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Samwel's visit to Europe

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Agnese, Thank you for your letter about Samwel s travel to Europe this November. I will be able to think more next week when I am in Chicago. Thank you Jeff
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007

      Thank you for your letter about Samwel's travel to Europe this November. I
      will be able to think more next week when I am in Chicago. Thank you Jeff
      and Janet for responses. I ask for more thoughts from our lab. What might
      Samwel accomplish with a journey to Europe? Could he learn wi-fi and other
      skills? Who might help? Should we meet in Rome and/or Lithuania? How would
      we relate that to his projects on the ground? How can we support Agnese's
      vision? Agnese, what would you yourself like?

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas


      Dear Jeff and All,

      Wonderful to hear from you, and good to know that great minds think alike,
      haha! I LOVE the video-bridge idea, and this is something Franz and Andrius
      have been talking abt in terms of Europe and Africa. OVF could provide the US
      link in an enlarged loop, and Sam as well as all of us could benefit from
      those virtual connections (which might include video feed, so we can see each
      other, almost like meeting in person).

      Thanks for suggesting it, and hope we can make it so (as we say in Star
      Fleet, referring to "space" flight, both cyber and hyper, haha!)!! Janet

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      From: jeff buderer
      Sent: Feb 27, 2007 2:31 PM
      To: 'Janet Feldman' , 'Maria Agnese Giraudo' , 'samuel kongere' ,
      'Andrius Kulikauskas'
      Cc: 'Maria Agnese Giraudo'
      Subject: RE: Samwel visit to Europe

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      Just quickly…I feel Janet is on the mark or should I say on the money
      here and I fully support her comments.

      Alternatively it might be great if we can set up a videobridge between
      Samwel and us.

      I am wondering what we would nee to make this possible.


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      From: Janet Feldman [mailto:kaippg@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 7:43 AM
      To: Maria Agnese Giraudo; samuel kongere; Andrius Kulikauskas; Jeff
      Cc: Maria Agnese Giraudo
      Subject: Re: Samwel visit to Europe

      Hello Dear Maria and All,

      Lovely to hear from you! I've been mostly offline with a family project,
      and with a fried motherboard which has just been replaced, so have been a bit
      out of the loop. Sorry you could not reach me, but hope this email does get
      to you!

      I'm not sure myself abt what you and Andrius have in mind for Sam re his
      visit. I think you should not strain your resources, though. The most
      important thing in one respect is for Sam and the community there to have a
      learning center, and in that regard, equipment as well as connectedness, and
      contacts with people and orgs outside Kenya. You have already started to
      provide this with your donations, Maria, and I gather you intend to do
      something regarding the e-learning conference in Nairobi in May, which will
      be very valuable for anyone attending.

      So, there is a lot which can be done without Sam travelling to Europe at
      this time, though of course that would be lovely. I am thinking of the
      bottom-line, ie where limited funds might best be spent. Quite honestly,
      rather than spend several thousand dollars on bringing Sam to Europe this
      year, we might consider setting up the learning center and crafts project
      with that same amount. This will give Sam and all there a head start re
      sustainable income-generation, and be helpful for any grants which they might

      I am not trying to put a damper on what would undoubtedly be a highlight
      of Sam's life to date, a trip to Europe. But I am thinking in "practical"
      terms about what is possible, with limited resources. I have been feeling
      very much pressed financially myself, and almost daily get requests from
      people for money, or to link them to sources of funding, so my views on money
      and its availability and use are informed accordingly. You may be feeling the
      same way?

      Funds are scarce, esp. for projects not already set up and running in
      some solid fashion. That's why I am approaching this issue from a viewpoint
      of what might best be accomplished, and for the most people, at this

      In any case, whatever unfolds will be helpful and exciting, and I look
      forward to working with everyone to make that happen! All best wishes and
      blessings, Janet

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      From: Maria Agnese Giraudo
      Sent: Feb 27, 2007 9:33 AM
      To: samuel kongere , Andrius Kulikauskas , Janet Feldman , Jeff
      Cc: Maria Agnese Giraudo
      Subject: Samwel visit to Europe

      Dear friends,

      I would like to share some ideas with you about Samwel visit to
      Europe, planned for November 2007. I would like to know the program (in
      general), if there is some financial support and the amount of money
      expected from me. I have to plan my donations due tu my limited resources. I
      tryed to call Janet but I failed! I would like to hear your voice Janet!
      Yahoo Italia is not working properly since yesterday. Please answer to this
      address too.

      All the best!!

      Maria Agnese
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