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Networking through our key concepts

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    CC: Pamela McLean regarding CawdNet network in rural Africa, see further below. Andrius ... Surya, Thank you very much for connecting us with our challenges in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2006
      CC: Pamela McLean regarding CawdNet network in rural Africa, see further
      below. Andrius


      Thank you very much for connecting us with our challenges in India.

      I think that the solution for us is to "keep reaching out". If each of
      us strengthens those who have less of a voice, then we will be able to
      reach every last one of us. For example, if we can give you strength so
      that you may reach out further, then we are reaching people who we don't
      even know. And if you share your strength even further, we can touch
      those who are the most vulnerable, and they can touch us, so that we are
      sensitive and responsive, full of life.

      So the question is, How can we share our strength with you? I find it
      most helpful if you can let us know you by telling us your "key concept"
      in life, what is for you personally your deepest value that encompasses
      all of the other values in your life? My own is "living by truth",
      Franz Nahrada's is "recognizing efficacies" (as in global villages),
      John Roger's is "participatory society", Janet Feldman's is "holistic
      helping". We have a list at:
      http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?PersonalOutlooks along with
      "investigatory questions", which our questions that we don't know how
      the answer to, but we intend to answer. This way we know who we are and
      the direction in which we wish to grow.

      Once we know who you are at heart, then we can understand how and why to
      support your particular projects, or how to work with you to support
      others. You could start mapping out your social network. We will do
      this soon at our new wiki for our Open Leader network
      http://www.openleader.info Samwel Kongere collected 20 questionnaires
      about activists in his area and I hope we might engage them. We could
      do the same in India. Our questionnaire is here:

      I am very interested in Pamela McLean's dialogue (thanks to Jeff and all
      at http://www.onevillage.biz http://groups.yahoo.com/group/onevillage/ )
      and especially her group's success at community networking (CawdNet)
      rural Africa with help from the online world:
      I imagine we might work together. We have much to learn from CawdNet!

      Suryarao, I invite you and Pamela to join us at:
      our Minciu Sodas laboratory's working group Back to the Root lead by
      Jeff Buderer and Joy Tang for "leadership development"
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/backtotheroot/ send a blank message to
      backtotheroot-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe
      our Holistic Helping working group lead by Janet Feldman for learning
      how we might help each other, but especially around challenges in
      Africa, such as HIV/AIDS
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ send a blank message to
      backtotheroot-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe

      Suryarao, Pamela, thank you for your initiatives, and I invite you to
      write us directly through our groups! And I encourage our response.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      suryarao maturu wrote:

      > dear friends,
      > hello
      > I am forwarding an email i sent to my friends.
      > kindly read & respond.
      > Is there ANY small difference we "educated" people can join the
      > battle/war of the undermost-dogs in India/Africa/LatinAmerica
      > against their Governments/SYSTEMS/BigBusinesses/CORRUPTPoliticians
      > etc...?Or IS THERE NOTHING WE CAN DO?
      > Is the internet & all the latest technology mere toys for the rich
      > & for their "entertainment"?
      > Is the naxal way ,the only way of fight left?
      > Andrius/Prof.Rajiv & all you there at the Delhi Forum,---
      > I wish to be educated by you...
      > surya
      > ===========================
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      > Date: Apr 18, 2006 9:47 AM
      > Subject: hello!
      > To: budhey@... <mailto:budhey@...>
      > Cc: tenzinrigzin@... <mailto:tenzinrigzin@...>
      > dear friends,
      > namaste.
      > y'day medha patkar broke her fast & she wants to renew her battle
      > of the disenfranchised/downtrodden/displaced/dregs of our
      > society---whom ,we all(GOI/et al)
      > have dumped off like rubbish, in this process of DEVELOPMENT,..........
      > Ever since I graduated from IITK(72);&IIMB'lore(79),whenever I raised
      > these questions ,I was snubbed by all my professors, who did not even
      > treat these as valid enquiries....
      > So, after 15 years of work; 5 for a Birla company & 10 for a PSU; I
      > dropped out of this SYSTEM,
      > altogether...I tried ,but failed to become a sanyasi...then ,i decided
      > to live in my father's DDA flat in Delhi, & do what pleased
      > me----i.e. helping the HELPERS...(the heroes & HREOINES ,like
      > BABAAMTE/MEDHAPATKAR/& so on...)I was too hypersensitive to directly
      > get involved with the bottom-most layers of our society....
      > the areas in which i have worked have been:
      > sustainable/organic farming etc
      > alternative healing
      > appropriate technology
      > networking individuals & ngos
      > consumer resistance
      > spirituality(trying to locate that one equation--which connects
      > everything.......knowing that ; you know everything)
      > reading & writing(in one word & first and foremost---i am an
      > unabashed BOOKWORM
      > ================
      > now, may i request you all to throw some light on HOW to CONSOLIDATE
      > this BATTLE
      > of NBA,so it becomes a Dharmayuddha.........there are a few hundreds
      > of hydel projects underway, all over & none are getting the R&R
      > package fairly...local corruption steals 90% of compensation money;
      > none get LAND for LAND(maybe banjar bhoomi for Fertile grade"A"
      > land)
      > polavaram in A.P.; Posco & kalinganagar in Orissa, Hydel Dams in
      > N.East, Mining of Uranium in AP/Chattisgarh etc,other mining
      > projects-----everywhere the poorest are being expelled from their
      > native habitats like rubbish.there is utter contempt for the due
      > process of LAW....
      > Gandhian Protest is the only way-----but, who will take the lead?
      > ==============
      > National policy of R&R, drafted in 1998 has NOT been so
      > far, presented in the Parliament ,so it is discussed & becomes an ACT.
      > Also, the LAW under which the GOI ,snatched away the land of the poor
      > ---is a British legislatuion --Land Acquisition Act ,of 1898 or
      > so...it is draconian & 100% anti-people & this is retained in TOTO
      > by GOI BABUS(IAS) as it suits their fuedal mindset.
      > Compensation is per--"Circle rates" which again are not related to
      > the market value but to the TAX collected on the land; even these are
      > not updated...
      > cash compensation is eaten up mostly in local offices by the local
      > authorities....
      > (above info is as per my friend---Shri Arun Shrivastava; who runs
      > an NGO + a Mgmt.Consultancy )his email-id=arun1951@...
      > <mailto:email-id=arun1951@...>
      > you can contact him
      > ================================
      > i requested you to send me the hINDIA versions of your english
      > essays on your website.
      > No response.
      > Kindly alsso send me the name/address/phone /email-ID etc of the
      > person in hyderabad ,who translated these essays from hindi to
      > english; as i am going to hydbd shortly & would like to meet him in
      > person........
      > rest on your response
      > best wishes fromm
      > surya rao maturu
      > 93A, block A2B,
      > Paschim Vihar ,
      > new delhi-63
      > ===========
      > phone= 011--25275863
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