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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Helen, William, Josephat and Samwel, I really enjoyed reading Uyoga report. I appreciate you strategy to contact associations to learn from their
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 5, 2007
      Dear Helen, William, Josephat and Samwel,
      I really enjoyed reading Uyoga report. I appreciate you strategy to contact  associations to learn from their experience. I think that involving children in environmental  issues and sport is very important too. Please answer soon to Andrius email providing your personal  information for myfoodstory project.
      By my side I'm  working, as a member of "Miche"  with other small associations in Rome dealing with Africa to coordinate our efforts to find financial support, sharing ideas and possibly know how and facilities.
      Do you plan to coordinate foodstory collection in other areas too? I could contact some friends in Ifakara and  put you  in touch with them.
      Keep in touch. All the best!
      Maria Agnese
      samuel kongere <samkongere2004@...> ha scritto:
      Dear all,
      I would love to share this with you from Tanzania,
      UYOGA IN 2007
       We wish all a very happy new year.
      UYOGA is looking forward to great things for 2007.
      First and foremost we would like to convey our sincere thanks to:
      1. Samuel Kongere-Udogo community development group-
      Co-coordinator for coming in Dar es salaam, Tanzania to inspire us
      to form an organisation which could help young community in?
      Tanzania.We say to Samuel that with your help thinks looks to
      Happen in a positive way, we won’t quit but collaborate with Udogo
      Community development group for the betterment of young people in East Africa.
      2. Agnes Maria Giraudo for good will Samuel visiting to Dar es Salaam to inspire us couldn’t be possible without your support, thanks for your generous heart to Tanzanian youth.
      3. Ms Lab is never forgotten, we appreciate everything in the lab for generation of ideas, and we wish to take part.
      UYOGA sees that the problems and inspirations of young people must be given due consideration in the development agenda, since they are clear an important population group. Effective youth policies and programmes needs to be closely targeted to take account of specific difference and needs.
      Activities Performed:
      I.                    We decided to start by introducing the group to the community in which it is going to work. On 1st December 2006 during the WORLD AIDS day members took part to introduce the organisation by explaining the aims and objectives to the young community, right present at the event. With first introduction the organisation has received many requests from youth to join in. Now the organisation has 26 members males and females.
      II.                 Members have been visiting other existing projects as to learn from them, projects visited are:(a) NGAO YOUTH GROUP based on youth doing with creating awareness against HIV/AIDS,DRUG ABUSE, and POVERTY ERADICATION, members have learnt more on how to organize different campaigns against HIV/AIDS and DRUG ABUSE.(b)YOUTH COLLITION based on youth for building education and empowerment ,the organisation has promise to assist on seminars and workshops to foster members’ understanding on issues related to youth.
       Activities underway:
      Organizing UYOGA community working staffs, members are carrying with informal meetings discussion groups debating on the issues related to youth as to help on creating awareness and understanding concerning youth matters.
      As to achieve the goal of having a better and organized group.
      -We are on the process to establish youth community clubs where young people will have opportunities to discuss and share experiences among themselves. In youth community clubs is where the concept of volunteering will be introduced.
      -Members’ self-employed activities: are those activities which our members have been doing through self-employment, we have designers, Mwanaid and Rose, Mwanaid has curious experience and skills obtained at Mwalimu Nyerere cultural centre in Dar Es Salaam. Our designers will offer trainings to unskilled young women on batik makings.
      -We are planning for skills up-grading in consultation with YOSEFO organisation providing free trainings on marketing.
      -Again we have started organizing kids to expose them to environments issues as to increase their understanding of our environment. Regarding Tanzania, children have no support from parents and people around then, to teach them about taking care of our environment, although during school hours do participate in activities related to environment care but when they back home everything is over, in many families children do labor instead of learning important things within their community, as a result they get tied and exhausted at the end of the day for nothing. We are planning to use children after school time to teach them about environment care and community education based on their ages and experiences where local materials are involved, our project is known as “Tree Learning”where children will able to understand the importance of trees and how to identify trees, and trees conservation, will programme is taking place after school hours and during weekends, as a way of motivating them we have organized sports games for kids, like we have one football team for kids living around Magomeni Area in Dar es Salaam, we supplied the team with two balls and we are now looking for someone to assist on sports wear like, sports shoes, sports jesses, balls and other sports equipments. The numbers of kids are 16 kids already in the programme; this will attract many kids to form teams in their neighbhood with the same goals.
      About the location UYOGA still has no location where everything could take place, but members really understand the important of locating things, now we are undertaking research traying to find a suitable location for our organisation. For income generating activities we are to start with not less than two income generating activities that will serve members and the community group from income troubles.
      -We have been discussing about the source of funds to finance all these activities,the only source of funds we have is by members contributions, but this comes very small since some members have no source of income.The organisation is traying to consult individuals, local organisation and the Government to see how they can help on the start.We  shall not regret if any individual or organization wishing to contribute to our community group.We are very committed to help young people through our project,keep on paying attention we are about to start sending stories through Ms Lab, we have many interesting stories about our community, we hope p share such rich experiences through Ms  Lab, an independent thinkers meeting point.
      We are welcoming suggestions from individuals and organizations concerning what we are planning.
      UYOGA community members say’ “No one can define happiness. You have to be unhappy to understand it’. We are unhappy ones, so we know what happiness means, we are finding happiness through helping others”
      Uyoga community development group,
       %Josephat Ndibalema,
      P. o. box  9140, Magomeni.
      Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
      in East Africa.

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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