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  • helen mahoo
    Hello leonard,Samweli,William,Josephat,Agnese and all I got this link from my friend,its about UN Youth Assembly,please try to checck on this. Be Blessed Helen
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      Hello leonard,Samweli,William,Josephat,Agnese and all
      I got this link from my friend,its about UN Youth Assembly,please try to checck on this.
      Be Blessed
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      From: "Caitlin Chandler"
      Subject: GYCA E-course in Project Management

      Hello all -
      As part of GYCA's capacity-building efforts, we will be providing a free
      e-course on Project Management from Tuesday, February 13 to Friday, March
      16, 2007.
      Please fill out the attached application form to apply.
      This form is also available on our Web site. The deadline for completed
      applications is Thursday, February 8. Due to a high volume of applications,
      we are unable to consider applications that come in past the end of the day
      on Feb. 8 (New York standard time).
      Applications should be sent to pmcourse@....
      GYCA Project Officer
      About GYCA's Project Management E-Course:
      This four-week e-course is a peer-to-peer training to educate young people
      about how to apply the SMART method to plan a project, set objectives,
      implement it, monitor progress and evaluate the outcome. The e-course will
      give young people a chance to acquire adequate skills, and provide them
      with tools to write and effectively manage projects.
      The e-course will take four weeks and require at least 4-6 hours of work
      per week.  Participants are expected to be dedicated and committed to the
      course.  At the end of the course, each participant will have a final
      project plan pertaining to a HIV/AIDS issue.  The methodology taught during
      the workshop is applicable to any other project.  Participants will be
      encouraged to share their experiences about previous knowledge and skills
      in this area.
      Criteria for a certificate of course completion is as follows:
      -Submit answers to weekly questions by the end of each week in order to
      complete your Final Project Management Plan;
      -Meaningfully contribute to the discussion board at least once for each
      discussion topic (there will be three topics assigned per week);
      -Final Project Management Plan should be completed and satisfactory (all
      questions answered fully and coherently).
      It is crucial that if you are considering applying, you must be devoted to
      follow up post-course on a monthly basis. It is important that you stay in
      contact with your facilitators about the progress of implementing the
      information you learned.
      The texts for the e-course are posted on-line. Participants may either read
      them on-line or print them out. If you wish to print out the texts, please
      be prepared for the cost of printing.
      The deadline for applications is Thursday, February 8. Please submit the
      following application as a Microsoft Word attachment (do not paste it in
      the body of your e-mail!). Please do not write in all-caps, do not write in
      bold and spell check before turning in your application! Please only turn
      in the application section of the document. Do not send us the application
      instructions. Send applications to pmcourse@... .
      Selected participants will be notified by or on Tuesday, February 13.
      Please make sure that you have Internet/computer access during these days!
      If we don't hear from you by Friday, February 16 we will give people on
      the wait list a chance.  People who are not selected are encouraged to
      reapply next time and to note that they are re-applying in their
      application, as they will be given priority.
      Important Note: It is mandatory for you to be a TIG and GYCA member to take
      this course! To become a TIG member, please go to www.takingitglobal.org
      and sign up.  To become a GYCA member, send a blank email to
      gyca-subscribe@... (AFTER you have created a TIG
      Caitlin L. Chandler
      Project Officer, Capacity Building
      Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
      211 East 43rd Street, Suite 905
      New York, NY 10017
      1-212-661-1933 (fax)


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