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Re: [actalive] My Absence (father)/Thanks for the Posts!/International Women's Day

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  • Leonard Boniface
    Dear Janet, I m so sorry to hear about your Father.Count,you have our prayers,and through Him whom we trust,things will work out and your father will get
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2007
      Dear Janet,
      I'm so sorry to hear about your Father.Count,you have our prayers,and through Him whom we trust,things will work out and your father will get better soon and be well complitely.
      Best regards,
      Denis Kimambo <kimambodenis@...> wrote:

      Our prayers are with you, and may the Lord give you strength.

      Lars i had already sent a report about Gulu here and will repost it again for the benefit of all.


      Lars Hasselblad Torres <lars@tagstudio. net> wrote:
      Our thoughts are with you and your father, Janet.

      Dennis, I wonder whether you'll be able to share some of you stories from your recent trip to Gulu here? Were any others from ActALIVE at the O.net Africa conference?

      Best regards all around,

      Lars Hasselblad Torres
      www.peacetiles. net

      On Mar 8, 2007, at 3:28 PM, Janet Feldman wrote:

      Dear Friends,
      Hello to all, and Happy International Women's Day!  I have a few articles and letters to send today, and will resume the African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practices Handbook too.  I have been absent because my father has had another--and much more severe--stroke, and I have been offline a lot addressing that challenge. This will pertain to much of the near future, at least through March, and perhaps into April.
      I will be more available as soon as I can be, and in the meantime, plz keep the letters-projects- articles coming!  I will also be better able to answer some of your individual notes to me:  I'm sorry I have not been able to do that yet (Jimmy, Lenny, Mac Bain)!
      With artistic affections in celebratory directions, Janet

      +254-722-388- 275
      PO BOX 13361 20100

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