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Samwel, signing up people for our groups

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  • samuel kongere
    Dear Andrius, My pleasure is within the reach of some augments of good thinking, If you say, I am with you or not? then I am with who? and what class of
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 18, 2007
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      Dear Andrius,
      My pleasure is within the reach of some augments of good thinking, If you say, I am with you or not? then I am with who? and what class of people!!!. I dearly, know for, sure you are finding ways of progress and I am not going out of this. I am also tyring to find regional ties which may make my scope worthwhile. Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up. I am trying climbing up and might be sometime siting on the fences to see the ongoings. I am taking some steps today to respond directly to your mail.
      I did went to Nairobi, World Social Forum. The venue was jammed with all sorts of activities and many people were like promoting their social interests. It was a big show with diverse interests, making a contrast of the scenerio with the Africa Source II. I may say, the more open minded interaction at the Social forum was a party like, most school students coming to Kenya to promote their interests. I had to change my mode of interviews. I could have given you a list of 200 people but most of them were holiday, like, and could leisurely talk and do little concerning committment to a course.
      I gave out several flyers and many did promise to write back after some thorough checking. I did succeed in getting the 26 people who were of the opinion to join us. These people are the ones who filled the flyers and returned them to me, they acccepted and i  still have thier contacts with the returned flyers. I had to take, direct interviews as you know, I usually do my field work, this was done face to face; talking. Take it from me that these people agreed through committment of filling the flyers.
      I am very thankful to your motivational langauge and, I still believe in our lab. Happy to see your commitent to sign up more people in for Mendenyo. surely Andrius, you dearly know my main interests of having a village full of information. Getting people who can donate computers to Africa is very good and joining them to this venture is nice. A powerful agent is the right word. Whenever we come upon one of those intensely right words the resulting effect is physical, as well as spiritural, and electrically prompt, you are the pioneer  in me and most of us. You have to inform and motivate us this way, Give every man thy ear but few thy voice and we will succeed.
      At my food story, my team is working on the restly collected stories and we will see i post them as from tuesday. You have our pumpkin story and The water melon at the wiki.
      I am having more flyers still which I will use in May at the e-leraning conference.
      Happy trip and stay in Chicago.

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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    • samuel kongere
      “Wonderful memories makes me afraid, and become stiff worried” Lamented Mr. Elijah Odhiambo Onyango. Things have drastically changed and there is a lot to
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 23, 2007
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        “Wonderful memories makes me afraid, and become stiff worried” Lamented Mr. Elijah Odhiambo Onyango.
        Things have drastically changed and there is a lot to be said about food, Fish problem and even the incoming food insecurity. As an old man born 46 years ago here in Rusinga, I dare say life is good. I have not been a committed fisherman, but love most of fishing activities, which has been the backbone for our staple food for a long time. Fish has been our food since we were children. We used to eat fish almost everyday and every meal.
        The parents or old people could enjoy telling you to eat Ugali made from corn flour, baked and cooked. Many children loved this kind of meal and getting fish to cook was as easy as going to the toilets. After school, we could go fishing, helping older people to cast nets near the shore and get something to eat. Many children were also not lured with money which is the current situation!. We only thought of taking fish home not to sell, but for food. The parents were full of praises to the young who could afford to bring fish home. We enjoyed handling fresh fish and this became the hobby for many of us.
        As we grew up in between, we realized catching fish during the rainy season was simple and need no net to do this. During the rainy season, although we did not realize most of fish comes a shore for breeding. On walking the grass, which is submerged, in water-flooded areas, we could spot fish relaxing and playing in clean water. Our mission was to organize bands for night catch using basins and other rope twisted materials to catch fish. Usually after two hours or so, we could assemble the catch to leave the small ones to go into the water. This sampling was done at night and no harm was done to fish. The older generations were clever because they always saved the small fish for future catch, unlike now where fishermen use small holed nets for catching fish. The small holed nets has made the government to barn most of the nets.
        The government cannot succeed if the people themselves are not willing to honor and respect the law of preserving fish. We have to be careful with nature, which gives us our livelihood. Compare the present state of the depletion of the lake and see how people use all sorts of behaviors to destroy fish and even destroy breeding sites. This contributes to hundred of reasons, why, nowadays you cannot get enough fish to eat. The fish catch is going minimal and soon we will miss our staple food, which we were brought up.
        The pricing of fish is expensive and getting fish to buy is a problem. You can have money but will buy no fish, for the last three days, I have been walking the beaches but no fish to buy. Compare this time; March or April, the long rains’ starting and the fish catch is horrible. The one good times we caught fish using basins and troughs are long gone because we don’t conserve the lake. This is why I am stiff worried and could not think of a bright future. The government officials managing the lake are also corrupt and are bribed to leave people use unwanted nets.
        Long before the old men, knew the lake was exceptional on the set of rains, rest, because this was going fishing was an omen, while agricultural activities were going on at the same time. They really understood the technology of fish coming a shore to breed but the learned generation now are ruthless with more diverse, means making it impossible for fish to get time to breed. These are the many reasons for my worries. Infact, if the government can leave the bureaucratic means of central governance and let the people and local governments to take care of their own lake there could be some responsibility to manage the resources or leave the people to manage cooperate fishponds to conserve fish species and use the adults only for market and food.
        Told By Elijah Odhiambo Onyango in vernacular and written:
        By Samwel Kongere
        Mbita team;

        Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
        Hi Samwel!

        I noticed that you sent out invitations to the people who you met at the
        World Social Forum.

        Did they give you permission to sign them up for a group?

        If they didn't, then it's great that you have invited them.

        But if they did - then please add them directly using this link:
        http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ mendenyo/ subs_add

        It is very good that you and Fred Kayiwa and others can represent us in
        conferences and meetings and gather new participants for our
        laboratory. You can reach people who we never could! The people who
        are harder to reach are most valuable and you are closer to so many of them!

        I can invest in your participation at conferences if you can get
        permissions from people. This is the harvest that allows me to justify
        my investiment. If I as a business had to hire a person to Nairobi,
        Kenya to sign up 30 new people, then that could easily cost me $3,000 at
        least, which is $100 per person. That is expensive, but shows a
        fraction of the real wealth that we represent. If you can do the same
        for $300, $10 per person, that is great.

        But it's crucial to get permission! That is what meeting "face to face"
        makes very straightforward. It lets us pose the question directly:
        Would you like to be with us or not?

        No "letter of invitation" or any other kind of media will equal the
        "face to face" request. I will be delighted if 10% of those you invited
        will respond, but it is more likely that it will be 1%. Getting
        permission to add makes it 100% and lets us know who doesn't want to
        participate, too, so that we focus our hopes on others.

        You also know how difficult it is to explain our laboratory's work and
        purpose to serve independent thinkers. Indeed, it's a matter of having
        a conversation with a person to see why they in particular might
        benefit. And it may take six or nine months before people realize how
        they might join in. It is also vital that others be able to do this,
        not only me. It is important to involve others besides me (and Franz
        and Janet and...) everywhere possible. This is why it makes business
        sense to support those who can do this work alongside us. I have
        personally signed up perhaps 2,000 people to our many working groups. I
        am very excited that you were able to do likewise, get permissions from
        participants at the Africa Source II seminar and Fred Kayiwa likewise at
        the Omidyar Network conference.

        I tried to make this clear to you before the World Social Forum and this
        is the work that I sent you to do and the principal reason why I paid
        for you to go. It is in the past, but I hope to know so we can all
        learn from this.

        Please let us know how you approached this at the World Social Forum.
        Did you get permission? How did you discuss this with them?

        Your work and communication are excellent and so I want to keep you to
        your high standard in both! You are the best our lab has to offer!
        This also is essential for your work in Europe.

        Also, I have signed up about 15 people from my parish St.Benedict the
        African here in Chicago and also will sign up about 30 who I met at a
        meeting of the Life Movement and they are interested in sending
        computers to Africa. I mean to say that this business is not one-sided
        but we are working to help each other!

        I write this to all to think about and also to understand the value of
        our network and to hold it in proper regard. To assemble 1500 people
        easily costs $150,000 and to make it worthwhile for them to participate
        costs that much more. Certainly, the European Union cannot do it as
        efficiently, seriously and vigorously as we can, try as they might. So
        our participants are our enormous capital that we cannot alienate or
        leech from. My business purpose is to generate work for us who wish it
        - tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars - and we're
        developing a culture where we share our work opportunities. And, more
        importantly, where we do so by placing first our own endeavors - what we
        truly want to do with our lives - and then meeting each other half way.
        We are blessed to grow, to be challenged to grow, to see people grow and
        be encouraged by their example. I make apparent the business side that
        our personal growth alongside each other allows us to work well together
        and offer that to those who might hire us - you or me - separately or

        Thank you, Samwel!
        and your recent letters show your remarkable leadership,
        a great reason to see you in Europe!
        Thank you to Agnese for making that possible.


        Andrius Kulikauskas
        Minciu Sodas
        http://www.ms. lt
        in Chicago until March 20

        Samwel Okech kongere
        Nyamuga primary school
        P.O BOX 191,
        MBITA  040305-KENYA.
        Cell: +254 725 600 439
        Community Development
        UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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