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Flash sticks for Fred, Tom, Helen, and computers?

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Thank you, Fred for your excellent work at the Omidyar network conference. I look forward to signing up these newcomers to our groups. Also, I look forward to
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      Thank you, Fred for your excellent work at the Omidyar network conference. I
      look forward to signing up these newcomers to our groups.

      Also, I look forward to your help with MyFoodStory, as we discussed. Tom
      Ochuka has provided some good examples below. What we need are short
      descriptions of farmers or others who work with food - why they are
      interesting and how we might reach them, for example, what village they live
      in. This should be information that they agree to be public.

      I am very glad that you met David Mutua and spoke for a long time together on
      the bus. David seems very wise and experienced. And your budget is very
      thoughtful and helpful. Please know that I have to be careful with my funds
      now and so we should stretch what we have. It is more important for us that
      you write rather than you read. And it is most important that you work in
      the field, for example, on the stories. Please don't spend too much time on
      the Internet cafe! But let's think how we can get you more money in the
      future. Send us stories and we will see what you might do later, too. Also,
      thank you for writing directly to our groups. That is the best way to

      At the Technology Policy summit they were giving away flash sticks at dinner
      as "party favors" and so I took three of them. I plan to send one to Fred
      Kayiwa, one to Tom Ochuka and one to Helen Mahoo. I will do this next week
      so it will take some time for you to get them. Also, Tom and Helen, next
      week I will send you checks, please Helen let me know your mailing address.

      So you see this way we can save a lot of money instead of spending 50 USD for
      each flash stick. Indeed, I think that we have many members who can send
      their old flash sticks if they only new where. Likewise, we should consider
      how to get computers to our thinkers, especially because there are so many
      people who may have old laptops. Or we can ask for help from organizations
      that have old computers. Let's think!

      Sasha, I may ask you for help so that our African's material gets online
      because that is easier for you, I imagine. Let's think what would be most

      I apologize that our website is partially down. I have asked our
      administrator and I hope it is working right soon.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Dear And,
      This time of year am doing...vegetables..I have
      prepared th land,this will help keep the kitchen full
      of vegetables around the year.
      Collecting differnt seeds then ..i Will plant soon
      the rains start each morning I THROW ALL THE DIRTS
      When rain misses I WILL WATER IT SINCE ITSNEXT TO
      THE HOUSE..this time the deaf will not lack
      vegetables,when they make visiots they will collect
      some varities for food.

      2 Peter passi from Nyando in Awasi kenya,has
      collected diferent seeds for fruits...he has planted
      mangoes lemmon,pineaples,papaya and guvas,the youths
      around Awasi will come to be trinned here on
      horticulture,from the procceds he will grow one acre
      sugarcane to surport the groups in the area.
      3 Onetto is 23yrs old living in Angoro...he is
      planting bananas and vegetables to help the needy in
      the village,he is too aphotpgrapher so he uses this
      farim to make him good enviroment for taking pictures.

      I will soon give more .


      I hope you are doing fine.
      Am just writing to confirm to you that i received your mail with the check
      enclosed and intact.
      I appreciate and hope this is a bold step towards motivating and encouraging
      my creative instincts and explorations towards coming up with more stories
      that would ultimately bring positive societal change.

      Though i can't dash to the Bank anytime within this week to go and cash the
      Am tied up with a very fixed schedule- undertaking a course in project
      The classes end at odd hours-Banks close down hours.
      I will have to wait until next week as this course is equally important to me
      and it will only take me one week to be certified for the phase one.

      I hope everything shall work out well and i will be able to cash the amount
      and save ourself charges that would have been otherwise realized.

      God bless you.

      Ken Owino,


      Fred Kayiwa:
      here are my photos you can asit me to show them on my profile

    • ms@ms.lt
      ... well am now still typing my food story about matooke and will submitt it soon thansk for the advise hope will look forwad for new development iwant to wish
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        Fred Kayiwa:

        --- thanks ADRUIS for liking my work its realy empowering me
        well am now still typing my food story about matooke and will submitt
        it soon
        thansk for the advise
        hope will look forwad for new development
        iwant to wish cruz asfe joney and let his trip be fruitfull
        adruis iknow we are going to have success full stories
        and this weekend amm travelling some 70km o get some infomation from
        one farmer


        Fred, I am glad that you are empowered!

        As you work, please keep thinking about your value "always thinking of being
        a helpful person to the needy and we make a better future and better world".
        And also your question: "How one can get success in life and get rid of
        problems that makes him have no god future both on earth and heaven?"
        Ask the farmers questions such as:

        What are their needs?
        What are their problems?
        What are their successes?
        What is helpful to them?
        How do they help others?
        How does God help them?
        How do they help God?
        What is their future?
        What are they doing about it?

        Or any questions that you think are best. And ask for their permission so
        that you may post their answers on the Internet. You can record a few long
        stories and many short stories but most important for us is that it be the
        farmer's personal story.

        I plan to send out the flash sticks next week when I am in Chicago so it will
        take a few weeks for you to get them.

        Fred, Samwel and all, please do not write me but write to the group! We want
        to let everybody get involved. And we don't want me to become a "bottleneck"
        that stops or slows our work. Samwel, please rewrite your latest letter to me
        and send it to the group. Then I will respond. Thank you!


        Andrius Kulikauskas
        Minciu Sodas
      • samuel kongere
        Dear all, Glad to see more things happenning and as the year progresses on, I must say here that the wireless equipment can work offline and we are looking
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          Dear all,
          Glad to see more things happenning and as the year progresses on, I must say here that the wireless equipment can work offline and we are looking into ways to see it is connecting to a wireless Lan or WLan to connect to the internet. It is technlology at work and Andrius i have not received any good information for the password from the manufacturer. It is not easy for them to understand what was the problem with the change of password.
          The ISP manager also feel it was changed and this is giving the access point no internet connection at all for the internet. If configured well it will connect anyway up to one kilometre away. I dearly wish to say Here, Andrius, that I need to become an expert in IT, this is what makes me to come and explore the possibilty of an expert in Wireless, which I must have to, manage a resource centre. I dearly believe the connections we have is not for mere speculations but for hopes of sustainable community developments which we have been pursueing all along with you and all in MS forum.
          I had given you where the project plan ahead of me before I come to Europe is heading to. There are lots of activities done by our members. There is already the ongoing work in our Office here and we have already applied for funds which is being given to youth development activities in Kenya. My hopes are by the time I will be coming To Europe, I will be having information on the Project to present to a conference as Maria suggests. This venture is not  an individual's plan but for all of us in the MS forum.  I need good exposure and conections to enable our idea with Maria, You, and Janet materailize.
          The school I talked about is also in progress. We are doing the land Survey, tranfer the land to the school and we will soon be getting the first installment to start building the school.Already three classrooms are there. We are starting our enrollment in May. The land survey and local land tranfer is 200 USD and the donor will be giving us Money for finishing the three classrooms and expansion. We are destined to train the teachers in April and form the school management committe. After this we will register an NGO board to take care of all activities Udogo does and School combined, I am going to be in the NGO Board.
          I need to know your plans including everybody.

          Samwel Okech kongere
          Nyamuga primary school
          P.O BOX 191,
          MBITA  040305-KENYA.
          Cell: +254 725 600 439
          FOSS ADMIRER
          Community Development
          UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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