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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dearest Friends!! After several weeks (or months, depending on how far back we can remember, haha!) of being mostly offline, I m happy to say I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2007

      Hello Dearest Friends!!
      After several weeks (or months, depending on how far back we can remember, haha!) of being mostly offline, I'm happy to say I am returning at least part-time now (for posts and networking as I can do that time-wise). I still have very limited time-energy-focus right now for "projects", but that will hopefully improve by mid-May or so.
      I'm looking through several thousand mails and have run across so many lovely and uplifting ones from members at HH/MS!  I can't thank you enough for your caring, kindness, concern, and support...it truly means the world.  Maria Agnese, your inquiry and words (below) touched me so deeply, especially coming from someone who is brilliant and creative herself!!  I have missed all of you too, and promise to be with you always (that being a very, very, very long time, haha!!):  in spirit and heart, thought and purpose, virtually and hopefully in physical presence someday!  For the duration, my motto will be:  moderation in "all" things!!
      I'm thrilled that you, Sam, and Andrius have been discussing his travel plans to Europe--and the conference you hope to organize--for the spring of 2008, which will give enough time to plan something that can bear fruit for many years to come. I will be so happy to help in whatever ways I can!!
      Andrius, I was so delighted and moved to hear from you--with your warm letter, great encouragement, and kindness--and to receive the fabulously yummy Yachana treat, for which I say a HUGE BRAVO to Greg too!!!  I feel ever-inspired by your own invaluable leadership and enthusiastic, indomitable spirit, also exhibited by so many others in our forums. 
      I will continue to think of you (Andrius and everyone), MS and related forums, and our projects, dreams, goals, and ideas in whatever I do and wherever I am--now and in future--and rest assured that we are linked in a lasting and inseparable way, with bonds growing ever stronger day by day (I wax like a poet because our togetherness and mutual purpose will never wane, and all will know it!).
      A heartfelt thanks for the outpouring of support and concern for my father, who has been making small improvements since abt mid-month. I have no doubt that this has come about in part because of the love, prayers, and caring which have been expressed here.  Things will be challenging for a number of months to come, including when he first comes home (this summer most likely), so please bear with my absences for part of this year, and know that I will return even more eager and dedicated to this work and company.
      Andrius, Maria Agnese, Sam, Ken, Fred, Jeff, Steve, Markus, Tom, Wendi, Chris, Helen, Ibrahim, Josephat, Shahrez, and more:  thanks for your stimulating postings to HH!  I am really enjoying the FoodStory entries in particular, and the participation as well as the breadth of issues, contacts, ideas, and activities covered in posts on other subjects too.
      I have to mention one more challenge I've had this month, which Yahoogroups, Earthlink (my host), and I are trying to figure out: my email program has been bouncing back Yahoo-posted mailings several times during the month--though I have plenty of space and no actual impediments to getting and posting mail--and Yahoogrouups has suspended delivery until I have re-activated (which I have also had to do several times). 
      Because of this, postings I have tried to send have been returned (which, because I was offline, I did not see at the time), and I have probably not seen some postings which others have sent too. I will be going through the older posts now and resending a few things, and generally trying to find what's missing and catch up.  The problem may still not be fully resolved yet, but at least I'm now aware of it, which is half the battle (if not the glass, let alone the bottle, haha!).
      With greatest thanks again to all, blessings, and love, Janet   (Star Fleet Academy award winner, "Boldly-Going Blog-her" :):)
      Dear Janet,
      how are you? We, people of the MS forum miss you so much. You are very important as coordinator of HH group (nobody can replace you) and you spread around  brilliant and creative ideas, opportunities, with love and great undestanding.
      Please, keep in touch!
      Maria Agnese
      From Andrius:
      These are all people who appreciate the value of our work and care that we succeed for the right opportunity. I am delighted that quite a few
      of them have agreed to join our working groups, notably Holistic Helping led by Janet Feldman and Mendenyo led by Samwel Kongere. This reflects my own conviction in our amazing work. I alert us to the "Academy Award" that Janet has been awarded by a blogger for her exceptional networking: http://tedernst.com/wp/?p=471
      Bravo, Janet! Thank you to all who read our letters and we encourage you to write, to introduce yourself, and to "think out loud" about growing our lives and shaping our world.
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