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Re: [holistichelping] Bananas by Helen Mahoo

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  • helen mahoo
    Dear Andrius Last sunday 25/02/2007 we had a meeting with UYOGA members,i shared with them what i represent in Myfoodstory.All of the members were so
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2007
      Dear Andrius
      Last sunday 25/02/2007 we had a meeting with UYOGA members,i shared with them what i represent in Myfoodstory.All of the members were so interested and want to participate and share something.
      I would like Josephat Ndibalema and William Wambura to be listed in Myfoodstory,Josephat has submit his story about cassava hope you have read it Adrius and soon William will send his story.Not only this two but even the others members they will also like to participate.
       They are so interested because  they want the world to know how  different type of foods are produced from our country and also to learn from others country what kind of food they produce,We thanks for bring this Myfoodstory because we learn and know from each other thanks muncisodas for this.
      About the cash you want to send it to me ,i have check with the Bank where i have my account they told me yes i can cash personal check if you send money via my  Bank account so youcan send it no problem,so should i send my Bank account now?let me know.
      Be blessed

      ms@... wrote:
      Helen, Thank you for your writing, which I share with our group. Please let
      me know, can you cash a personal check at your bank if I send it to you? Do
      you have a bank account? Also, this is good, but especially we need short
      writings about people who would like to be listed in MyFoodStory, two or
      three sentences why those people are interesting. I will write more to
      explain. Andrius

      Dear Andrius
      Hope your doing well i have been quet is because its cost sometime because i
      have to pay for the internet cafe if i want to surf so sometimes its
      difficult to me .As i told you before i will also share something on
      Myfoodstory,food from my tribe now am here with my story.You also ask for my
      detail like ID,which ID should i gave you please let me know so i can attach
      to you.I have also attach some picture concerning what i have explain in food


      My name is Helen Mahoo am a girl from Tanzania ,I was born in Kilimanjaro
      region.Kilimanjaro is one of the regions in Tanzania good in producing coffee
      and banana .

      I have interested to share something in Myfoodstory I will explain about
      banana our tribe food from my chagga tribe Kilimanjaro.

      Banana has two varieties, the fruit or sweet banana and plantain, The fruit
      banana eaten raw out of hand when it turns yellow and develop a succulent
      sweetness with a soft, smooth and yet firm pulp.

      The plantain ,a cooking banana is also referred to as the meal. Plantains
      have lower water content, making them drier and starchier than fruit

      Banana must be propagated from large rootstock that are carefully
      transplantation suitable climate, hot tropics, with average temperature .The
      soil must excellent drainage or the rootstocks will rot they called suckers
      from rootstocks they produce new plants. In about six up to nine month the
      plant reach their mature height. From the stems there are about 12 inches
      flower shoots begin to produce bananas.

      Bananas are mature about three months from the time of flowering, with
      each bunch producing about 15 to 20 hands or rows. Each hands has about 20
      bananas. It good that bananas are harvested in the green state at just the
      right harvested two early the would develop a floury pulp instead of process
      as soon as they are harvested.

      After all this now banana are now ready go to the market or to use it,
      example of our farm which we have, costumers always come to collect direct
      from the farm.

      What do we get from eating bananas, from bananas we get vitamins and
      minerals, like vitamins A,B,C. Bananas also help in some of diseases in our
      body like heartburn, Constipation, to my side I think is the best food to use
      its not cost much and its not difficult to plant it, let practice is. You can
      also have a look on this picture our bananas farm. Good Health for Good

      In our farm we also have different kind of vegetables which doesnÂ’t take
      long time to mature, We prepare a farm we apply manure on it and left it for
      two days while apply water everyday on it, after two day we now put
      vegetables seed on the place which we have prepared.

      Most of the vegetables which we plants take 21days to 29days ready for
      selling, we use irrigation system. We have permanent customers who are coming
      to purchases at home and brought it to the market .As you can see a picture of
      one of the farm with vegetables.

      Eat Health for Feel Health

      Prepared by

      Helen Mahoo


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