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Re: [holistichelping] enjoy Hot peeper from kisumu

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  • tom ochuka
    Dear ANDRIUS, Michael donde is 27yrs with Lakevictoria Respondres he plants vaieties of pepper fopr food and cash ,he is hemajor suplier o hotels in kisumu.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2007
      Dear ANDRIUS,
      Michael donde is 27yrs with Lakevictoria Respondres
      he plants vaieties of pepper fopr food and cash ,he is
      hemajor suplier o hotels in kisumu.
      Very many times he surports the father and mother
      who are poor using this farmimg method.
      He is gowing them around the lake near abeach in
      He suplies the vey early in the mornig he hire
      tarnsport todo that.
      In kisumu quite anumber likes the peeper since they
      have nice aroma.

      --- ms@... wrote:

      > Wendi,
      > I am glad that you received the money and have
      > purchased your computer! We
      > are all happy that we can work together and be that
      > much closer to you!
      > Thank you for your wonderful knowledge which I share
      > with our groups and
      > which we will use. I am glad that you have received
      > and understand my
      > instructions as that will be most helpful for this
      > project.
      > As you collect accounts from farmers I hope that you
      > might pursue Markus
      > Petz's interests in tea and in societal
      > responsibility. I ask him to write
      > more about that and for you to help him as you can
      > while you collect
      > stories.
      > Thank you so much!
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > Our Dear Andrius,
      > Thank you very much for the instuctions.
      > We
      > bought and installed the machine in our office. We
      > will send you a photo of the computer/flash we
      > bought
      > soon. we came to send these two stories before we
      > saw
      > the instructions. We will start following them from
      > the next stories.
      > Immense thanks
      > Wendi
      > ---------------------------------
      > Pap-Special Delicacy Produced From Maize And
      > Soya-Beans By Inhabitants Of
      > Mbokijah Village In The North West Province Of
      > Cameroon.
      > Many people in a small village in the North West
      > province of Cameroon suffer
      > from lack and want to satisfy their basic needs
      > especially for those who are
      > sick. Every body in this village lives below the
      > poverty line. One of the
      > inhabitants of this little village called Ma Odilia
      > Mborong came out with a
      > strategy of growing maize and producing special pap
      > out of the maize and
      > soya-beans to support the nutritional needs of those
      > who are sick and can not
      > afford better nutritional dishes especially children
      > and elderly people.
      > When the maize planted on her farm is ready for
      > consumption, she harvests it
      > and tries to prepare pap from it. The maize is left
      > in water for a number of
      > days to allow it ferment and then taken to a
      > grinding mill to be ground. It
      > is then process for consumption as pap. The
      > soya-beans which is also grown is
      > harvested along side the maize and also taken to the
      > grinding mill to be
      > ground. The pap is then prepared together with the
      > soya-beans flour for
      > consumption. This special delicacy is often eaten
      > for breakfast in the
      > morning and also in the evening to keep the body
      > worm from cold and goes a
      > long way to support the nutritional needs of the
      > inhabitants of this poor
      > village. Another in habitant of the village called
      > Ma Beri came out with the
      > idea of selling some of this special delicacy and
      > investing the income
      > generated in their farms and more is produced.
      > Comfort from ACTWID Kongadzem in Cameroon.
      > --------------------------
      > Artemesia annua has brought relief to poor
      > Cameroonian rural women, men and
      > children. Actwid Kongadzem rural N.G.O in Bamenda
      > NWP Cameroon has been
      > creating awareness in the growing processing and
      > consumption of this
      > medicinal tea. It can be noted that this special tea
      > is grown by many
      > villagers under the supervision of Actwid members.
      > This is a simple herb tea
      > which is just grown in small gardens individually
      > and collectively and
      > consumed by those attacked by malaria in measurable
      > sized cups for four days
      > only.
      > A blood test to check malaria must be conducted
      > before and after
      > administering Artemesia for treatment for malaria
      > fever as it has been proven
      > that the North West province of Cameroon is a high
      > risk zone for mosquitoes
      > which cause this malaria. Many poor rural women,
      > children youths and those
      > living with HIV/AIDS in the villages are often down
      > with malaria. Artemesia
      > tea does a good job to boost the immune system of
      > such groups of people.
      > Wendi from ACTWID KONGADZEM
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