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Samwel and Andrius chat about his trip to Europe

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Welcome to all from Amsterdam! I just flew in from Chicago. I share my chat today with Samwel Kongere in Kenya who leads our Mendenyo (Men without food)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2007
      Welcome to all from Amsterdam! I just flew in from Chicago. I share my chat
      today with Samwel Kongere in Kenya who leads our Mendenyo (Men without food)
      working group. Andrius

      Samwel's trip to Europe

      samkongere2004: ok Andrius, and I am thankful, I see great work and how do
      you figure this trip to Europe next year?

      minciusodas: I think that you are a good organizer

      minciusodas: and also it'

      minciusodas: is important that you spend some time in Europe to understand
      the situation here

      samkongere2004: We are meeting with Maria Here in May and we will make the

      minciusodas: and perhaps how people in Africa can be helpful here

      samkongere2004: ok

      minciusodas: So for us it is most important that you be investigating your
      question about the comfortable life while helping others - we should make a
      plan for that

      minciusodas: and study that in Africa and in Europe too

      minciusodas: so that you become expert on this question.

      samkongere2004: I also wanted to train on Some ICT related issues and even
      project management

      minciusodas: That will make you very knowledgeable in reality here and

      minciusodas: Yes

      minciusodas: but if you are working on an investigation that is important to

      samkongere2004: great

      minciusodas: then your training will be much more focused and connected and

      samkongere2004: i Think

      minciusodas: Second, it is important that you think of yourself as a
      representative for all of our Africans

      minciusodas: and our people in other developing countries too

      minciusodas: and you should feel comfortable and knowledgeable as a

      minciusodas: and make connections for everybody

      minciusodas: not just yourself.

      samkongere2004: That is why I am concerned about Cameroon, Uganda and

      minciusodas: So that when you are in Europe you can help everybody.

      minciusodas: Yes, very good.

      samkongere2004: Great I always love you inputs, we only become great when we
      are helping

      minciusodas: yes and your example is fantastic and inspiring

      minciusodas: and we learn a lot from what you show is possible

      samkongere2004: helping others get information and wealth

      samkongere2004: I think your business idea for the lab is also fantastic

      minciusodas: yes so it will be important that you understand our business
      partners in Europe and what kind of work can be done in Africa

      samkongere2004: I thank you also for connecting me with Maria A great lady.
      She is paying my internet

      samkongere2004: Yes, this can help me go in search of businesses for our lab
      here great!

      samkongere2004: I am not troubled now this is why i am doing great

      samkongere2004: This will be our oreintation plan for a cohesive Africa and
      East Africa, when they use me as their link.

      minciusodas: yes, we'll need to think and write about your income to make
      sure that you can get by for the coming year

      minciusodas: and I expect our bonuses soon, thank you for your excellent

      samkongere2004: great

      minciusodas: and I ask for your thought and advice through our groups where
      we should make best use of our money

      minciusodas: so that we include everybody in some small way

      samkongere2004: ok

      minciusodas: not just in Africa but in India and other countries, too

      minciusodas: we will think and plan

      samkongere2004: Yes this is going to open scope

      samkongere2004: I hope you will be taking the lead while I do the plan for
      what to do for Africa while there

      minciusodas: yes we'll get to know each other better! I look forward to

      minciusodas: also, Agnese is interested in e-learning so we should think
      about her interests how to support them

      samkongere2004: Yes we are going with her in the same direction

      samkongere2004: It will be a great opportuinty to meet you, you are inspiring

      minciusodas: Her deepest value is "Growing as Human Beings" and her
      investigatory question is: How can people stuck in the Western work system
      apply themselves creatively for the education of youth?

      minciusodas: So we should encourage her to work on that!

      minciusodas: Thank you!

      minciusodas: Anything else?

      minciusodas: I will share our chat

      samkongere2004: Just go on and do the arrangements our imigration office will
      need some documents to support my travels and I will let you this when I visit
      Nairobi in May.

      samkongere2004: They will also require your invitation letter and a support
      letter to make my travel recomendations.

      minciusodas: Samwel, please inquire about all the documents. Please check if
      your visa for Italy will be good for other countries, too. Or do you need a
      visa for each country separately? Also, please check for Lithuania. Say
      that you are a guest of our Minciu Sodas laboratory. We can provide you the
      invitation but you should do as much as you can yourself to prepare the

      samkongere2004: Yes the invitation for Italy and Lithuania

      samkongere2004: can come from you and a support letter to say what I do for
      MiniciuSodas Lab will add wait

      samkongere2004: But the rest I will enquire and be ready with them

      samkongere2004: I think one visa can go to all EUC member countries, I don't
      think of Lithuania/

      minciusodas: Lithuania is in the European Union

      samkongere2004: Is it amember?

      minciusodas: but I'm not sure how it works with the visas

      minciusodas: yes we are since 2004

      samkongere2004: ok

      minciusodas: ok I will go now, bye!

      samkongere2004: Then we will make these arrangements whenMaria is here

      samkongere2004: you can go thanks for the chat

      samkongere2004: bye!!

      Signing up people for our groups

      samkongere2004: hi old buddy?

      samkongere2004: How is your travelling?

      minciusodas: Hi Samwel, I am in Amsterdam

      minciusodas: I have a list of people from Chicago for you to sign up for

      samkongere2004: I thank you for the good mails

      minciusodas: How are you?

      minciusodas: Yes and you, too.

      samkongere2004: doing well

      samkongere2004: I am thankful you are teaching the best ways to maintain

      samkongere2004: I doing well

      samkongere2004: You are fast, you will soon be back to lithuania, great Work

      samkongere2004: glad to have more people for mendenyo

      minciusodas: yes

      minciusodas: I should ask

      samkongere2004: yes

      minciusodas: how did it go with the people from the World Social Forum?

      minciusodas: I saw that you invited them

      samkongere2004: They are not very active

      samkongere2004: some write me personal letters but not to the forum

      minciusodas: but did you sign them up? I don't think they are signed up.

      samkongere2004: I did interview them and they signed the flyer

      samkongere2004: I think I nvited them

      minciusodas: yes but they did not join

      minciusodas: they did not respond to your invitation

      samkongere2004: yes

      minciusodas: That is why you must "add" them.

      samkongere2004: adding them

      samkongere2004: ok

      minciusodas: do you know how to do that?

      samkongere2004: i think this is what I don't know then

      minciusodas: ok, I will show you

      minciusodas: go to the Mendenyo page

      samkongere2004: go on

      minciusodas: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/

      samkongere2004: Thanks you are my tech..

      minciusodas: click on Invite

      minciusodas: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/subs_invite

      samkongere2004: yes

      minciusodas: but don't use this

      minciusodas: look though near the bottom

      minciusodas: it will say

      samkongere2004: let me see

      minciusodas: Add Members </group/mendenyo/subs_add> from an existing email

      minciusodas: do you see?

      minciusodas: click on Add Members... and it will take you to

      minciusodas: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mendenyo/subs_add

      samkongere2004: I am there but don't see the link for add

      minciusodas: it is towards the bottom of the page

      minciusodas: it is just above the button Submit Invite

      minciusodas: and just below the box for Enter an IntroductoryMessage

      samkongere2004: ok

      minciusodas: you see, yes?

      samkongere2004: I am there and correct

      samkongere2004: Congrats!!

      minciusodas: yes!

      minciusodas: Now you can use this because you have gotten their permission.

      minciusodas: Yes?

      minciusodas: So you don't have to invite them..

      samkongere2004: I will use this to sgn them glad

      minciusodas: You can simply add them.

      samkongere2004: to have you there

      samkongere2004: ok

      minciusodas: And you should alert them that letters to our group are in the

      minciusodas: You can only add 10 per day.

      samkongere2004: ok

      minciusodas: From the World Social Forum, you should sign them all up for
      Mendenyo, yes? or to other groups?

      samkongere2004: there were some who wanted to join fighting peacefully

      samkongere2004: i will check if they write back

      minciusodas: Do you know who wanted to join which group?

      minciusodas: I can sign them up for the other groups.

      minciusodas: if you send me their emails and the groups

      samkongere2004: Yes I will refer to the flyers

      minciusodas: but if you don't know which group then sign them up for

      minciusodas: yes the flyers will tell you

      minciusodas: did they write about their deepest values?

      minciusodas: Please send me that information.

      samkongere2004: some

      minciusodas: that's great

      minciusodas: that's fine
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