      Hello Dear Andrius and All,
      Fantastic news and so delighted to know that folks in Lithuania will be participating (a drumroll, plz)!! As it turns out, I did get a mailing from OWB HQ with your registration today, so I think you did manage to register, or they got this note below and did the deed for you.
      I would love to urge ANYONE reading this ANYWHERE to join in...as Andrius says, it can be a spontaneous thing (on those days, even--May 6 and 7--though we'd love to know abt it ahead of time), and does not have to be a great deal of work or effort, as this is meant to be fun, as well as sending peaceful, hopeful energy into the world, and feeling a sense of unity with others globally.
      We now have events in 15 countries, and I have been happily writing articles for the website!  Lots of great drumming, and some other concerts too. Andrius, I'll want to make sure to do an article for your event (which you will not be able to attend, haha!), so please send me any info extra info and updates if you have them. Especially abt the musicians you mention! I love the article abt Plazi that you sent the link for, btw.
      What a lovely idea about linking the drumming event(s) and drumming up new members for MS and related forums, like HH! And also about the video bridges...do you mean in Lithuania, or with other concerts/events?  You might talk with Joy abt that, as she has also wanted to do this for their events (and others?). There will be a webcast of a couple events--one in Canada and one in New York--so hope that might be possible from/with your event(s) too. Am not sure abt the connections between countries, but that's a marvelous idea too, if it can be done technically.
      As far as a connection to Holistic Helping, including signing people on during the event, I'll be thrilled if that happens in Lithuania itself, and will try to figure out how else to do that as I am writing the article and working on the rest of the event...hope it's not a "Wipeout", haha!
      There are definitely connections between drumming--its intents and effects--and "helping" self, others, communities, the planet, and arts encourage growth and wholeness, both the making of same and the viewing/listening. There is something "divine"--in all senses of the word--in linking with others in these endeavors too, whether locally, nationally, and/or internationally.
      On that upbeat note I'll close with thanking you again for ensuring that the "voice of the drum" will be vibrant in Vilnius, and the "White Elephant" elevated to its more sacred meaning (something rare and powerful, usually given as a gift, when it is the animal itself), versus the modern expression which means "useless", or more trouble than it's worth! The thing itself may be valuable, but not its upkeep. Here's hoping that people will always see the value in drumming, and be happy to keep it up!
      All best wishes and Baltidrambliai Beats! Janet
      Thank you for alerting us to the One World Beat
      http://www.oneworldbeat.org event.  Yes, we are organizing a concert and
      drumming here in Vilnius at the Balti Drambliai (White Elephant) cafe

      I tried to submit our information online but I didn't get any
      confirmation online upon submitting.  I include it below and I also send
      it to the OWB contact address.

      I won't be able to attend.  However, our team is interested to try out
      video bridges during the concert.  (We do need to find equipment,
      though.)  I wonder who might be interested to link with us?  Perhaps
      somebody might be inspired to do a concert or simply join us and drum along.

      Our concert is free and our emphasis is on the music.  We will take the
      opportunity to invite people to sign up for our lab's working groups in
      English and Lithuanian (we have a new one, lead by villager Zenonas
      Anusauskas, on "expression of collective creative work").


      Organizer: Minciu Sodas, Andrius Kulikauskas, +370 (699) 30003, Grudu g
      6, Vilnius LT-11306, ms@...,
      http://www.ms.lt  (I won't be able to
      attend, though, so see Plazi and JB below.)
      Event location: Balti Drambliai, Vitalius Perkauskas, Vilniaus g 41,
      Vilnius, +370 (5) 262 0875
      Date and Time:  May 6, 2006, Saturday, 19:00
      Spokesperson:  JB Willit +370 (608) 70684
      Program director:  Plazi +370 (603) 306286

      Musicians include Plazi (from Togo), JB Willit (from California),
      Algirdas Zokaitis (from Vilnius) and more.  All are invited!  Open mic. 
      Bring your drums for drumming!

      The concert is free of charge and will be in the courtyard.

      We will also sign interested people up for our Minciu Sodas online
      laboratory's working group Holistic Helping, in English, lead by Janet
      Feldman, to learn how we can create ripple effects as we help each
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ and our working
      group Talka, in Lithuanian, lead by Zenonas Anusauskas, to learn how we
      can collectively manifest our creativity
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/talka/ .

      Janet Feldman wrote:

      > Hello Dear Andrius and All,

      > Fantastic to hear from you, and immense thanks for joining in on OWB
      > 2006!! Please send specific details to me when you can, so I can do a
      > news story on your show, including some of these other elements, if
      > you like. Events are now scheduled and/or in the making in the USA,
      > Thailand, Japan, Kenya, S. Africa, Portugal, Lithuania, Trinidad and
      > Tobago, Egypt, Canada. All "Beating" as one world, for peace,
      > understanding, hope, and healing.

      > I'm delighted to see that the "flash cards" idea is moving along, and
      > thanks to all who are contributing to that. Hopefully we can apply
      > some of the same techniques and technology for different subjects: 
      > HIV/AIDS, bird flu, nutrition basics, income-generation, and other
      > subjects.

      > With greatest gratitude and artistic affections always, Janet (aka
      > "Flash Feldman", haha!)

      > Finally, George is helping Plazi here in Lithuania.  We will lend him
      > our very old laptop and George will teach him computer skills and how to
      > make web pages.  Also, Plazi has met with the Balti Drambliai cafe and
      > we have discussed with several musicians and so it looks like we will
      > have a program for
      http://www.oneworldbeat.org  on May 6th.  Perhaps we
      > might have video bridges on that occassion?

      > Please note our rule: Each letter sent to the Holistic Helping group
      > enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise.  Thank
      > you! 
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