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Surya, What can we do in India?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Surya Rao Maturu, Thank you for introducing us to Govind! Govind, thank you for joining us at Global Villages! I invite you to write about yourself and your
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      Surya Rao Maturu, Thank you for introducing us to Govind! Govind, thank
      you for joining us at Global Villages! I invite you to write about
      yourself and your projects.

      Surya, I look forward to your leadership: What can our lab do in India?
      I am happy to invest some energy and some small resources (100 USD at a
      time) to support people who are "working for free" on their projects in
      the Public Domain. We can also pursue projects on-the-ground such as
      with your battery lantern. What can we do with 100 USD?

      Please don't give up and keep leading us as to what we can do. And
      know that the best letters don't get response because they are too
      challenging and exhausting, but that does not mean that they don't have
      effect! And we do archive them and can and should return to them.

      You will find quite a few Indians amongst our list of correspondence's
      authors http://www.ms.lt/authors.php perhaps you will get ideas how we
      might work together.

      And I ask you two questions:
      * What is your deepest value in life, which includes all your other values?
      * What is a question that you don't know the answer to, but intend to

      That will help me understand you and be more responsive. Also, be sure
      to write your letters directly to our groups!

      Thank you,


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      suryarao maturu wrote:
      > Andrius,
      > I am herewith introducing to you, my latest
      > friend--------Govind Yasa.He is from Khammam, Andhra
      > Pradesh.
      > He is a strange, yet brilliant youngster & has a
      > bright future ahead of him.He has done formal
      > education upto only highschool+Intermediate.Later, all he
      > did is self-study.He is an IT-Expert(Hardware&Software)
      > and a Graphics/Website Designer of a very high
      > order.In fact, he modestly told me-------most
      > B.E/B.Tech(IT) don't know half of what i know!........
      > See his website:
      > www.to <http://www.tobeinteractives.com> beinteractives.com
      > He has a partner in USA, who is a Photography
      > specialist.Govind got engaged y'day; will marry
      > shortly & go to hyderabad; then on to USA, in a year
      > or so.Ultimately, Govind & his partner, dream of
      > making a FILM.Old surya has already given him, two(not
      > just ONE) Story-Ideas, out of his hat.......
      > HOPE you can brief Govind regarding your Video-bridge; and give some
      > of your Consultancy/Project+MONEY(Euros& US$!!!) too to this great
      > young man.
      > Incidentally, I became your "friend" after I read your Dyd2002 paper
      > "Working for FREE..."Can you please send me a copy of this , as I lost
      > your sheet........?
      > Andrius, I have a small cribbing to make;not one of you ever replies
      > to my emails.Is it all snobbishness?And your African friends(Kenya)
      > probably don't even open my emails!They think they are more Brahmincal
      > than the WASPs!It is a strange world.
      > All the Low-Cost-Good-Quality Solutions for Africa/Asia/America Poor
      > are there in India(products/Processes/Systems/Personnel/Ideas&
      > Concepts etc.)BUT, the Africans & their WHITE MASTERS prefer to get
      > them to BUY costlier by 10 factor solutions from EU/USA!
      > Please reply to Govind, after you see his work, at his
      > website.I am hoping to get him to do some original
      > work , for some of my projects
      > pls reply both to govind & to me.
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